Mary J. Blige Accused Of Owing The IRS $3.4 Million

Mary J. Blige may owe tax collectors over $4.5 million as new reports emerge that the Internal Revenue Service is the latest agency accusing her of default.

On Method Man's "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By," it was reportedly that the Tical single was initially created with Lauryn Hill's voice in mind for the feature. Instead, Mary J. Blige appeared, and the pair won a Grammy Award for the 1994 platinum single.

It appears that Mary J. and Lauryn Hill may have more in common than that. Less than a month after Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison for failing to file and pay taxes on several years, one of peers is suffering the same accusations. Mary J. Blige reportedly in the same boat. reports that MJB failed to file and pay federal taxes for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. As a result, the Yonkers, New York songstress is said to owe the Internal Revue Service an estimated $3.4 million.

This sum does not include the estimated $900,000 that the onetime star owes her residential state of New Jersey in back-taxes. TMZ also reports that the Geffen Records artist also owes a loan debt to the tune of $2.2 million. Blige's charity is also accused of wrongfully borrowing $250,000 without paying back the debt.

Blige last released My Life II...The Journey Continues in 2011. The album featured Nas, Drake, Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross. It was a top 5 debut for Blige, her 10th LP.

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  • GBtha G

    yo i thought dat female was real but i'm not suprised 2 hear b4 being judgemental pay yo bills bitch!

  • david75

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  • Anonymous

    pay your taxes bitch she needs to be locked up for a very long time

  • Whorida

    If I was making millions of dollars, I think I would hire an accountant to take care of my taxes.

    • Anonymous

      i heard dentaldamboy has some free time he could probably take care of you. he claims hes an accountant for ymcmb but he on here all day dickriding birdman because they dont pay people over there

  • Anonymous

    She better sing your heart out over them chicken sandwiches, again!

  • Anonymous

    She better start calling in favors.

  • hollywood

    Crazyhow it took THE TEA PARTY to have the IRS investigated MEANWHILE in HIP HOP they use Tax records as HIP HOP NEWS.... Read the comments here and look. Do you really want thes type of people buying your music, affiliated with your culture??

  • Burmy

    You haven't read the news lately...your Dear Leader is using the IRS as his personal tool to get back at people he doesn't like. That is grounds for IMPEACHMENT...but you'll just claim "coincidence" even though I did NOT hear a SINGLE report of any urban artists in IRS trouble before he took office.

  • J fresh

    LOL dumb bitch. how the fuck do all these crazy rich celebrities always in money trouble lol especially rap artists...

    • hollywood

      uhhits called IRS Targetting all you doing (the Sheep) that is is reading headlines. You dont know if Mary made arrangements to pay or not all you read is the headlines. SO you mean to tell me the TEA PARTY HAS MORE BALLS THAN HIP HOP to see something is terribly wrong here. Instead we have idiots like you coming down on your own culture harder than the IRS. Tea Party looked out for their people. Hip Hop they turn they back cause they punks. Please leave Hip Hop Culture alone. Your a Herb. Type a dude that will leave a homey to get jumped in the club trying to post excuses. Stand up for something SHEEP

  • Big Dan

    Damn Mary. I thought no more drama! Now that your earning days are behind you, this? I guess you were never meant to escape the hood. You went all those years doing good, then you got married and started having financial problems. Hope this is all of your own doing and not your record company "executive" that was living high off the hug and sent you to the poor house.

  • Chi-Ill

    She probably will blame it on slavery lol dumb rich no education having ass people!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^Historical point? Hahaha You make money, you pay taxes! Very simple!

    • Anonymous

      be quiet. lauryn made an economic and historical point. open ur mind up, uneducation fool. slavery destroyed the race realations of this country and you can still see the evidence today.

  • Anonymous

    how is she accused of owing the IRS 3.4M? either she does or she doesn't. this aint a murder case

    • Sean Torres

      actually that's a good way to put it a mystery...Lauryn got in hot water for same reason her case was worse...ya see there is no law that states individuals need to pay income tax but the u.s. gov and irs sure do act like there's a sad thing really in lauryn case after she realized the mistake she made she paid in full...and was still sentenced...

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