Young Buck may have owed thousands prior to beginning his prison sentence in 2012, but upon being released later this year, the Tennessee rapper will be debt free.

TMZ reports that Young Buck will have a clean slate financially now that lawyers, the bankruptcy trustee, and the government will have to split $330,000 from the rapper. It’s currently unclear how much each party will receive from that amount.

Unfortunately for 50 Cent and G-Unit Records, they won’t see any of the money they’re owed from Buck, which is said to be in the thousands. Among the money owed is the remaining balance on a $300,000 loan 50 Cent personally dished out to the Straight Outta Cashville rapper.

Young Buck began his prison sentence, which he received due to a gun possessions charge, in August of last year. Years before the rapper began his 18-month sentence, Buck filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but was later hit with a Chapter 7 liquidation instead. As a result, his physical assets were made available for purchase to creditors.

Around the time Young Buck’s financial problems were beginning to mount, the Cashville Records founder was also engaged in a feud with 50 Cent and G-Unit. Buck’s issues with the Queens rapper and his crew of emcees eventually led to the rapper leaving G-Unit. He is now reportedly a free agent.

Young Buck could possibly see a release from prison as early as October of this year.

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