Mister Cee Admits To Engaging In Transsexual Sex Acts

A day after resigning from New York radio station Hot 97, Mister Cee returned to the station to discuss his resignation. He also admitted to getting fellatio from men.

A day after resigning from New York radio station Hot 97, DJ Mister Cee returned to the broadcast outlet today (September 12) to discuss his resignation and the aftermath of his May arrest for allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer posing as a prostitute. A man claiming to have engaged in homosexual acts posted a clip yesterday (September 11) claiming that Mister Cee was the man with whom he was engaged in sex acts with.

During a 30-minute interview with Hot 97’s Ebro, whom he referred to as “Breeze” throughout the interview, Mister Cee said that he could only fight for so long and that the release of the video yesterday is what caused him to resign.

Mister Cee, who started crying multiple times during the interview, apologized to people who felt betrayed by his lies. “Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car with a transsexual?” he said. “Yes. I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this because I have been in denial with this for a very, very long time, a very long time.”

Even though Mister Cee admitted to participating in homosexual activity multiple times, he said during the interview that he is not gay. “Do I consider myself gay?” he said. “No. I don’t consider myself gay. I do, I have gotten fellatio…from transvestites and that’s as far as it went…I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man, and visa versa. That has never been done to me. But I have had fellatio, that’s the best way I could put it, with a transsexual person.”

Mister Cee then said that, even with his admissions, he realizes he is not being honest with himself. “Even with me saying that, I know I’m still in denial,” he said. “I know that I’m still in denial because I know that I love women. Any woman that’s been with me knows that I love women. But occasionally I get the urge to have fellatio with a transsexual, a man that looks like a woman. Then I’m sitting here saying, ‘But I’m not gay’ because I haven’t penetrated another man.”

Mister Cee said that he did not admit to engaging in transsexual sex acts once he was arrested for doing so because he thought he could get away with it. He said he was also concerned about how he would be perceived in the music industry, in the streets and by people who book him for deejay gigs if he were to admit to participating in transsexual sex acts.

“I have tried to protect myself for the wrong reasons, meaning that [I’ve been] wondering what the streets is gonna say,” he said. “We’ll see what happens after this. My whole dilemma all this time…my whole dilemma has always been, ‘Am I still going to be looked at the same way? Am I still going to be.”

Funkmaster Flex Says He Supports Mister Cee

Funkmaster Flex came into the interview and said that he would support Mister Cee. “I commend you Mister Cee for being here and dealing and talking with everything,” said Funkmaster Flex, who is also a deejay on Hot 97. “We rock out. We all rock out together. I’m happy that you’re up here.”

Mister Cee said that he appreciated Flex’s support. “I’m just glad I’m around good people, man,” he said.

Even though he acknowledged Funkmaster Flex’s support, Mister Cee said after his grandfather passed away in 2006, he and his aunt were charged with keeping his family afloat financially. The fear of losing business opportunities given his situation also made Mister Cee keep that part of his life a secret.

“My whole fear of this whole thing, of what I’ve been going through, is most importantly, my family,” he said. “I don’t talk about my family too much, but my whole thing was just really about making sure my family was going to be alright because when I tell you…I’m going to be alright, I’m going to be alright.”

Mister Cee said that he also did not want to compromise Hot 97’s ability to make money, either.  “Part of the reason that I did say yesterday that I’m tired of putting the station through [the controversy surrounding my situation] is I don’t want you guys to lose sponsors and money,” he said. “I don’t want you guys to lose that part of keeping the [station] afloat, the income of the station. But also, I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I’m not. I’m tired. I’m tired.”

Ebro also offered his and Hot 97’s support throughout the interview. Ebro repeatedly offered Mister Cee his job back. “Right now, I just feel like I let ya’ll down and I don’t know if I can stand back in this studio again and be the same person,” said Mister Cee, who had worked for Hot 97 for 20 years. “I don’t. I don’t know.”

Despite his initial hesitation, Mister Cee delivered his “Back On The Box Mix” on Hot 97 at noon EST today.

Mister Cee Worked With Big Daddy Kane, The Notorious B.I.G.

Mister Cee, who in the 1980s rose to prominence as Big Daddy Kane’s deejay and in the 1990s was one of the people credited with discovering The Notorious B.I.G., says that he will have to deal with this situation for the rest of his life.

“I never wanted this situation to get in the way of me continuing to do that because as much as people may say, ‘Hey, I’m going to ride with you and hey I’m going to be there for you,’ that’s today, September 12,” he said. “That may not be next week, two weeks from now, three weeks from now or three months from now. That’s something that I’m going to have to face.

“I’m not gonna worry no more, man,” Mister Cee added. “I laid it all out as much as I could lay it all out. I laid it all out today and gave you exactly what it is. I just hope that the people that got love for me still got love for me and the people that got hate for me, you can have your hate. We can’t be loved by everybody.”

