X Clan’s Brother J was raised in Brooklyn, New York and enjoyed dressing up on Halloween as a particular DC comics character.

“I’ve always been Batman growing up,” Brother J says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I’ve always been ill with that. I liked that whole Bruce Wayne-Batcave steeze. It’s like a meditation. This man was a scientist ninja.”

Brother J, whose music with X Clan and Dark Sun Riders includes Afrocentric themes, says that he enjoyed the Batman character because Bruce Wayne, who doubled as Batman, was a normal human without superpowers.

“I think that’s incredible, a person that doesn’t have to have the power of the Gods in order to do great things,” Brother J says. “Learning science, learning history and [about] all your ancestors, you hear all these great things that they’ve done, and I don’t have to live as a superhero and walk on water and feed fish to a million people to do good things. So when I see that kind of thing from Batman, it reminds me of that. I can stay basic and still achieve great things.”

Brother J is preparing for the “Lyrical Shaman Tour” with Phoenix Orion, MC Supernatural, Killa Priest and 2Mex, among others. The tour is slated to kick off November 7 at the Jambalaya in Arcata, California and includes a November 20 date at Zanzibar in Santa Monica, California.

Brother J performed with X Clan as part of “The Hip Hop Gods Classic Tourfest Revue” with Public Enemy, Schoolly D and Monie Love, among others, in 2012.

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