Young Jeezy Releases Tribute Song To Trayvon Martin

Young Jeezy accompanies his latest track with a statement.

Hip Hop's responses to the verdict of not guilty in the George Zimmerman case keep flooding in.

The latest is from Young Jeezy, who recorded "It's a Cold World." The song is dedicated to Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy who Zimmerman shot and killed. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in the killing, but his attorneys successfully argued that Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

On the track, Jeezy laments the loss of friends, and reveals he feels the same kinship with Trayvon. "Why they take little Kay out, wish he could have been another / I was just smokin' with him felt like I lost a brother / They killed Mikey, went to serve a nigga by himself / I'm losin' homies everyday, I'm like please somebody else / If nothin' else nigga, I'mma do it for Trayvon / That's on a stack of Bibles, least two or three Qurans."

In addition to dropping the track, Jeezy released a statement, making sure fans knew he wasn't using the somber event as an excuse to plug his music. "I am in no way shape, form, or fashion am trying to capitalize off of the latest series of events. These are my true feelings and my form of expression about it," he wrote.

Listen to the song below (spotted at

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  • Anonymous

    shame on you Jeezy using this as a promotion stunt

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of what people think about the Trayvon case the fact is no one really knows what happened that night and someone lost their life and nothing was done. Zimmerman should have got probation at least. Plaxico Buress got 3 years for shoothing hisself, Vick got 2 years for dogfighting and Zimmerman got "nothing" for killing a unarmed kid regardless if he approached Zimmerman or not

    • >_

      a fucking animal attacks you while hes high, threatens to kill you because hes a tough guy, and gets shot because guy was defendng himself. get the fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing was done? They had a trial and Zimmerman was found not guilty. That's the system in place. Move on with your pathetic existence.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Jordan Davis, 17, of Jacksonville, Fla., was gunned down in a parking lot. Davis and his friends were parked at a gas station, the music was loud, and the kids were just being kids. Davis was in the backseat, when Michael Dunn, a 45-year-old man demanded they turn down the music. When the kids did not comply, Dunn pulled out his concealed gun and shot into the car eight times. Davis was hit twice.

  • Anony

    Ja Rule is making a whole tribute album for Trayvon and the beats will consist of samples of Trayvon's voice and Trayvon's rap from when he was an aspiring rapper.

  • George Zimmerman

    Jeezy's entitled to his opinion, but for the record, I'm a free man about to cash in on book deals and interviews.

  • Young Jeezy

    Nothing young about 36 soon I will change my name to Old Jeezy

  • Old Jeezy

    What?! This doesn't look like the innocent angel of a kid I keep seeing on the news..

  • Young Yeezus

    Clever publicity stunt for his new alb I mean tribute..yea... cool tribute track

  • Cynthia J. Lancaster

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  • dboi fresh

    Why is this case such a big deal is it kuz homie black

    • Ja Rule Army

      you think? nobody realizes big boy was getting his head slammed on the concrete. So he shoulda taken the beaten n probly died it was a catch22. Then again ppl screaming oh he was lil kid. dude was 6ft playing football. how many "kids" are on worldstar knocking out grown ass men. seriously. OJ did his shit but no he aint "guilty". Then again lmao at the Mike Vick comparisons. 2 things that have no relation whatsoever. N BEFORE U LAMES COME AT ME BOTH DUDES WERE IN THE WRONG. IF UR THICK ASS SKULLS CANT COMPREHEND THAT OFF URSELF. CUZ IF THIS WAS A BLACK ON BLACK YA WOULDNT BE OUTRAGED. WHERES THE JUSTICE FOR THE INNER CITY YOUTH

  • Anonymous

    As a rap song Jeezy's flow is tight. Lyrics are sub par though for a tribute song. But still a pretty tight song. I just don't get why this wasn't released when Trayvon was killed.

    • Ja Rule Army

      that aint the point genius...the fact that now he waited to jump on the bandwagon is what's the op is saying.

    • Anonymous

      because it wasnt recorded, maybe jeezy should jump in his time machine to make you happy

  • Mortis

    I can't wait for that George Zimmerman tribute song from Mac Miller.

  • A White Guy

    You N****rs can cry all you want but it's not bringing tampon martin the thug back. he's in hell sucking tupac's dick

  • Anonymous

    you think he would've been decent enough to release it when he passed away all he cares about is the verdict

  • Anonymous

    this is terrible for a tribute song 1/5

  • uncle sam

    fuck young jizz

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