Troy Ave Calls Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar & Flatbush Zombies Weirdos

Troy Ave compares himself to Malcolm X while discussing "weirdo" rappers, talks about drug use among artists.

Following the release of “New York City,” a record in which Brooklyn emcee Troy Ave references fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, the New York City-based wordsmith has finally shed some light on the K-Dot mention some may have felt was a diss.

On the Raekwon, N.O.R.E, and Prodigy-assisted record, Troy Ave raps, “It was Big, Jay Z, now Troy Ave here after / But Kendrick Lamar's just a weirdo rapper.”

According to Troy Ave, his mention of Kendrick being a weirdo was a fact and not a diss. While addressing the weirdo mention on “New York City,” Troy also went on to question the Compton rapper’s street credibility, stating that Kendrick is more so from the streets than in the streets.

“Because I was stating a fact,” said Troy during an interview on New York City’s Hot 97. “It wasn’t a diss or nothing. That’s like somebody being like, ‘Troy Ave is a dark-skinned rapper.’ Alright, it’s a fact. Weirdo is—Right now, with social media and the internet there’s a lot of different groups that are getting mixed and gelled into one. And it doesn’t go like that. Like with rock music you have different genres of rock. You have pop rock. You have classic rock. You have—help me out here—alternative rock. Now with rap music you can’t just fuse all types of rap. The basis of rap is from the streets. Every artist of any era in rap history, the biggest artist has always been from the streets.

“Kendrick was raised in it,” he added. “It’s a difference between being from an area and being in the streets. It’s a difference. You know what I mean?”

Troy also named a handful of other rappers he feels are weirdos, among them were Kanye West and Brooklyn rap group Flatbush Zombies.

“Yeah, Kanye’s a weirdo. It’s a lot of rappers that’s weirdos…I like a lot of Kendrick Lamar’s records too. It’s a lot of weirdo rappers that’s out—It’s mad weirdo rappers. Y’all don’t understand it,” said the Brooklyn emcee.

He later questioned why the drug user has become more celebrated than the drug dealer in Hip Hop, and also compared himself to Malcolm X while expressing his desire to take his music to the extreme.

“This is why the game is twisted,” said Troy. “Everything is getting twisted right now because at what point did we start celebrating the drug user instead of the drug dealer? That shit is backwards…Would you rather your kids be strung out on drugs or dealing drugs…I gotta take it extreme. I gotta be extreme with this—I’m like Malcolm X with this music, man.”

Troy Ave’s interview on Hot 97 comes just days after the release of his newest project, New York City The Album. Released on November 4, the LP is one Troy says is “the best representation of New York City rap in over a decade.”

“This is going to be a classic,” said the rapper. “This is the best representation of New York City rap in over a decade. I promise. I'll give people their money back if it's not the best in over a decade. I got the classic sound and I'm improving on it. This album is like a classic car, like a Mercedes Benz, but this is the new body that came out.”

New York City The Album includes guest appearances from a number of rappers from the five boroughs, including Tony Yayo, Prodigy, Raekwon, and more.

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  • dude

    dude - how much these dudes blaze before this interview.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a b boy but kendrick, flatbush, chance, and a bunch of other people are weirdo. I am not here cause I even care about this dude or his music. I honestly wanted to see him defend his point of view but this dude is a walking contradiction. I dont judge but calls people weirdos, doesnt know how to define weirdo, thinks street rap is the core despite rap or hip hop not being one unified images, glorifies crack but claims he is a good person (not to say there are no people who sell crack and are good people), Doesnt listen to the radio or music in general but thinks he is some kind of hip hop Aficionado who knows the state of the culture even in his city, makes a fallacious connection between drug users and sellers as if one is better than the other, He listens and chills with uncle murder and action bronson who is also a weird individual. I wish him luck and his fans but this is nonsense...

  • Real Talk

    wow look at all of you getting butthurt over kendrick comments he's made haha Troy's album is good and that's that. He's got the flow you can chill to. I actually think he's right about current rap game, it's full of retards wearing skinny jeans, or wannabes thinking they're millionaires gtfoh. Troy is real

    • mikey

      Chief keef, migos, wacka flacka, Gucci Man, lil Boosie French Montana Rick Ross Meek Mills etc. run this game. I will bet money you cannot relate one single iota to the stories that Troy Ave talks about yet one someone does start talking some realer shit and people actually gravitate to it there has to be something wrong about that. You can like Troy Ave, I think he's aight but damn but shit can I listen to some shit that I can actually feel?

