Jeezy Removes "Young" From Name, Recalls Advice Bun B Gave Him

Jeezy speaks on putting his music on hold for YG, compares signing Detroit's Doughboyz Cashout to signing an Atlanta artist.

Although Atlanta rapper Jeezy has remained relatively quiet as far as his own music is concerned, his last studio album was released in 2011, the former Boyz N Da Hood member has become heavily immersed in his new role as senior vice president of A&R at Atlantic Records.

During a recent appearance on MTV’s “RapFix Live,” Jeezy, who recently dropped the “Young” in his name due to a more mature “state of mind,” commented on his newfound role and putting his music career on hold to ensure that CTE’s latest signee, YG, put forth a worthy major label debut.

“I’ve been off the scene a little bit…Everything’s about YG,” he said. “I really want his project to be successful 'cause he work hard. So, I just took that time out myself as executive producer to make sure that all those things that—his visits and the things that he wanted can actually happen. Me being in the building being a powerhouse, but like I said, when I do what it is I do, it’s like I do that Jeezy thing, man. So, I wanted to step back and focus on YG and we got him ready now.”

On top of his work executive producing YG’s project, Jeezy also recently signed another batch of artists to Atlantic Records. This time, the Atlanta emcee looked to his “second home” of Detroit to sign the Motor City-based rap group known as Doughboyz Cashout.

“Shouts out to Doughboyz Cashout,” Jeezy said. “Straight outta Detroit. Just signed ‘em to Atlantic Records. You know I got my thing at Atlantic Records going over there right now, executive VP. Executive VP over there. On my executive tip right now, you know…Detroit like my second home...So, Detroit has always been love. And for me to be in a position of power to put some people on and actually have a chance to get with some cats from Detroit, it almost feel like me signing somebody from Atlanta. It feels real. It feels like home. When I go there, it’s real.”

Jeezy may be currently executive producing and scouting artists for Atlantic Records, but it was just years ago when the rapper was hard at work making a name for his self in the rap game. And during that time, noted Texas emcee Bun B was one of the first artists he reached out to.

“Bun was one of the first people I reached out to to get a feature with,” the Thug Motivation 103 rapper revealed. “One of my homies I knew in the hood knew Bun and I couldn’t believe it. So, he put me on the phone with him. I was popping like ‘Yo, I got my money in a brown paper bag right now. Come pick it up.’ But in the course of doing the verse, we got a chance to chop it up and he gave me a lot of wisdom about the game. It’s about working hard, staying focused...and just doing you. I take that with me everywhere I go.”

Most recently, Young Jeezy partnered with both YG and Doughboyz Cashout to release their Boss Yo Life Up Gang mixtape, a project that also includes appearances from Nipsey Hussle and Rich Homie Quan.



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  • Young Guwop

    People already callin him Jeezy for yrs. So droppin young from his name isn't shockin. Jeezy knows his time as an artist is almost up. So he's puttin rappers on now. He should of promoted Freddie Gibbs, Slick Pulla, and Scrilla more. They're twice as better than DBCO and YG.

  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy the king of trap rap !

  • kjb

    no matter. he's still boring as fuck

  • Elizabeth J. Hurst

    just as Miguel said I cant believe that anybody can make $9544 in four weeks on the internet. my latest blog post... when i read the title..good thing it was just a regular person who died and not one of our idols that we worship for no apparent reason other than their wealth

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is done, same with Luda. I respect what they've achieved in the industry (both easily better than Rick Ross at the height of their popularity) but it's time they both stepped back from music and focused on other ventures. This is a good move.

  • Sco

    hopefully YG will have the opportunity to release an album, nobody else signed to CTE has.... *Freddie Gibbs *Slick Pulla *Blood Raw *211 *Roccett *Boo Rosini *Tone Trump *Scrilla Yes, please take a step back and focus on your artists, who knows it might actually benefit the brand.

  • jake

    Why didnt he have this business mentality when Freddie Gibbs was around? Gangsta Gibbs leavin must have been a wake up call to jeezy's label


    Too bad he coudve dropped an album named Young Jeezus

  • theartistformallyknownasyoungcheezy


  • Young jeezy

    I go by Old Jeezy now.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nigga can do whatever he want, take the young out his name rename himself jizzle and his music still wack. verses wills till all sound the same, hell be sayin yeah and thats right and drop lame rhymes over terrible beats. Nigga no longer relevant. how much did this niggas last album sell? Shit went triple wood once Ross ended this lame niggas career. Nigga shoulda stayed in his lane, he been exposed as a fake by BMF. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Riley Freeman

      Nigga you gay.

    • Anonymous

      every jeezy album has outsold every ross album! cant believe i rick ross stan wants to talk about another artist sounding the same.. lol heard Gunplay got knocked the fuck out last week in his own state by some unknown local rappers for talkin that tough shit! they had to carry him out the club unconscious!

    • Anonymous

      Pot calling the kettle black if you ask me. Jeezy is more official than value brand Rick Ross at least that's an original name and doesn't have law enforcement in his resume, again how many platinum albums Rozay got? and that's how many total?

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy got some dope young artist with him now. Check out thegrandreport, they to some good hip hop videos on there

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Shuttaman

    Man kill that noise I ain't changing my iTunes library and i'm always gon edit this nigga to young jeezy! Just like Jaleel White gon be seen as Erkel THIS SHIT IS FOR LIFE NIGGA!

    • Anonymous

      young jezzy for life. nigga should of thought of that when he decided to b an artist, like damn im not gonna 18 forever. second time trying to remove the young. just some ol' stupid shit. what happened to young forever? Jay-Z stands by it.

    • aaa

      I was thinking the same thing. Im used to him beeing down by the end with the Y's. But now I have to move him up to the J's? Fuuuuuuuuck that

    • Fuck Atlanta

      This the second time he does that shit. It won't last for long. Trust me.

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