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  • killah_casp

    although i despise hot 97 and everything they stand for this is truly sad news for hip hop mister cee is a legend and has done so much for hip hop the fact is he should not be cast aside because of this alot off these rappers have been caught doing the same thing in the past yet no one says a thing like ll cool J ,eddie murphy both caught and exposed with transexuals but all is forgiven for them right, then havoc exposing prodigy as gay in prison lil wayne kissing birdman on the lips dudes like kanye and asap wearing dresses and skirts but thats all fine aint it? just by looking at the comments i can tell people are very quick to judge mister cee on this and not the effort he has put in to hip hop which is really sad seeing as the same people dick ride rappers who been doing this shit but can pay people to keep quiet. mister cee regardless of what you do in your spare time thank you for the effort you put into hip hop.

  • c'mon son

    All together now... NIGGA U GAY!!!!

  • 808 dundy

    Maybe he will catch hiv and kill off a few of them nasty sodomite brethren in the faggot community. They all deserve that sickness, bunch od cock lovin, deseased carrying freaks.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is Krs-One, Tupac and Marvin Gaye rolled into one chart topping nigga.

  • Anonymous

    When Ja Rule speaks you shut the fuck up and listen.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is too gangsta to do the radio, he only does Oprah.

  • Anonymous

    If you ain't down with Ja Rule than you a pussy ass nigga.

  • KB

    Nigga you gay, wtf is wit these dudes runnin around talkin shit like this? "im not gay because i was never penetrated" but you let that nigga suck you off? There is nothing transsexual about whats going on here, these are just niggas in a dress, denial is mutha...lol bitch ass niggas out here smh

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is helpin the US pay off its debt as we speak

  • Cadda

    Who cares? I mean really, how could this possibly matter to anyone? Let him do what he wants. I never even heard of the guy.

    • Anonymous

      If you're not in the Hot 97 listening area or are under 20 why would you know who he is? Also this must've mattered to him or he wouldn't have to lie about it and would keep doing what he wants if that's the case.

  • Anonymous

    Don't care much for gays I just tolerate it and co exist, but I definetely can't respect a down low nigga. His wife is lucky she found out by him getting arrested and not thru a positive test for the monster.

  • ja rule

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  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule gonna slap this gay nigga when he sees him

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is the type of nigga that kills pedestrians in GTA

  • Whatever ninja

    Wayne kanye asap rocky n loads of others dress like fuckin faggots anyway id be more uncomfortable standing by a nigga in jeggings or a skirt then Mister Cee.

    • alex hayes

      word! I would feel the same way. At least mister cee being open and real with his self. He admitted he got a problem and now he needs to figure out the remedy

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule stays so icy the EPA had to regulate his neck

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule don't do business with queers

  • Anonymous

    fuck gay ppl.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Kanye wore a shirt, Lil Wayne with jeggings, Tupac was a ballerina dancer, Eminem cross dresses, Hopsin dickrides Eminem, Vinnie Paz is obsessed with "faggots", Macklemore made Same Love, Drake was on Degrassi, Lupe Fiasco made Lasers, Kid Cudi wore skirts, A$AP Rocky wears gay clothes, Kendrick Lamar fucked Lady Gaga (tran), Immortal Technique's fanbase are cockfests, Chris Brown beats up women physically, Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian, etc.

  • Anonymous

    damn! I was not expecting to read something like this in my lifetime. A very weird fetish. Now I'm going to have to think about this every time BDK mentioned him in his raps


    The amazing part is everyone on here is joking about his sexuality, but I bet most of you wear your pants saggin off your ass which if homosexual prison culture. Also, in hip hop it seems like only "real niggaz" do bids but guess what? Niggaz ain't getting female booty in there doing 1 yr to life. Gay culture is on hip hop but is hidden because of the element of machismo in the culture but there's a lot of Winston Jerome's in rap music. If ur gay, whatever. That's between you and your partner and if you believe in god, you and him. (though why niggas believe in a gos that was forced on them through slavery is another topic for another time).

    • That Uncut Raw

      Maybe pant-sagging started in prison by gay dudes, but hip-hop culture co-opted it long ago. Nobody thinks that someone sagging pants is gay, do they? I do agree with you in that if you're gay, that's for yourself to worry about. It should have nothing to do with you or anyone else, just like what someone wears or listens to shouldn't. Quit worrying about other people and what they like or don't like and worry about YOU. Peace.

    • Dude

      I really think they sag in prison because they cant have belts not because of some sexual invitation theyre offering

    • floppydisk559

      i believe in a gos,c'mon guys theirs enough gos to go around

    • Anonymous

      shut up Griff

    • Anonymous

      So what, wearin tight ass nut hugger pants has been done by gays forever.

