Tonedeff Makes "Breaking Bad" Predictions

Exclusive: Tonedeff talks about "Breaking Bad" and discusses his take on Walter White, Skyler White, Walter Jr. and Jesse Pinkman.

AMC's "Breaking Bad" has two more episodes left before the series closes curtains on what has become one of the most celebrated and talked-about dramas on television today. The second to last episode is set to air tonight (September 22) and the series finale is slated to air September 29.

QN5's Tonedeff recently spoke with HipHopDX about "Breaking Bad" and several of the show's key characters. Tone also provided some predictions on how the series will end and a recap of last week's showing in preparation for tonight's new episode. 

Tonedeff Discusses Hank's Death On "Breaking Bad"

One of the most discussed incidents from last week's episode dealt with Hank Schrader.

"I thought Hank's death was very fitting," Tonedeff said. "I expected that to happen. The second he told Marie that he loved her in the last episode, I was like, 'That mothafucker's dead.' Those are famous last words...So, I knew he was gonna go. He had to die. If he hadn't died, story-wise, it wouldn't have given Walter White the motivation. It tipped him over the edge.

"All [Walt] had left was family," Tonedeff continued. "The only thing that he operated on the entire show was for his family, the entire time. The second Hank died, the last shred of his family was put into jeapordy. He goes home. Skyler leaves him. His kid leaves him. And there's that moment when he looks at them and they're looking at him like, 'Get the fuck outta here,' with the knife. At that moment, that was the last bit of family he had. That was the only bit of reality holding him in. Now that that's gone, bazookas are coming out. He's coming out full-tilt on this next episode. I guarantee it."

Tonedeff Describes "Breaking Bad's" Skyler White As Sexy & Walt Jr. As G'd Up

Last week's episode also dealt with family dissension once Walt's wife, Skyler, and son, Walt Jr., discovered that Hank was dead. The news of a relative being killed caused a family fight, one that included a knife and some blood. Tonedeff provided his take on the situation and the characters in the family. 

"I personally think Walt Jr. is a lot more G'd up than everybody gave him credit for," Tonedeff said. "He took down a notorious drug dealer and brought him to the floor because he was defending him mom."

As for Skyler White, a character some fans dislike, Tonedeff provided his stance on her role in the show. 

"I like Skyler," Tonedeff said. "Skyler did the best she could with the information she had. And she's oddly sexy in this weird way...I don't hate her. I think she's made the best decisions for her family. Honestly, she kind of rolled for Walt. She was cleaning his money for him, hiding out and doing anything she needed to do. But, the second family gets killed, that's another story." 

Tonedeff Makes Breaking Bad Predictions

Tonight's episode, set to air on AMC, is likely set to be a success in ratings. Last Sunday's episode "drew a record audience of 6.4 million," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Tonedeff took a moment to make predictions regarding tonight's show.

"For [tonight's] episode, I definitely see Jesse getting killed," Tonedeff said. "I think Jesse's getting killed and I think somehow, that Brotherhood is probably gonna take out Walt's family. They're probably gonna kill Skyler and Walt Jr. If you look at [a past] scene, he's making his pancakes by himself. And usually, Skyler would do that for him. And anytime somebody dies on the show, Walt seems to pick up one of their characteristics when they're not around. So, I think him getting the guns and shit is him going on a revenge mission on some Scarface shit, going out in a blaze of glory."

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  • Nicholas

    Guess you were wrong about Jesse and Walt's family.

  • Pete

    I thought the same thing about Hank! When he made the phone call to Marie, that was it! Pinkman kills me though, if he had just left well enough alone, he wouldn't have forced Walt to kill those two thugs and they would both be living large of the money they made working for Gustavo! As for the last episode, Walt is going to surprise everyone, he's going after his Chemistry friends with the Ricin and then he'll find a way to get Skylar the money before heading on that suicide mission to get Jesse out. Jesse will handle the rest when he goes to the feds and tells them about Uncle Jack killing Hank and Walt.

  • Anonymous

    Breaking Bad has nothing what so ever to do with Hip Hop.... talk about piggy backing. follow at noles506

  • Jacqueline Thomason

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  • COCA


  • mh

    Vince Gilligan would have no qualms about offing the entire White family. It would make for the sort of "falling action" we'd expect from a Shakespearean tragedy, and we did see the house destroyed in the S5 flashforwards. By the end of last episode, the police are @ the White household (1) investigating a kidnapping; (2) presumably investigating Hank's death; and now (3) protecting the White family from WW's deliberately exaggerated threats. The Brotherhood let WW walk, and if they play it smart, they could make stacks/stacks/stacks given the leverage they have over Jesse. WW, meanwhile, is a man defeated, on his way to a blank slate. This could've been it, a "peaceful" and inert resolution. The key as always was Walt, who in his blind rage sent Jesse off to be tortured and killed by the Brotherhood. What he failed to realize was that if Jesse talked, the Brotherhood would set out to tie up loose ends. Hank's house. Collateral damage.

    • Pete

      Skylar isn't living in the house anymore, Walt was told that when he was in New Hampshire.

    • Anonymous

      The house may have been destroyed, but we also WW at the first of season 5 I believe already in New Hampshire buying that gun..and then we see him at the house after its destroyed. follow at noles506

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