  • Kwrob

    its like this nigga never left his front porch. thinks only thing to rap about is using, or selling.. calcified ass nigga. troy needa broaden his horizons n see theres more things those "weirdos" r saying

  • the genius to dummies

    this interview took the premise of seinfeld, an interview about nothing.this interview may have lost him some current fans and future ones.

  • LMAO

    This is honestly the first time ive ever heard of this guy, I live on troy ave in BK I never heard or seen this fool once.


    There was a rap album that came out in 1986 from a group of white boys from NYC. I wonder if anyone of you racist anti-anything not black idiots ever heard of them.....The Beastie Boys.

  • Your name

    Hate hate and more hate. I'm little bit tired of gangsta and NY rappers using "rap started in the streets" as an excuse. Rap started in the streets but those rappers werent talking about drugs and violence unless they were talking about bad things in the community. Rap was started to entertain. To "rock the party" either by battling or by dope lyrics so save that shit. There has always been rappers who rap about different things so Troy Ave can stick to his lane and stop hating on people who arent trying to be like Jay Z like he is.

  • ComptonAssTerry

    This Nigga Dumb

  • dieDRAKEdie

    troy ave is a very very poor mans Pusha T. with that said, you have to be borderline homo or weird to receive any mainstream acclaim.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    In a scene where a regular guys are talking about being a druglord, Im always gonna prefer a wierdo cos at least they keep this shit interesting where all these other guys talking the same shit with the same ppl with the same chicks in the same area

  • TaZzZ

    Kendrick Lamar doesn't do any drugs, fuck you talking bout, and Kanye doesnt talk about drugs either really. If he's referring to Flatbush, theres always been weird rappers who talk about off-beat shit. Kool Keith been around forever, look at the mothafucka... IMO "weirdos" make more interesting music, I'm checkin for these dudes over Troy Ave.'s simple drug dealing persona, ITS BEEN DONE BRO BRO

  • Marc

    This nigga can't even explain why he calling dudes "weirdo" rappers... Fuck outta here with that!

  • Anonymous

    Troy is wrong about one thing, when he says the biggest artist is always from the streets he's wrong. Once Emenim infiltrated the culture the white consumers made him the biggest artist. Before the infiltration the biggest rappers were always from the streets and from our own culture and community but now that the culture has been raped, damaged, diluted and white-washed the biggest rappers are homosexual whites, mullatto Jews, blonde Barbies, skate-boarders, and weirdos.

    • b

      LOL, why does everyone act as if THE STREETS is one place. Like just cuz you not from Flatbush Ave or Normandie or Bankhead you couldn't be from the streets. I've been to Marcy projects and I've been to some slums in middle America. Poverty is poverty. There's nothing celebrated about it. Either you had money or you didn't but it really doesn't matter if you choose to rap about a rich lifestyle that very few people have. Call is inspiring if you want, I call it condescending. That's why people can't relate to Jay-Z.

    • Downtown

      Eminem IS from the streets.

    • TalkIsCheap

      So you believe in segregation?

  • Anonymous

    It's a lot of weirdos at the forefront of HipHop, it's more marketable to white consumers if your image is more like like A$AP Rocky than Meek Mill. Back in the day the whites were fascinated with our street culture but it's not new to them any more they just hop on YouTube and watch documentaries. The Tyler the Creator weirdo and other hipster hybrids are the new craze in HipHop along with whites and half breeds. Whites are the majority consumers and they like the Wiz Khalifah more than the Wale.

  • antihero82

    This guy sounds ignorant..gfoh..There's always all sorts of hip hop, the creative shit got pushed more in to the underground during the late nineties until recently. It's not just street shit and not all the greats have been doing just street shit. Just be happy there are some creative people out there willing to take the genre further.

