Rock The Bells Cancels Remaining 2013 Dates

Rock the Bells has cancelled upcoming festival dates in Washington D.C. and New York.

Guerilla Union has announced that the two remaining Rock the Bells dates have been cancelled, according to a press release via

This will impact Washington, D.C.'s festival dates (September 28 and 29) as well as New York's festival dates (October 4 and 5).

“First and foremost, it is with great sadness and disappointment that we must cancel the Washington, D.C. and New York City Rock the Bells dates due to lack of ticket sales," Weisenberg said. "I, along with our staff, the artists, and all of the sponsors, media partners, local promoters, and radio stations involved are thankful for our supporters and the fans that planned on attending. It’s extremely unfortunate that we can’t complete the last half of the 10 Bells tour.

"We did everything in our power to save the show," Weisenberg added. "Unfortunately, the financial loss would have been devastating. I am truly sorry we could not produce the show for all the fans who did buy their ticket in support of [Rock the Bells].”

The festival's San Bernardino festival stop (September 7 and 8) was marred by technical difficulties. The San Francisco tour stop (September 14 and 15) was not affected by the same complications.  

This year's Rock the Bells event featured performances by Black Hippy, J. Cole, Juicy J, A$AP Mob, Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples and Pusha T. The festival also included virtual performances of Ol' Dirty Bastard with Wu-Tang Clan and Eazy-E with Bone-thugs-n-harmony

Prior to releasing the official statement about the festival's cancellation, Ticketmaster stopped selling tickets for the event, according to the Washington City Paper

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    left eye said blowing up spots


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  • jae

  • jae

  • jae

    naught by nature vids wer party. wu said what party going to and they ant their

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  • jae 9

    some girls dident like a girl on a boat some girls dident like one girl that was in shape. said weird things like belly, dmx is cool tho

  • lol

    hospital seen in juice redmans album cover docs name ect

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  • Anonymous

    I remember the 2003, 2004 RTB here in LA where tix cost $40.00!! Yes, $40.00!!! you didnt have to get in line to buy tickets to get in line to buy a drink where you still had to get in line to buy a drink.

  • Anonymous

    Guerrilla Union put out good performances but they aren't that well organized or strategize much for the prices they demand.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the 07 show in Atlanta that undersold and led them to not book here anymore, but what do you expect booking an 8hr show on a Thursday with the weakest support for non commercial hip hop. Justin Beiber or 2 chainz can sell out on a school night here can't expect Wu Tang to do the same when their fans have 9 to 5 jobs now.

  • Anonymous

    dogshit festival deserves to die years ago; all those acts suck live too, even by rap standards. on the other hand, why the fuck not use a hologram audience also?

  • jimjim

    everybody on the roster sucks even though no one asked me but if you do they suck

  • this dude

    man...fuk that "real hip hop" bullshit...hip hop elites are some of da biggest hypocrites on this planet...they claim they wanna bring "real hip hop" back but they don't even support da rappers they do like...and then call niccas thats eating "sellouts."smh its only a matter of time when da backpack niccas and whiteboys turn on Kendrick and call them sellouts like they did Drake and Wale.

    • Anonymous

      AMEN! I mean i love good ol Boom Bap but all these fuckin backpackers that say fuck commercial hip hop or whatever cant even fucking support the groups they say are "real hip hop"....They blame commercial hip hop for hip hops failing but they're the reason why good ol hip hop is dying out...They dont support! PERIOD!

  • Anonymous

    Low sales in NYC and Washington DC??? Wtf?

  • Gucci The Realest

    The shows are not sold out because Gucci Mane isnt there. Fans wanna see real Gansgtas not those fake wannabes.

  • Tommy Vercetti

    People too busy playing GTA V.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! thats what they get for overpricing their fucking shows, and those holograms were not even half as good as the tupac one.

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    The NY day one was on a FRIDAY and day two on Saturday...last year was Saturday/Sunday...people can't get all day Friday's off for day one of a music festival...they cancelled the show in Boston two years ago...Chang Weinstein is a bitch ass faggot

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • mighty bofa

    you haven't been...