    • fuccya

      long live machismo then since nowadays most of niggas who dress like that are not fags, i dont think sagging pants are gay anymore you know the only thing that ALL gays have in common? they fuck or want to fuck men, thats it besides, he wouldnt talk his private shit to press if he didnt want or expect us to laugh and discriminate

    • YeFFa

      "real niggaz" don't know.

  • fuccya

    LOL, there goes another fag, don't wanna count them anymore gayrappers for life... really can't say nothin serious on the subject, except the fact that if youre queer you gotta just stay away from the scene just to not influence younger or dumber audience with your gayass bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Dont worry Cee the following rappers also said that they are not gay: - asap rock wears a skirt - 2pac bisexual; - drake - kanye west - mase - puff daddy - lil wayne and birdman

  • 2turntables

    Well actually So icy Boi... Mr Cee is 80's rap RUN DMC,Whodini, World Class Wrecking Cru and Big Daddy Kane posing in Playgirl ass!

  • Jac

    Having sexual relations with transgender/ trans- sexual people is more of a straight sexual desire than homosexual. Gay guys like guys, not guys that feel they have been born the wrong gender. The only problem I see is him cheating on his wife and kids, other than that what's his sexual preference got to do with anything, especially his ability to earn an income in his profession. Sick of all the ignorant homophobic bullshit that goes on in these comments, why so eager to discriminate based on sexuality, and no Im Not gay, just believe in human equality and ending discrinination against people based on race, gender and sexuality



    • Fado

      I agree with what you saying but im sorry if you like receiving head from men who have breast, make up and estrogen shots you still gay in my book. You still receiving oral from another man. thats gay. no way around that.

  • DAMN

    Everyone has skeletons even a clown like So Icy Boi, but he should have been a man about it from the beginning and tried to stomp the symptom early before it became a disease, as you would put it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Mister Cee is a fucking fag. see dat happens when you support da so called "real hip hop". diz nigga is a B.I.G., Wu-Tang, Kool G and Nas stan right? conclusion? fans of deze old ass niggas are gays... 90's rappers should come of closet and admit dey are gay... why is 90's hip hop angry and agressive (Em, Wu, Onyx, DMX, etc)... dey are angry dey gay so dey wanna over it as acting hard (Jay-Z and Nas Escobar were never drug dealers), takin revenge on females (Eminem's rape songs). Lil Wayne and Drake can rap aobut love and females cause dey feel confident around females and dey enjoy makin love wit females. swag

    • killah_casp

      lil wayne is more gay than mister cee , mister cee done a shemale wayne and birdman is full gay on gay and also wayne is like a shemale with his girly voice and laugh and wearing leggings and ugg boots my homie said he saw wayne wearing pink fluffy uggs once thats a hundred times gayer than getting your dick sucked by a shemale plus everybody knows wayne used to suck dick down a alley for a ten bag before birdman found him why do you think his voice is so girly because hes had bare cock in him. and I think your gay because all you do is big up the same two homo ass rappers in every comment you make so they must be on your mind all the time.

    • Anonymous

      you a weak ass nigga lol

  • RT1959

    Mister Cee should come back to the station. His personal life is his business. Just my opinion. I'm not going to judge him or throw shots at the brother. At least now everything is all out in the open. The dude who put the tape out there was maybe trying to be anonymous. I find anonymous people to be bullshit ass cowards. If you're going to make a comment or report about somebody then be man enough to own up to it. Put your name on it and stop hiding in the closet whispering. The media has a nasty ass habit of doing that. Anonymous source and all of that. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

  • BOY

    Lil Wayne >>> Mr. Cee's entire career

    • lolll at the gros negre sale ostie de tappette brune pleins de diarr calisse de chine sale jvous haiis mes calisse

      cee could suck big dick all day i got more respect for him than your wayne shit nigga ''study your unstuddy'' - joe budden

  • dentaldamboy

    Did you guys see DMX run naked? so sexy

  • Lazy JP

    Holy Homophobes batman!

  • russ

    Mister Cee screwed up, no doubt about that. I have never had the desire to do anything like that, but I have my own bag of dirty laundry like most people, so I try not to judge him. But he would still be lying if he wasn't caught on a video about to come out. I should plant that CD somewhere to fuck with somebody...HA HA! But if I watched it I would get sick!

  • Anonymous

    you got a blow job from a dude. youre gay. i dont give a fuck what hes wearing.

  • yabba toon

    What a humiliating thing for his wife and kids. Smh, I hope his youngins can recover from this embarrassing moment in life. Imagine knowing your own dad likes men...DAMN, THE VERY THOUGHT MAKES ME WANNA VOMIT.

  • Al

    ...but GOD forbid any of your personal business past or present gets put 'out there' huh? The brother has a problem and all you can say is 'fag'. To busy judging him to pray for him? Let's just hope that your own personal dirty laundry never makes it to world star hip hop...or has it already?

