T.I. Talks Acting Roles, Reveals Justin Timberlake On New Album

T.I. addresses his work on "House of Lies," and confirms another T.I.-Justin Timberlake collaboration.

Recently, T.I. appeared at the premier for the movie Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

During the media portion of the even, Tip spoke with Clevver News, where he discussed some of the acting roles he has going on.

"Right now, I'm currently filming the third season of 'House of Lies' with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, and I'm co-starring along with Mekhi Phifer, and we're just having a phenomenal time," he said. "It premiers in January."

T.I. has had an extensive acting career, appearing in movie and film. He played the lead role in 2006' ATL, and is the star of the show "T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle."

T.I. also revealed that he was working on a new album, and was asked whether Justin Timberlake would appear on the project. "Well, you know, I just happened to have some," said Tip. "I just happened to have some, thank you for asking."

T.I. and Timberlake famously collaborated on the latter's single "My Love," which was T.I.'s first #1 single in the U.S. Timberlake later appeared on T.I.'s single "Dead and Gone" from Tip's Paper Trail album.

Watch the interview below:

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  • COCA

    T.I. has had an extensive acting career, appearing in movie and film.

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  • Anonymous

    "It's called loyalty" It's called I'm currently in Tip's will if I continue playing my cards right.

  • Fuck Bankhead

    LOL at this nigga acting like a superstar

  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    T.I. Still eating off them POP singles that B.O.B dropped that went platinum in 10 countries, LOL. .....T.I. said fuck my original fans I'm trying to sell some records so tell Timberlake and Miley to come on in!

  • Jackpot

    T.I. is dope as hell. I hope he works with Chingy on his next album. 2014 is Chingy's year. #FullDekk

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  • Lord Jamar

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  • Commercial pop Hustle

    T.I. = The Informant he snitched to the feds to avoid long prison time. Normally buying illegal weapons get you 7 or 10 years

    • HK

      stfu with that already, how do you bitchniggas not get that T.I. is a CELEBRITY. Rappers and celebrities always get off light... for fuck's sake, if Chris Brown wasn't famous, he'd be doing 10-15 years right now. Lil Wayne would definitely have 2-ish more years in the pen. Kanye for that paparazzi stint was facing up to a year in jail, look what happened.. slap on the wrist. get that through your thick fuckin skulls, there was no snitching involved. or else Tip would've been exposed before he even stepped foot outta jail

  • Anonymous

    It seems like the only way for their kind to make a legitimate income is to learn to play basketball, football, or rap. Rapping is seemingly a copout for these people since they let anyone get on the microphone nowadays, even a brain dead test tube baby. If they won't apply for food stamps like they're supposed to, then they take the easy way out. Instead of working a regular 9-to-5 job or attending college & earning a degree, these lazy & shiftless people grab a pen & paper and spit garbage over clich, hard-knocking beats. I bet you all didn't know that rap was invented by a white man by the name of Mel Gibson. That's right, the actor. One day, as he was perfecting his craft in high school, a gang of blacks cornered him in an alley & jumped him. One of those suspects by the name of Kool Herc, took his rhyme book & used it to create the global phenomenon that is known as hip hop. So you see, Lord Jamar, white people aren't the guests in hip hop - black people are. Or rather, they're the crooks who stole hip hop & made it into a pipe dream where everyone can pick up a pen & bust out a rhyme.

  • Anonymous

    Extensive acting career? That would be Denzel Washington.

  • Anonymous

    its funny how black men for example t.i. wayne and 50 were talking and promoting negative images to the youth they were at the top of the world but when they stop and put on suits and grow up we start hearing they are wack they fell off their finished. when ti. cleaned up his image and started doing that reality show and being more family friendly wayne stopped doing drugs and now is having fun skateboarding and 50 has put on a suit and is now a businessman the people in the industry didnt like it

    • ^

      All of this is a lie.