  • Nick S

    Maybe yall should have came to Red Rocks in Colorado were some true Hip Hop Heads Stay and you would have sold more tickets!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you let mainstream bullshit taint the purity of a once great concert.... Real Hip Hop fans don't have much left! It's all for the faggots and weirdoes now! SMH! Nobody wanted to see them lame acts...

  • BOY

    KenDICK LAME-ar live? Ha, what a joke. Only 15 year old backpackers & bitter old Hip Hop nerds listen to that pinhead-lookin bitch ass nigga. He cant even sell out tours by himself. This guy is a joke! He basically made an album about how he got bullied by real Compton niggas aka GKMC Everybody knows Lil Waynes a true blood. KenDICK knows not to cross into YMCMB territory. He knows not to fuck with Wayne cuz Wayne will send bloods up his ass like a tampon. Dedication 5 >>> GKMC Tha Carter 4 >>> All Eyez On Me Rebirth >>>> Don Killuminati: The 7 Day theory Lil Wayne is and forever will be the KIGN of HIP HOP!

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Wow, really? They were charging $200 for tickets for 2 day event? WTF? Rock The Bells used to be the shit and tickets used to be like $25 for 1 day event. Nothing lasts forever I guess.

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    one day. get rid of the mainstream bullshit. and get rid of the expensive disrespectful holograms. problem solved?

  • g dep

    Just proves that kendrick is all internet hype. Nobodys really checking for him but the internet including this site trys to push him on us with every other article with his name in it. 2012 was a lot better year than 2013 as far as hip hop goes.

    • Ja Rule Army [Top TROLL GANG]

      ^^dumbass he said he's tired of this SITE... READ: THIS SITE how the fuck is he gon avoid it if ITS ON THIS SITE. Shit he's voicing his opinion on it Problem is groupies/stans/dickriders like you get offended and don't want be to criticize shit and quickly shut ppl down with the 'hater' tag. Naw nigga I RUN THIS SHIT WELCOME TO MY BACKYARD follow your advice don't comment no ONE IS PUSHING SHIT ON YOU :)

    • Yevgeniy

      He sold out two shows @ Roseland this February and has booked Barclays which I doubt will sell out... anyways, this got nothing to do with Kendrick or the line-up which is really good this year (last year was the worst): it's the ticket prices, the 2-day BS, the fact that the first day of the festival falls on Friday and the location.

    • Anonymous

      no1s pushing shit on you. its your fault for trying to go find it. stop reading it if it affects your fucking life you bitch.

  • swgjkwn

    the fuck??? I would think that a something like RTB would sellout right away.. I'm honestly confused. I mean DC, ok fine but the show had poor ticket sales in fuckin NEW YORK? Something is up, no way they undersold

  • HALO

    1st i wanna say FUCK ROCK THE BELLS TOUR!!! Thats what the fuck they get for tryn to cut out all the shows. 4 cities... come on now.. i remember going to the ones in chicago and they were jammed packed!!! and great acts.M.O.P., SLAUGHTERHOUSE, BUSTA, NAS, TRIBE, KRS & BUCKSHOT, GZA, RAE & GHOST, DE LA... you see where im goin. 2nd i am wit this guy below, the emcees who charge an outrageous price killed it also im sure. 3rd... a fuckin hologram show... stop it!!! fuck outta here... i will say i had the pleasure to experience 2 years in a row in chicago and i thought it was the greatest shows i have ever seen. period!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is all the talents' fault. Some of these motherfuckers won't get out of bed for 20 grand at the VERY LEAST. In order to provide the dopest acts (which charge a fuckton), Guerilla Union (& other festivals) have to drive up ticket prices, while being cheap on the production end (i.e. "technical difficulties). And then all fans suffer - the ones who won't give up an arm & a leg to attend, and the fans who got the money get shitty experiences. In other words, as much as I love Hip Hop, fuck rappers.

  • Real

    Stop bullshittin'. they cancelled it because of the Government Shutdown that takes place this Monday

  • Anonymous

    i went last year in newjersey/newyork. and it sucked. half the artists didnt show cause they didnt sell enough tickets. and then this year they bring in the same fail

    • Bulletproof Wallets

      Agreed. I've been to 6 of them and last year's was horrible and it's a nearly identical lineup this year. I never considered going.

  • Anonymous

    rap died because new york no longer gives a fuck. this is pathetic.

