Max B Explains The Roots Of His Beef With Jim Jones & The Byrdgang

Max B breaks down the dire financial circumstances that he feels Jim Jones and Byrdgang put him in around the time of the robbery-murder he's been convicted of.

This week on, Harlem, New York emcee Max B did a rare interview from New Jersey State prison. While French Montana, Roc Marciano and Amalgam Digital's Next also spoke on Max's behalf, the man also known as Biggaveli spoke about the events that led him be convicted of a crime he still says he did not commit.

Looking back to the mid-2000s, Max explained the The Byrdgang had a seniority system, which he believes was inspired by The Diplomats. "Jim [Jones], all of them. They was just fucking it up. They was under this impression—I think they all adopted this from Cam’ron—they were all into this impression that the new guys must pay the dues," said Max B, who co-wrote Jones' biggest hit to date in "We Fly High (Ballin')." Max remembers stating his frustrations, after he was reportedly receiving $300 for his role in shows. "'Number one: I [write] all the fucking records around here. Number two: all the records we producing in the studio—these are fucking singles you puttin’ out, radio spins! Where’s my shit? Why when I go perform at a show, and you making excess amount of dollars, you making [$10-15,000] how the fuck is you giving me $300? I'm doing eight, nine fucking records! I'm out here sweatin’ too! When you got drama and beef in different cities, and motherfuckers is throwing chairs on the stage—they throwin’ them shits at me too! I want money.' This is what all the beef start stemmin’ from."

While shows were one place of tensions, The Byrdgang's ensemble recording schedules were another. "There was arguments, there was disrespect every night in the studio. To where, I didn't want to go in. Some nights he had to call me: 'Yo, come and work.' 'I don’t wanna go. I don’t like this shit no more.'"

"I got out on bail in 2007, summertime. My bail was like $1.5 million," recalls Max B who spent early 2007 in Bergen County Jail awaiting trial for the murder charges he was later convicted of. "No way I think I'm gettin’ out. I'm thinking, 'Who’s gonna come get me.' But we found a way. My tangible songs, I was able to sell some publishing to those, for some money. When I got out of prison, my buzz got bigger, I became more recognized." The tensions still existed in the studio, despite Max's dire legal woes. "And when I came home this time, it was the same thing with these guys in the studio. No recognition, like, 'Come on, give me my proper due. Where’s the etiquette here?'"

In the time Max B was out on bail, the Amalgam artist strategically timed his rise to fame with publicly announcing beef on his former mentor. "This time I was so flared up and angry. I had got some songs on the radio, and then waited till them songs got in rotation with [Funkmaster] Flex, and let everybody get a little glimpse of me this time, I put out another mixtape. And then once I knew I had the buzz, I went in the studio, stole a few more records, my records, and I started something I knew the city, the Rap game, was gonna eat up. I started a beef. I had to. It was me against the world."

Since 2007, Max B has remained in beef with Jim Jones. French Montana, who included Biggaveli on his Excuse My French intro, also was involved with the dispute during Max's incarceration.

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  • anon

    good point but in the article max said he went to the studio took his own tracks back and sold the publishing and made his bail money

  • BeeNash

    Max & Stacks was writing all of Jimmy's shit...which isnt a bad thing. But at the same time JIM did put up your bail money to get out of jail. I see it both ways...MaxB could have one of the biggest names in hiphop. Alot of cats out here try to jump lanes instead of staying in their own lanes until THEY open up. If Max would have waited...French would have put him on..sad story. What a waste of talent #TheWaveMaster

    • Anonymous

      how the fuck is french gonna put anyone on when he could barely even sell 50k first week with a huge radio and club hit and all the rap industry co-signing him

  • Anonymous

    we dont care Max just stay in jail!

  • Brave Keyboard Warriors

    I would like to thank my fellow brave keyboard warrior's from the states of Montana, Iowa ,South Dakota,Utah etc Without you're irrelevant racist views the black and brown visitors of Hip Hop Dx would not understand how angry we are with the state of the world and Hip Hop Brave keyboard warriors, they claim we are not Brave because we hide behind anonymous usernames and wouldn't say boo to a goose or a black person in real life . Those who try and stop us will never win as it is are civic white duty to spew outdated racist comments anonymously on hip hop websites . Stay strong brothers and sisters keep up the fight we will overcome the unfair struggle's we are going through

  • no excuses

    I dont feel sorry for this wack fuck. You wanted money well then you had to take a job. Whats wrong with working for your money nigga? Niggas always crying when they are in jail always excuses. Fuck you nigga i have 2 JOBS!!!!! and dont rob people!

