Jon Connor Credits Chemistry With Dr. Dre For Aftermath Signing

Jon Connor says Dr. Dre welcomed his BET Hip Hop Awards cypher idea, comments on the chemistry he shares with Dr. Dre both musically and on a personal level.

Yesterday (October 15) Flint, Michigan rapper Jon Connor announced via his BET Hip Hop Awards cypher that he was the latest artist to sign to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. According to the Midwest emcee, it was more than just his music that earned the famed producer’s respect.

While speaking with MTV News following yesterday’s announcement, Connor spoke on working with Dre in the studio and the chemistry the two artists shared while recording together.

“He told me one time," Connor said. "He was like, ‘The music was there.' He liked the music and he liked what I was doing. He respected what I was doing. It was just at that point, just going in the studio and seeing if we had chemistry and vibed out. You know, as people. You can be the greatest rapper in the world. You could be the greatest artist in the world, but if you a dick, you know what I’m saying, ain’t nobody gonna want to work with you. It don’t matter how good you are, but it was like that’s what sealed the deal…It was the chemistry musically and it was the chemistry as just two good people.”

Connor further elaborated on his chemistry with Dre as he touched on the enthusiasm they both share for music, specifically music with a message behind it.

“The thing that drives me and Dre is one and the same,” he said. “I’m not a dude that’s driven by the money. I’m driven by the craft. I’m driven by the message. I’m driven by what I can do to help people and how I can influence people. And that’s Dre. Dre is all about the culture, the influence. He’s not a dude that’s like ‘Yo, let me sign this artist because of what they can make for me financially.’ Because Dre ain’t trippin’ financially. We all know that.”

Although announcements made in regards to artists inking new deals with labels are typically spread via press release, Connor took it upon himself to make his Aftermath announcement during his BET Hip Hop Awards cypher as he rapped, “And y’all knew that I was ill, but now my doctor is Dre.”

According to Connor, his decision to include his new status as an Aftermath signee in his cypher was welcomed by Dre, who he says referred to the idea as “dope.”

“I was thinking, I’m like, ‘How can I end this? How can I make this a moment?’" Connor said. "This is my first time doing a cypher and I wanted to make it a moment. I’m like, ‘You know what? Let me just announce it at the BET Hip Hop Awards.’ And I ran it by Dre and he was like ‘Yo, that’s dope’…The big homie, he gave me the okay, so it was off to the races.”

Jon Connor, who garnered underground fame thanks to the release of numerous mixtapes including July’s Unconscious State, joins a number of artists who have signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment. Among those who have found success at the label are Eminem, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar. Despite the success of the aforementioned artists, Aftermath has also seen its fair share of unsuccessful stints with artists formerly signed to the label.

In 2008, Slaughtehouse emcee Joell Ortiz sent in a request to leave the label following a stagnant stay at Aftermath.

“I can’t afford to wait,” said Ortiz during a 2008 interview with Miss Info. “I got a million people waiting on me to come out. I would have been cheating myself if I would have to sit there and wait [on Aftermath]. I have momentum now and I need to take advantage of it now. I need to be coming out with a new record ASAP.”

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  • jimjim

    never see the light of day fuck with dre youll never come out tax write off

  • Brizz

    Real talk from Connor, now lets see the walk. I expect nothing but greatness now. What he say is that Dre shelfs anyone thats not a game changer somehow. Thats why all these other artist didnt come out and Connor will not either if he cant bring it for really real. Pz.

  • hannahlogan010

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  • mean205

    The good news is that even if Aftermath shelves him, Jon is a worker and will come out with plenty of mixtapes. And I'd rather have those than most others albums. Hopefully Aftermath lets him release an album though, mainstream could use more people like Jon Connor.

  • Anonymous

    Bishop Lamont had chemistry with Dre too. what ever happened to him? and Slim tha Mobster? did that guy tattoo a giant Aftermath logo on his back and then got dropped? shit thats a life fail.

    • Jermaine

      Let me school you cats!!! When you sign to Aftermath/Interscope you have to come with some hit records period. Aftermath is not a label really. It's just Dre's entertainment company( A lot of those dudes are producers, song writers, musicians, some artists.) There is no office with Aftermath employees sitting around a desk running the label. The office is the studio. The big machine is Interscope which puts out a artist that Dre may have signed to his imprint Aftermath(Eminem,50 Cent, Game, Kendrick, Busta) Notice I named all the artists that sold records. If you working with Dre you can record and write all the songs you want but if you can't drop songs to develop a big enough fan base to put out an album then you going to be shelved and eventually dropped. Dre can make beats, and help you record to your full potential but he not writing you no hits. ShIT he don't even write for himself. lol That's why Bishop, Joe Beast, Stat Quo, Gage, Brooklyn, Hitman,etc never dropped. They not victims they just couldn't pop. All artist don't pop because they sign to somebody. Example is Kendrick who already had the records and fan base before he signed to Aftermath. Then Dre give you that extra push(a beat or two, mix the album, co-sign you a little). Now Kendrick a star!!I thought Joe Beast was hard though!! So was Gage, Hitman, and Stat Quo. They just didn't pop in the rap game.

    • Ja Rule Army

      add G.A.G.E. (philly artist) to the list search Game, GAGE - 'Aftermath'

    • Ja Rule Army

      Aftermath casualties: Rakim Busta (did Big Bang count?) Game (only The Doc, RED didnt come out on the math after all) Stat Quo Bishop Lamont Brooklyn Joe Beast The Firm (one album)....... [probly more victims] btw didnt Dre said Kendrick was the last artist he was going to dedicate his time to (meaning no more 50 or Em just one track for each at most) and then retire?


      I Co sign that homie dre drop them guys an they was promoting aftermath heavy.. but to be fair jon connor is a way better rapper thn both them other guys

    • Chris Etrata

      Don't forget that Game and Busta Rhymes both had chemistry with Dre at one point, actually released one album on Aftermath, yet lost them out to YMCMB, the worst crew imaginable.

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