  • Anonymous

    smh, another fag!!!

  • teckzilla

    No comments, I'm just gonna wait for Charlemagne to speak on this on the next donkey of the day or any other segment.

  • Anonymous

    Had he just been honest he could have avoided alot of this. Just owned the situation at the start and said "im gay" Poor bloke.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO how Flex came in and killed the whole sympathetic vibe.


    I'M baaaacccckkkkk, nah but seriously bros it's dat boy STERLS, lez accept did dude, he can roll with my posse the "BUGABOO SQUAD" we bangin hits all over da Southeast, coin it bigger than your ex GF,teheeetehheeee . dat wat up. SO GET W/ US. sterls & the bugaboo crew. mix tape dropping soon "nastyboy southeast bray burn" till then, don't fart in da Bently and if you do, do it gently (yea, I know I rhyme sick). we out.

  • Kaboom

    Whatever. Mister Cee was associate producer on "Ready To Die"' arguably the greatest rap album of all time! That's more than most of you ignorant ass niggas can say. Who cares who he's tapping? Sad that he had to keep it on the DL. Wish he would just be like yeah my girls a tranny! So what? He's still a legend. It's 2013. Get it over that shit already. Evolve, bitches.

  • Dr Kinsey

    Dear Hip-Hop community. Sexual orientation is not simply straight or gay. Based on the Kinsey scale (aka Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale), it is reasonable to suspect that he falls in the range of 1 or 2, that is, he is predominantly heterosexual and only incidentally to more than incidentally homosexual. For more information, please visit Wikipedia and search "Kinsey scale." Upgrade your gray matter, bitches

  • jus10

    Dude, just BE A MAN and stand up for yourself. Be who you are. Stop selling out for a radio station and be happy with yourself. So, you're gay, and the subliminal message you're giving to any gay listener is 'you should stay in denial just like me' It's 2013, the sooner society accepts gays, the sooner we can all just move on. And here you are, Mister Cee, shuckin and jivin instead of being an activist.

  • j

    i doubt that Mister Cee comes in to read these boards, but I will say this if he does. It is a cold world out there and a lot of people have to do and say things that they wish they didnt have to ....whether its for a release or for the sake of being honest. whether it took a few years or it was instant, you didnt have to open that door to your life and admit your struggles. That being said, it take a real man, regardless of sexual activity, to admit the truth to people persecuting him for silly reasons and to be honest with yourself. Good luck in whatever role you chose next. your sexuality is none of our business, and people cracking jokes on here are just ugly children. Dont worry about ugly children, eventually they grow up,.........to be ugly people.

  • anonymous

    Was it a dude in a dress or was it a transsexual? Mister Cee clearly is confused that he can't tell what's really a man or a woman who is transsexual. I think he's just screwed himself.

  • Father


  • Gangstar

    Nigga I dont care if you like gettin dome from men the thing is if you gettin any sex act from a man and you a man that shit means you gay nigga. How this nigga gon go on the radio and say he got blwon by a dude and he not gay. Nigga you gay, no no one cares.

  • Don Fatman

    He finally admitted what he had going on and I don't rock that way but if that's his preference then hey that's him but he's still a legend. He's still better than these djs out now soooo....

  • Anonymous

    he's bi though probably

  • Anonymous

    wow tmi in a way. jeeze like thats ur business. i don't think people should be criticizing, cause i don't really care on that level. nothing wrong w/ it, but i think that's not everyones business.

  • dentaldamboy

    And people bitch about wayne kissing his foster father? Fellatio from a man is gay no matter what.

  • Jack

    Little known?? DJ Mister Cee is one of the biggest DJs in NYC today. I grew up listening to him n Flex n Angie Martinez back in the 90's so don't get it twisted. The rest of yall from around the country don't understand this shit but this shits a big deal n Tristate got his back. Y'all can go ahead with all that bullshit yall peddling

    • Anonymous

      This fool actually tried to defend that little known bullshit. Just say you don't know and keep it moving.

    • Prick James

      Just cuz he's a big deal to you new york muh fuckas don't mean he's anything to anyone else in the country. He's little known.

  • RGeezy

    Time to change is name to Mister Tee.

  • Anonymous

    faggot ass nigga get the fuck outta here

  • dub

    Transsexual and transvestite aren't the same thing... I mean who cares who he got with either way as long as it was with consent, but getting with a trans woman and getting with a drag queen are two different things. Trans women are women, drag queens are men.

  • Anonymous

    this gives his nickname 'the finisher' a whole new meaning!

  • 4real

    Nigga you gay. Just admit it and move on.. Lil Wayne kissed another grown ass man on the lips and called him his "Daddy", the hip hop audience just shrugged and nothing happened to his career. If they can accept that, they can except a little known old school DJ for being gay.

  • Anonymous

    ahahah who dat gay ass nigga

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