    • Anonymous

      Max B should start making money behind the bars as a songwriter. Think about it: his pengame is still wicked, he has the time, inspiration, sufficient tools ... why not? Only takes a few responsible people who can put the machine in motion outside, then keep the contact with Max.

    • foreal

      he wasnt being compensated for his work, i would be mad too. Just shows you that people only take care of themselves. f*ck dipset, this aint 2004

  • WavyB_914


  • Anonymous

    So this is an admission?

  • nigga slim

    ALL these niggas weak as fuck. So this clown wrote a bunch of their homosexual hood songs. Wow. Nuthin to brag about mane. Anybody could write that mindless shit. You think 'ballin' has some kinda musical integrity lol? Nigga kill yoself!

    • Anonymous

      still though. this nigga wrote that other niggas biggest hit and he aint get no shine. then again jim jones career is over and he gotta do reality shows just to make a buck

    • nigga slim

      but then again That's the Shit I Don't Like is wayyyyyyy better n Lollipop. I love that lollipop shit. put in my mouth yummy :)

  • WhiteMale

    So, we've got grown men walking around calling themselves the Byrdgang and then you expect me not to dislike black people?

    • Zzz

      Massive fail from the start .You're last post proves that you would be doing the world a favor if you (1)stood up . (2)walked to your front door. (3)Closed your eyes and ran into the middle of the road No one will miss you SON ..There will always be a new KEYBOARD WARRIOR to take you're pitiful place

    • WhiteMale

      I just want ya black sausages hmmm

    • Anonymous

      none of these black people are looking for your approval though so lol at your non-existent entitlement

    • Anonymous

      Then your probably in the wrong place, like the wrong genre of music...and shouldn't be on this website.. hip hop is ignorance at it's finest... follow at noles506

  • lizalisa

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  • jglkjh

    i know it's a Complex interview but for fuck's sake this guy is a convict who did some dumb tracks that put riff raff in shame. you should deal with real artists instead of jailbirds cuz i read this shit for hiphop and not prisoners

  • zxsss9

  • J Dirty

    Ja Rule can suck my balls

  • IROC

    Max B hold ya head you left alot of good music out here!

  • jasonnn


  • yea

    dipset is coming back soon

  • Six Lowa

    When you enter into business with some you really find out about person

  • mr hannnnnn

    rot in jail montana took the crown nigga you aint shit no more your irrelevent and forgotton hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Ja Rule Army [Top Troll]

      Ignore the dickriding fool. I'm pretty sure he was screaming Coke Wave back in 09 now its Hann/Coke Boy!!

    • Anonymous

      what crown? the crown for the biggest flop of the year is all french montana is wearing

  • Anonymous

    i knew at the time dipset were a bunch of bums. i'll admit i hated a lil hard, cause they did make some dope music so I'm a little sad that i was right about them in the end

    • Sammy D

      In reality, the production on DipSet was what made them attractive. They were all garbage or slightly above average. the only reason why they took off is because there was such a power vacuum and a thirst for any kind of NY movement to hype the city up during the South dominance. But looking back, it's all great production from Just Blaze, Heatmakers, etc and garbage songs

    • Ja Rule Army [Part time troll status]

      You aint hating. Look as a big fan of theirs they were one of the most unorganized groups of all time (Hell even above G-Unit). Take a crew the Diplomats, the side groups (Purple City, Senate, Taliban), and the members of the Diplomats crews (Byrdgang, Skull Gang, Eurogang, and all the dumb shit)= Dipset; they didnt know what the fuck they was doing. Cam didnt give a shit about the 100+ artists he had..he was getting paid either way as CEO and didnt promote ANYBODY RIGHT. I give 50 cred on his other ventures tho but on the rap side of things him & Cam'ron suck as bosses.

  • COCA


  • Jim Jones

    fuck you too Anonymous mofo

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