Jay-Z & Beyonce Top Forbes' Highest-Earning Celebrity Couples List

Jay Z and Beyonce top Forbes' Highest-Earning Celebrity Couples list, beating out Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen and Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.

Jay Z and Beyonce combined to make more money than any other couple in the entertainment industry with an estimated $95 million in earnings over the the course of a year, according to Forbes.com. The report measured the earnings of celebrity couples from June 2012 through June 2013. 

Jay Z and Beyonce both earned money for their music. Jay Z earned a reported $1.4 million a night with his Watch the Throne Tour run alongside Kanye West. Beyonce earned a reported average of $2 million per night for her Mrs. Carter World Tour

Jay Z and Beyonce also earned money with endeavors outside of music. Jay Z earned money as part owner of the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and as a minority owner with the Brooklyn Nets. He's since had to sell his share in both the Center and the Nets due to his involvement with Roc Nation Sports, representing athletes including Kevin Durant and Robinson Cano. Beyonce earned money for her fragrance collection and House of Deron clothing line. 

Beyonce and Jay Z topped Forbes' list, which includes Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen as well as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. 

This isn't the first time Jay Z and Beyonce topped the list. A year ago, they also had the same distinction, as HipHopDX reported

Jay Z has mentioned Forbes in various songs. For example, on "Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)," Jay Z said, "Take what the Forbes figured, then figure more / 'Cause they forgot to account what I did with the raw." On Lupe Fiasco's "Pressure," Jay Z also mentioned the magazine. "The pen is mightier than the sword / my Lord / My first picture was a line-up / Now I'm on Forbes." 

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  • Anonymous

    Money without a conscience or soul is worth nothing.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of fucking name is Bundchen???

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne and Birdman are the highest earning celebrity couple :/

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    take that, wayne and birdman.. "i'm like really half a billi, i'm like 'really, you got baby money', keep it real with niggas, niggas ain't got my lady money".. get em, jay!..

  • Gucci The Realest

    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • aw_carter

      who gives a fuck if what he says is "true" or not because his music is literally trash. All he talks about is killing or trapping or getting pussy and money. Who the fuck wants to listen to that shit exceed "hood niggas" who are retarded as fuck anyways. He needs to kill himself with the rest of his fanbase.

    • Joel

      Wow, Gucci Mane killed a man. Top dude. This truly makes him memorable and "good". Before you comment next time, consider the term "rapper". It means the ability and skill to "rap", not what you rap "about". Therefore, the garbage he spits about killing a person has no bearing on his ability and merit as a "rapper". Get your priorities right.

  • Anonymous

    "due to" DX not "du to"


    Ahh, who wanna bet us that we don't touch leathers Stack cheddars forever, live treacherous all the et ceteras To the death of us, me and my confidants, we shine You feel the ambiance, y'all niggaz just rhyme

  • Anonymous

    this is why i dont buy jayz cds

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous#4 brought out the stop-lying-to-yourself ether. Kudos

    • Anonymous

      I never liked when ppl said stuff like this. If you don't want to support people that have more money than you, you wouldn't be buying anything. No food, no clothes, no gas, wouldn't pay for any type of entertainment either because they all have CEO's that laugh at your net worth. Just say your lazy and rather download it for free. Don't make it because of the money

    • Anonymous

      i have also never bought 1 jay-z album but not because hes rich i just think hes over rated and he kind of bores me

    • Anonymous

      this is why you will never amount to anything in life.

  • Anonymous

    These 2 always at the top. crazy

  • Main Salary

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  • Jay

    You hate on people getting money! Kill ya self. When people say it's not about the money...quit your job you love and do that ish for free or get a pay cut and work for the love. You work hard you should get paid for it. Sucess only happens when you work for it.

  • Anonymous

    No Lil Wayne and Birdman? I thought they were the richest couple in rap?

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