Timbaland Says He & Jay-Z "Adopted" Drake

Timbaland speaks on Nas' "Sinatra In The Sands," willing to create something "phenomenal" for the rapper.

Following the death of Brooklyn-born singer Aaliyah, a number of posthumous records were released following the songstress’ untimely passing, and in the past year a handful of artists including Drake and Chris Brown have gone on to release records featuring the late singer. But according to Virginia producer Timbaland, who worked closely with Aaliyah before her passing, the posthumous collaborations featuring the singer will never work because he didn’t create them.

In Timbaland’s latest interview with Revolt TV, Timbaland briefly touched on Drake and his attempts at creating a record with Aaliyah before giving his approval of the Young Money singer/rapper.

The beatsmith also spoke on a conversation he had with Jay-Z in which he informed the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper that Drake would be an artist to be embraced.

“In music, people always say ‘I [wanna] do a song with Aaliyah.’ It would never work. Chris Brown got a record, it won’t work. Drake can go do a record with Aaliyah, it ain’t gonna work. Aaliyah music only work with a soul mate, which is me,” Tim explained. “That’s why when Drake did ‘Started From The Bottom’ it was a total different sound. Then Drake told me, he said ‘Man, I had to really battle with myself. I want to be the first person to change.’ So, when he said that I was like ‘He’s gonna be around for a long time.’ So, talked to big brother Jay and I was like ‘Yo, we gotta embrace this young soldier. You gotta embrace this guy. We gotta put out hand around him’…And we adopted Drake.”

Timbaland later addressed “Sinatra In The Sands,” the Nas record featuring Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, which the producer previewed earlier in the week.

“I told Jay this, I said, ‘The person who gets me from Hip Hop now, there album’s gonna be phenomenal.’ And that’s Nas. Nas got a song right now with him, Jay, and Justin. It’s completely stupid,” he revealed. “It’s called ‘Sinatra In The Sands.’ And Justin sounds like Frank Sinatra.”

Timbaland’s interview with Revolt TV can be found below.

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  • WTF

    I hardly think Drake cares about what any of you internet Gangsters think of him, He's accomplished more in the 3yrs since he's been in major scene than most of your favorite rappers have in 10+ years, so enjoy your 9-5 jobs and average paying wages..

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  • digga

    what can i say? justin timberlake put out good shit. u cats know it. every one of his albums been hot. u know what's funny? we used to clown this cat when he was in n'sync. i could never imagine myself even listening anything he put years ago. it goes to show u that u are always a hit away from being great. with that said, that nas and jt joint is gonna be hot. u cats know it





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  • barrydavillain

    Please, I wish everyone would stop kissing Drake's ass. He' garbage and soft like toilet tisha!

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      plus 'enough said' is really good he is just jealous of the success

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  • Omecca

    The part of the video where Timaland says "I told BOTH of them let's not stop now, let's keep going..." Is he talking about Jay Z AND Nas???? If so, that's gonna be interesting. Could he possibly be the one to make them do a album together? If so, he and Kanye would be behind and I personally don't know if I'd like that...I'd rather Pete Rock, Primo, and Dr. Dre heading that project.

  • Dipset Forever!

    Where the heck is Killa Cam? Where is 50 Cent? Juelz Santana. The kings of 2003-2007. They should have taken over. Instead they gave it back to Jay and he let these dudes like Drake and Wayne run the game.

  • Anonymous

    Drake was not on YMCMB's new album Rich Gang and now this? watch Drake will sign to Roc Nation

    • Drake

      Exactly. Ymcmb seem like they fuck with Chris brown more than drake. Drake always saying OVO on his shit cause he know they some clowns.

  • Drake runs rap

    Timbaland you dumb peice of fat shit. Drake made it big he is the face of rap and you and gay z the camel had absolutely nothing to do with it. The only people that deserve credit is the legend weezy and birdman. TIMBALAND IS FAT DELUSIONAL PEICE OF TRASH THAT GOT THE CAMELS COCK DEEP UP HIS ASS THAT HE GONE RETARTED.

  • dentaldamboy

    Timbaland and Jay Z flopped hard (Jay z bought 450k copies of his album.) so they tried to take credit of drakes success. Wayne and mack maine adopted him, not gay z and timbaland.

  • OUCH!

    awe, drake should be fine with two fathers :)

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for young money, I can tell you wayne will never sell over 300,000 copies of an album in a week again. It's because he can't rap anymore, his time is over. Jay z beat his ass when it comes to numbers 500,000 in a week is way more than any artist on our bitchass label can sell. We have no money here, we're going broke fast. Soon birdman will have to file for bankruptcy, I can confirm it.

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  • Anonymous

    ...What? Him and Jay collaborated with Drake before "Started From the Bottom" came out, and both of them praised him when he was first starting out. Now after Drake said "he would be around for a while", they decided to embrace him?

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  • TBKB

    I told Jay this, I said, The person who gets me from Hip Hop now, there albums gonna be phenomenal. Their....

  • Anonymous

    Daer Tim, Drake is the biggest faggot in hiphop and his music sucks and Jigga's music sucks since 2003!

    • Fucked up at the end

      @TheTeacha I agree with everything you said but the word "sheesh" at the end fucked the whole comment up.

    • TheTeacha

      If you don't like Call of Duty you don't like video games because that's on top right now. If you don't like McDonald's you don't like food because they're the most popular. If you don't like Adele you don't like music because she's the most popular musician. If you don't like American Football then you don't like sports. Do you see how your argument is illogical and not very well thought out? I highly recommend a college course for you if you're not already on one. I don't know you but please follow my advice if you aren't already. Sheesh

    • TAB

      Learn how to spell dummy. Both those artists are on top right now. You must just not like hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    nas gonna do you owe me part 2 hahahaha. stay tuned for wackstradamus: the sequel

  • rmacq112

    Timbaland aint made a decent beat in years, not 1 not 2 not 3

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if drake kisses them on the lips and calls them daddy like wayne and birdman

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