  • 2pacfan

    I've come to the conclusion that Kendrick is too afraid to release a full diss track towards Drake. I've been a fan of Kendrick, but he appears to be a soft. Diddy almost pouring a drink on him at the party and not following through on his "I'm tryna murder y'all niggaz, make sure your core fans never heard of you niggaz". I mean, if you're actually gonna do it and you want the crown, go head to head with Drake and take him down. But of course, there's the chance of Drake ripping Kendrick a new one.

  • sam snead

    Before 2011 they had many more shows on the tour and when i went in 2007 and 2009 they could not sell out in metro detroit due to poor advertising for the most part and this when tickets were reasonable now they just got greedy and booked to many acts.

  • W

    Lyricist Lounge & Smokin Grooves Tour>>>>>>>Rock The Bells

  • Anonymous

    wow all those artists cant scrap their "billions" together for their loyal fans, who without them, wouldnt have a fuckin rap career.

    • Ja Rule Army [Vine Army too yup]

      DAMN why you mad tho probly got put on SMACK CAM

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you're a stupid ass, even if they did it for free you still have to pay for the permit, insurance, sound, lighting, transportation, security. Now take that two cents you scrapped together and get the f^ck out of here.

  • micheal myers

  • Joe

    WHAT THE FUCK. ive been looking forward to this shit for a year. JUST CUT THE FUCKING COSTS this is bullshit

  • dentaldamboy

    Good for them to cancel the show. It was filled with wack artists like black hippy, big sean, and asap rocky. There are a couple of good artists on the roster like big sean and juicy j but no one wanted to see black hippy and asap rocky acting gay on the stages. Meanwhile, Wayne and Rick Ross sells their tours out along with drake.

    • Ja Rule Army

      why does this moron still reply after I said he's trolling. Ya love to get pissed for no reason no wonder dentaldam does this shit. Imma have to just troll on fuck ya retarded lames

    • Anonymous

      juicy j is straight trash. and big sean is just as whack as asap. sit down fag boy

    • Ja Rule Army

      do not feed the troll. Feed me tho

    • dentaldamboy

      Sorry, I mean good artists like 2 Chainz and Juicy J. Don't be mad just because your favorite tour's a financial flop.

    • Anonymous

      So you call Big Sean a "wack artist" but then on the next sentence you call him a "good artist"? Make up your mind dentaldamgirl. By the way, fuck what you think bitch ass.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah mostly because of high school kids buy that shit they need to make an all out old school tour fuck this new shit it's all garbage

  • mack

    This is what happens when you get too greedy. It was once a place for all the real hip-hop heads to come through and see the masters do it. People came from all over the world. Now they let hot 97 jump on it and convert it into Summerjam pt 2 with 2chainz, big sean and asap rocky...not only that they give you 2 cheesy holograms which probably costs hundreds of thousand, and try to turn it into woodstock-electric zoo thing with a three day concert (a nightmare premise in traffic congested NY-NJ) and finally, to fill up their three day concerts, they get more stages and add a flood of artists no one wants to see. Lucky I got to see it for the few years it was popping

    • Homie

      And on top of that. Where are people gonna sleep for a two day trips. Hip Hop heads aren't hippies..We try to stay fresh. We're supposed to sleep in the mud for three days or are we supposed to flood hotels that are gonna crank up the prices for that weekend...crazy

    • sicknizz

      Chuuuuch. Now they have mashup djs playing "in the club" mixed with "sweet home alabama". Garbage.

    • drizzy!

      Agree with this completely! I roadtripped it when ATCQ headlined 5 years ago. People aren't going to go out of their way to pay top dollar for a two day festival to see a bunch of commercial acts, when they are going to swing by your city anyways for cheap. Also with so many artists on different stages it makes it harder to see everyone you want to see. No one is roadtripping to go see Chief Keef! In fact, artists like him detour people from going!

  • xxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    Thats what they get for charging so much for tickets...greedy bastards

  • lol

    beyonce u dont belong here its ok if it hurts lol

  • lol

  • Gordon Gartrelle

    I chalk it up to a few things: A) The whole 2 day thing is a bit excessive. I went in 2011, it was a 1 day show on Governors Island, and it was perfect. Mostly dope acts, hardly anyone I didnt want to see rock. Starting last year with the whole 2 day thing, I think they were being a little too ambitious, and booking too many damn performers, as if the world is about to end and its gonna be the last hip hop show ever. Plus, now they're charging $150 for 2 days instead of $100 for 1 day. Making it less feasible for some people to attend. But also having to pay more performers with what ends up being less $ per day. 2) Mixing bullshit acts like Riff Raff and Chief Keef. FOH with this nonsense that has no place at what the antithesis of what Rock the Bells is supposed to be (CLASSIC hip-hop albums performed in their entirety [with some deviation], sprinkled in with a few GOOD new hip-hop acts). It seems they're trying to mix Rock the Bells with Hot 97 Summer Jam (possibly since Hot 97 got involved in the show, which was last year I think)... yes it may result in sales from garbage acts of today, but in turn it alienates the core/original demographic. I know when I saw the half-assed lineup last year, I was like 'hell no,' after the GREAT lineup I saw in 2011. and, lastly: D) location like someone said below.. I dont know about the DC venue, but for the "NY" show (read 'NJ')- while a better location than last year (an hour away from NYC without traffic), even though the Meadowlands is just a few miles across the Hudson from NYC, a lot of NYers dont have cars. So, if Rock the Bells is gonna happen next year, hopefully Ching Weisenberger or whoever's in charge realizes the show needs to return to its roots.. make it a 1 day thing, within NYC city limits, and no bullshit garbage disposable cornball rappers.. and people will gladly buy tickets.

    • For real

      I agree with everything except theres public transportation from NY to NJ so if thats the real reason people didnt buy tickets then its totally on the fans and not rock the bells or guerilla union or chang this is bs i went in 2011 and 2012 and saw the decline but theres gotta be more to it. And when its in NY its on governors island you cant drive there. People from NY will overpay to watch football games in NJ all the time

    • Yevgeniy

      I completely agree. They actually started fucking up in 2011: they had the most dope line-up in the history of RTB but they messed up with this whole 2-stage bullshit when folks were forced to choose between artists and stages which caused a lot of confusion. And who the fuck wants to attend a two-day hip hop festival??!? This ain't Lollapalooza or Coachella or Glastonbury. We're talking about one genre of music and whatever applies to Ozzfest or Electric Zoo attendees doesn't really apply to hip hop fans at all: I mean, for Christ's sake, the Summer Jam is only one day long and we're talking about really, really popular mainstream acts! The NY/NJ location is not that bad this year but you're right on the money when you said it should be within the City limits because - once again - this ain't no Summer Jam. On the other hand, what I DO LIKE about this whole cancellation thing is that this fact alone will make lots and lots of hip hop fans go see their favorite acts at other festivals and not limit themselves to just one genre of music.

  • amaterasu

    rock the bells lost its soul. it had its niche, but it sold out so the hipsters and backpackers turned their backs on it. this shit is played out now

  • bizzalls

    Lack of ticket sales?!?! How would this type of tour NOT sell good?? Or how wouldn't it get sold out?!?! This is bullshit!! They better reimburse everyone now!!!

  • sxxx4

  • Hip Hop Snobs

    Lol at these hip hop snobs they can't even support their unknown wack rappers and they claim that they are better than the mainstream acts? Well Eminem is mainstream so was Biggie, Pac, jay z, and Nas but these losers supports crap like immortal technique is the reason why I don't care for underground rap anymore. Get a life you narrow minded motherfucker. I don't hate underground rap but their fans are worse than Bieber fans

    • Anonymous

      Mainstream now compared to when eminem started is garbage underground is where real rap music is eminem is still good but there's not enough GOOD RAPPERS to keep shit going only other mainstream I would consider is kendrick lamar everything else is trash.

    • bizzalls

      Crap like Immortal Technique?? Are you a fucking idiot? Why am I even asking that, of course you are.

    • FukYu

      It's because the location sucks compared to previous years and your comment is retarded.

    • Subliminiminal

      Black Hippy, J. Cole, Juicy J, A$AP Mob, Pusha T??? Unknown??? Are you on Meth??

    • dadonjuan

      I agree with you for the most but Eminem is the KING OF HIP POP not HIP HOP. Em is a great emcee but hip hop declined when he came in the game. At least Eminem has a loyal pop fan base.

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