  • Lillian

    I hope it was an Eminem post. Troy is too ugly eww

  • Anonymous

    lol this can't be real

  • Anonymous

    so what he's saying is if you are creative and make unique sounding music with unorthodox sounds you are "weird"

  • me

    Who gives a fuck if a "rapper" is from the streets or not. Hip-hop has evolved into pretty much allowing anyone from different walks of life to make music. Every artist has their own story. There are level in this music business. If u wanna feed the streets then do it, but everyone is not from the streets. Therefore, non-street music is made. I understand what Troy ave. is saying but I disagree with his comments. He could be looked at as a weirdo. Kanye and the other rappers he names are creative and raised the bar for music. I can give a fuck about hardcore rap. It's his option to remain "street". Jay Z from the hood and make global music. #facts. Stop trying to shit on other new great mc's because they are different.

    • b

      How is any of this even relevant??? Race is such a non-factor in this dude's music. If anything the only real part race plays is in concert and album sales. Do the math. Any artist will tell you that their biggest audience is white people. You can love your underground MC's all you want but they'll stay underground cuz black people don't buy music like that. And guess what...I'm black. Truth is truth.

    • me

      Foh with ur corny comebacks.

    • Dollface

      Gun busting shit don't sell? Well, you ain't white now, but I bet when gun busts near your head, your ass gunna turn whiter than a bottle of Duke's, bitch.

    • me

      lol funny thing is i'm not white. Wtf makes u think i'm white? U ignorant as fuck!! Music is music. None of that gun busting shit sales. Wake the fuck up.

    • Dollface

      Dunno bout y'all bein white, but I do see that white powder on the tip of your nose, wipe that shit off and then come back.

    • Anonymous

      im white too and i could care less about some dude masking a whole album about selling cocaine. shit pusha t already did that....

    • Anonymous

      u a white boy. lol

  • ultimatemegadon

    I Dont like son music like that but he right is alot of wierdos and trolls in this hop hop shit homosexuals is being accepted is alot of gay niggas

    • Dollface

      Good point, I see that drip drip drip runnin out your bunghole, I think you'd be an expert on homosexuality in Hip Hop.

  • Evers82

    The man is getting high off his own supply.


    LOLOLLLLL who the fuck is Troy Ave????? never heard 1 song from this bum nnigggerrrr

  • Anonymous

    this dude must be somewhat retarded


    "Every artist of any era in rap history, the biggest artist has always been [from the streets."] "Kendrick is more so [from the streets] than in the streets." But Kendrick Lamar's just a weirdo rapper.????? WTF??, so many contradictions with this nigga

  • Anonymous

    that whole street/thug ish is with it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this guy needs to grow up plus he aint going nowhere with ganster theme music the people hate the that shit and dont relate to it so i guess people are Weirdos....Malcolm X my ass

  • anonymous

    lmao the ignorance of this dude is astounding

  • Ruby Rice

    up to I looked at the paycheck saying $8258, I didn't believe that my best friend had been really bringing in money in their spare time from there labtop.. there moms best frend haz done this for only 8 months and just paid for the depts on there villa and got a gorgeous BMW 5-series. useful reference www.Fb39.Com Totally agree with Reece... He always bitches about how much he hates rap and the industry.. Yet still drops shit, then bitches about it some more. Your young motherfucker, go get a degree or some shit, goddamn.

  • Young Girl

    Kendrick is not a cute rapper

  • A-Game

    "Would you rather your kids be strung out on drugs or dealing drugs?" Lol I wouldn't want either if I had kids. This guy sounds like a fucking idiot

  • Anonymous

    Chill, Troy, these fruits don't want to hear the truth; indeed, they respect the victim-Curtis, the crackhead-Toyplay, The fruit-Wayne, I could go on and on.

  • Anonymous

    They might be weird rappers but Troy Ave is a Mediocre rapper!

  • The Artist Esq.

    Uh...wait, WHAT?? Lmao!

  • klasticvg

    he said they were weirdos because they are against drugs, lol troy is a clown

  • Blocka

    "This is going to be a classic, said the rapper. This is the best representation of New York City rap in over a decade. I promise." I seem to remember French Montana saying the same thing before his album came out LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      getting bread is cool but dont say you got the best rap album from NY in 10 years if it aint even close to the truth. 50 features couldnt save his ass from flopping. keep getting bread tho. props.

    • Anonymous

      Why do people constantly bad mouth French Montana? He's out there getting his bread. Are you?

  • Anonymous

    crazy how these cats who've done literally nothing in the rap game wanna throw shots at those who are in the spot they wish they could be in. jealousy is a bitch. this guy got a few ok song but for the most part he wack and will never blow up. POWDER, powder, powder, Powder

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