Rock The Bells 2013 Set To Continue In San Francisco

Wu-Tang Clan, Black Hippy, Bone thugs-n-harmony and holograms of Ol' Dirty Bastard and Eazy-E are set to continue their Rock the Bells run in San Francisco, California.

Rock the Bells is set to continue Saturday and Sunday (September 14, 15) in San Francisco, California. Kid Cudi, Common, Pusha T and Bone thugs-n-harmony are set to close out Saturday's show while Black Hippy, Rakim and Wu-Tang Clan are slated to close out Sunday's festivities.

Both days of Rock the Bells are also set to include holograms. Saturday, Bone thugs-n-harmony is slated to feature a hologram of Eazy-E in its set. Sunday, Wu-Tang Clan is scheduled to feature a hologram of Ol' Dirty Bastard during the group's performance. It is scheduled to be the second time that both groups feature the virtual performances in their sets after last weekend's Rock the Bells festivities in San Bernardino, California.  

In May, Guerilla Union's Chang Weisberg spoke with HipHopDX about the virtual performances.

"I can confidently tell you that I have spoken with RZA and Cherry Jones and Divine, who is RZA's brother, who helps manage Wu-Tang Clan," Weisberg said. "I've talked to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Tomica Wright [Eazy-E's widow]. I shared with them the vision and the knowledge and it was after those discussions that they entrusted me with the responsibility."

"We are here to give you the world's best show on the planet," Young Dirty Bastard says in a behind-the-scenes video of the virtual performances, which can be found below.  

HipHopDX's recaps of the first weekend at Rock the Bells can be found below. 

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