Kendrick Lamar Details Learning From Kanye West On "Yeezus" Tour

Kendrick Lamar recently discussed the "Yeezus" tour, saying that he's a student of the game.

Kendrick Lamar recently spoke about his take on the "Yeezus" tour thus far. The Comton, California rapper also discussed his goals for the tour. 

"We'll be going into the middle of December, which is a blessing," Kendrick Lamar said during an interview with Revolt. "A lot of people don't get the opportunity to be on a major stage in front of that many people and be able to learn. I'm just taking it all in stride and being a student of the game because Kanye [West], he's a great performer. I'm not too shabby, like I said, again, but I'm just there really to challenge myself, grow myself and take that next level." 

On the "Yeezus" tour, Lamar is the opener for West, who has been making headlines on this run. West sparked criticism because some of his tour merchandise includes the Confederate flag. West was also criticized because he had an actor portray Jesus during his set. West also recently blasted the media on the tour and rejected the notion that he has a God complex

During the Revolt interview, Lamar was also talked about the important role that music plays in his life today.

"It's just something I breathe now," Lamar said. "I didn't always breathe it. I always was a fan of it, but now I really live it. That's inspiration within itself." 

During the brief interview, Lamar was also asked about what his next steps are.

"Really getting back in that studio," Lamar said. "Locking in. Just keep continue with music, continue challenging myself. I don't really got much goin' on outside of music. So, that's about it." 

Lamar's most recent release, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, has been certified platinum since its release just over a year ago. 


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  • helen

    Learn how to spell Compton!

  • Anonymous

    What K.Dot really needs to learn to make it to the next level is make a hit song. for radio. He always makes great songs, but if he'd had one huge radio single on GKMC (i'm guessing he was going for that with money trees, poetic justice or backstreet freestyle) then the album's sales woulda gone through the roof without sacrificing any of its greatness. so next step, make a hit single! then you would really have arrived.

    • Anonymous

      Swimming Pools, Poetic Justice, and Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe are radio singles and they made it to the Top 40.

  • ARIA


  • Anonymous

    "Nas released illmatic and most still insist that was his best album, yet he's had other great albums" It Was Written was better, plus was commercially more successful.

  • Anonymous

    "Kendrick had a huge following before he toured with drake" He had a following yes, a huge one, no.

  • jasonnns 666

  • micheal myers demons

  • imho

    what he meant to sya what im learning how to not be such a bitch like kanye. im learning if u rant about hypocritical shit all the time nooen gives a fuck. also learning shits real.. these smuts will suck ur dick, get u to marry n have a kid then take half ur shit later on.. (looks at nas, and kanye in a few yrs)

    • Anonymous

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    • Anon

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    • ^^

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  • rattle

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  • Anonymous

    Kanye will teach Kendrick how to hook up with a reality star.

  • Anonymous

    "I loved the album when I first heard it a year ago. Then I listened to it again, loved it even better" Fair enough.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick sold a mil and Kanye sold 500k... why is he opening up for him?

    • Anonymous

      "Nobody overseas has ever heard of him." Didn't Kendrick just do a worldwide tour? If no one overseas never heard of him, he would never do a worldwide tour.

    • Anonymous

      Cause Kanye has sold millions more during his career, and has about 10x the money Kendrip has. Nobody overseas has ever heard of him.

  • Anonymous

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  • Champagne Papi Life

    FACT: Had Kendrick not been invited to appear on Take Care and go on tour with Drake he would not have had any staying power in the industry. Drake taught Kendrick how to become a successful hip-hop artist with integrity, as Drake embodies what it means to be a successful hip-hop artist with integrity.

    • ^

      Nope. Dolla was correct. Everything you and the Drake stan said was not true. Drake didn't help Kendrick's following at all. Kendrick would still be where he's at now without Drake.

    • BUL

      Everything Dolla said was in fact not true. Drake helped Kendrick's following just like kanye is. And don't assume drake wanted to be responsible for new popular artist when he's done nothing to even remotely indicate that. Typical fan talking out of his ass with little knowledge.

    • Richie

      Fact;Everything Dolla just said is true.

    • dolla

      Fact: Kendrick had a huge following before he toured with drake. Even after the tour he gained success by being consistent. Drake just wants to be responsible for the new popular artist success. He did the same thing with J.Cole, who also had a huge following before touring with Drake.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Jay-Z told me Kayne West and Chand Krueger (of Nickelback) fucked Knedrick Lamar in his studio, Kanye had some feelings toward K Dot so he let Kenny to perform at YEEZUS tour. Swag

  • Can't deny Kdot

    If you don't see the talent and potential of this young kid, you're just playing dumb. He's without a doubt the definition of hip hop (not that part rapper part singert type shit). If his official second LP is as good as his first official LP, there's no doubt in my mind he'll go down as one of the greats!! Just amazing!

  • dentaldamboy

    What K Dot is learning is how to suck dick right. I swear these are supergay. K Dot has a high pitched voice on songs like Mad City and Kayne is into female clothing. Calling a group black hippy is suspect while Kayne is having gay sex with Gay Z and is only marrying Kim (ugly chick btw) because of the money.

    • Anonymous

      How many lies are you gonna make up, dentalbitch? No one believes you.

    • dentaldamboy

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    • Anonymous

      dentalbitch lies again. What a surprise.

    • Anonymous

      meanwhile Birdman and Wayne are probably just getting out of the same bed this morning after a night of cuddling and making out with tongue

  • 101

    Just by looking at the hiphop scene today its pretty evident that kendrick is the leader/king of the new school rap. jay z dropped a remix for bitch dont kill my vibe, eminem had him on mmlp2 & brings most of the time when he tours, GKMC already labeled a classic after just after a year of its release, countless rappers want to collaborate with him, changing the game with his 'Control' verse, OG's of the game give him props & and now kanye chose him specifically for his yeezus tour. its crazy how a young smart guy with unbelievable penmanship and love for the game can rise to the top by working hard and using DR.Dre's co-sign to full extent. kendrick deserves where he's at right now. i wouldn't doubt he'd be considered a legend by hiphop heads and by young rappers 20 years from now. I cant think of 1 rapper today better than kendrick and truthfully i dont think there will be one few years from now. if you think he's overrated go eat a dick #HIIIPOWER

    • BestRapper4Ever

      lol you dont even have 1k followers on twitter how you gonna create buzz on the rap game with that fan base? you talk too much shit its still too early for you to say

    • uoeno

      Spark Master Tape is definitely better than any rapper in the game right now. No-one will even know who Im talking bout but youll notice in a couple years. PAPER PLATOON GONE RISE!

    • fresh2def

      i co-sign this

  • Anonymous

    hopefully he doesnt learn to much from that clown

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