    • Black Mail

      T.I. fell off after he put the pop star Justin Timberlake on his album. "Paper Trail" was his last platinum album. 50Cent fell off after he put the pop star Justin Timberlake on his album "Curtis" which was his last platinum album. Wayne kisses men in the mouth, wears jehgings, and has peircings in his face while he strums guitars and rides skateboards.....you can have him. A pig like 50Cent is the most negative and divisive baboon in the history of rap music, he is wack because his music is wack not because his white handlers get him to make business deals without his usual unform of a Doo-rag and jean shorts.

  • Anonymous

    ti vs tip was his last album ...i guess ti beat tip out his system

  • Jackie

    This guy paired with JT is so much better than Jay Z and JT.

  • Anonymous

    Get ya money T.I., the duets with white POP stars have become your trademark now that you no longer have your heart in the music. First it was Christina Auguleir then it was Pink and now it's Justin Timberlake, sad how these rappers that used to collab with Soul and R&B artists are now using white POP artists to sell records.

    • Anonymous

      It's obvious dentaldambitch is here making up lies.

    • ETK

      "other than pop" when ymcmb constantly saturates the charts with their drivel, hahaha gtfo

    • Sean Paul

      "Christina Auguleir" Who that

    • Anonymous

      Wrong ETK. YMCMB stays true to their sounds (although they do experiment with rock, house, any genre other than pop) while Grand Hustle does pop records all the time. YMCMB does different shades of music.

    • ETK

      it's a different shade of shit. They only let the radio come to them cause the difference is YMCMB's top brass have more marketability themselves. they don't need features as much, they sell on their own. T.I. and B.o.B are slightly better regarded than YMCMB's top brass in terms of crossover development, that's why they get songs like so. even though they have featured Britney/Bruno Mars/etc, they stay more true to their music's sound and to the hood than Young Money who are doing different shades of shit every time they drop an album

    • Anonymous

      It's an industry gimmick that's about to become an industry standard. Are you telling me that Augelieria & Pink have more Soul than Janelle Monet and Erykah Badu? T.I. could have easily gotten Chrisette Michelle or Elle Varner but he went with the white POP crossover females because they are more POPular with the white consumers who are the buying majority. T.I. is at Atlantic with Julia Greenwald, his white-Jewish female boss who is known for putting white women on HipHop songs like what she did with T.I.'s artist B.O.B.

    • Anonymous

      YMCMB would never work with pop artists. They don't cross over either. They let the radio come to them. They do hiphop and R&B songs. Grand Hustle is a pop label that does songs with taylor swift, britney spears, bruno mars, robin thicke, the list goes on. ALl of this is affecting tip's lyrical skills.

    • ETK

      ^yeah, different shade of shit T.I. and his label just dropped a mixtape for the hood, months ago and all you do is list the wack shit they done. Grand Hustle does crossover hits and features just like YMCMB does. Paper Trail was tip's last great album but he still spits hard on the mic

    • Anonymous

      She's an electro R&B artist.

    • Anonymous

      you mean the same ymcmb that gave paris hilton a deal?

    • Anonymous

      Grand Hustle is becoming a pop label in general. TI is not only working with robin thicke, britney spears, JT, Pink, and Christina Agulleria (all wack ass pop artists), he's encouraging his artists on grand hustle like BOB to work with taylor swift and Bruno Mars (both wack ass pop artists). YMCMB would never work with pop artists unless they have strong influences in hiphop or R&B. The sad thing is that before King, TI used to be dope. Then he sold out like Feminem and fell off once the public realized his antics. Wayne and Ross can both escape arrest while TI can't.

    • Whatcha_Sayin

      Why do you have so much emphasis on the fact that these stars are white? White people can have soul too. In fact all 3 of the ones you mentioned can dip in and out of pop and r&b music.

  • OUCH!

    I hope he does well, Dude is super underrated. I remember when i used to prefer luda over him when it came to music but after hearing the KING album, he just buried luda. Truly one of the best MC's in the game.

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