Young Buck Recording With Game, Waka Flocka Flame In The Studio

Young Buck links up with a former foe in Game, and with a new ally in Waka Flocka Flame.

Recently, Young Buck reunited with Sha Money XL in the studio. Now, the list of collaborators continues to grow.

New footage shows Young Buck and fellow G-Unit expatriate Game together in the studio for the first time in years.

Game was featured on the alternate version of the song "Stomp" from Buck's 2004 studio debut, Straight Outta Cashville, and the duo has collaborated on select other tracks. Each emcee had a falling out with G-Unit lead 50 Cent:

Game isn't the only emcee that Young Buck has been in the studio with, as Buck Marley has also been filmed recording with Waka Flocka Flame.

Waka Flocka and Buck were previously featured together on "Choppa Down" from Waka Flocka Myers Pt. 2.

In the video, Buck records with Waka and 1017 Brick Squad artists Wooh Da Kid and Nephew Texas Boy:

Young Buck was recently released from prison after serving an 18-month sentence on weapons charges. Buck emerged from prison debt-free after owing thousands prior to begining his prison sentence in 2012.

In addition to Game and Sha Money, Buck also received support from Tony Yayo, a one-time rival after Buck became estranged with 50 Cent.

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  • Anonymous

    that track sounds too dope

  • Anonymous

    hell ya bucks back fuck the haters real rap right here idk about waka tho

  • Anonymous

    mane i cant wait for buck to drop some new stuff!

  • Anonymous

    Drake cares about platinum in 2013.

  • One

    I still support buck. He may not be a real lyricist, but he has the heart to come back and continue what he likes doing despite the past incidents. Don't worry about album sales. Just put out some bangers.

    • Anonymous

      "he has the heart to come back and continue what he likes doing despite the past incidents. " the heart to come back? LOL fuck else he gonna do he went bankrupt. he literally broke as fuck with kids to feed and no other marketable skills or talent outside of rapping....

  • Fish

    all i have to say about this article and video is FUCKING YESSSSSSS!!!!

  • One

    Team back up with the Outlawz

  • bswag

    Broke or not , buck is killin it.

  • Lucia Dixon

    before I looked at the receipt ov $9951, I didnt believe that my friends brother woz like they say really bringing home money in their spare time from there computar.. there friends cousin started doing this for only about twentey months and just now paid for the morgage on their apartment and got themselves a Mercedes-Benz S-class. read more... When he said he shed a tear for Jay-Z I scheme he was just be sarcastic. This guy has way more substance than most of the so called rappers out there today

  • 666

  • leather facesss

  • Anonymous

    It's quite simple Young Buck. Work with Drake and you'll go platinum again. Work with Waka Flaka and Game, and you'll go 10x wood.

  • Talking to game

    Game is fake because he raps like every body and gets do upset when he can't fake Hov... Sorry bipola and emotional game

    • Anonymous

      hes also fake because he steals other peoples photos and posts them on instragram with made up stories about the prince of saudi arabia sending him gifts!!! where they do that at?

  • sxxx4

  • Lord Jamar

    You niggas should listen to some real ass rappers like Gucci Mane because hiphop is street music FREE MY NIGGA GUCCI

  • Anonymous

    Damn, where is Luger at lol? He needs to come back n show these 808 niggas how to make beats again. All they shit is simple as fuck

  • Cecelia G. Mui

    what Kenneth answered I cant believe that someone able to profit $8285 in one month on the computer. have a peek at this

  • Keeping It Real

    Buck working with Game because Buck wants somebody on his side who will kiss his ass. lol Fuck Game.

  • Pfft

    It seems like the only way for their kind to make a legitimate income is to learn to play basketball, football, or rap. Rapping is seemingly a copout for these people since they let anyone get on the microphone nowadays, even a brain dead test tube baby. If they won't apply for food stamps like they're supposed to, then they take the easy way out. Instead of working a regular 9-to-5 job or attending college & earning a degree, these lazy & shiftless people grab a pen & paper and spit garbage over clich, hard-knocking beats. I bet you all didn't know that rap was invented by a white man by the name of Mel Gibson. That's right, the actor. One day, as he was perfecting his craft in high school, a gang of blacks cornered him in an alley & jumped him. One of those suspects by the name of Kool Herc, took his rhyme book & used it to create the global phenomenon that is known as hip hop. So you see, Lord Jamar, white people aren't the guests in hip hop - black people are. Or rather, they're the crooks who stole hip hop & made it into a pipe dream where everyone can pick up a pen & bust out a rhyme.

  • GD

    Since Young Buck got out of jail it seems like everyone is showing their support for him apart from 50. So far iv seen support coming from Tony Yayo, Game, DJ Whoo Kid, Sha Money XL, Drumma Boy, Starlito, Don Trip, The Outlawz, 8Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, C-Bo, Daz Dillinger, Warren G, C-Muder, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Turk, B.G., Bun B, LL Cool J, Trick Trick, Obie Trice, 2 Chainz, 6 Tre G, Lex Luger, Mistah F.A.B., The Real Rick Ross, Big Meech. DAMN!

  • Anonymous

    That Joint with flocka go in!!!

  • Anonymous

    What's next buck in the sudio with Lord Jamar!

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • L.S.A

    this track gon be dope... Buck went in HARD!

  • Anonymous

    I commented below - best flow next to TWISTA I meant. Did I mention the song with flocks is fire? That verse gave me chills

  • Anonymous

    BOTH those sings FIRE. Hope Game & Buck do lots of tracks together. Haven't heard many records with them before,l think they're together for nostalgia and publicity, not necessarily chemistry, hope they prove me wrong. Buck is the closest artist to Tupac when it comes to hearing emotion in raps. His hunger and desperation are nearly tangible. He's been a great fit with the Outlawz. Car Clowdy was my fav song of that year. Boy needs to stay safe and out of trouble because the game needs him. He's more than just a thug too. He has some real raps and probably my favorite flow of all time (next to twists and some old school Jody breeze). Mad props. Lift your community buck!!

  • Jackpot

    Chingy appearing in these videos would've made this news 10x's better. 2014 is Chingy's year! #FullDeck

  • Anonymous

    Yooo. The track is gonna be hard as fuck.

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