Cuban Link Clarifies Rumors Of A Past Altercation Between Jay-Z & Big Pun

Cuban Link says "jealousy" towards Jay-Z from Fat Joe is what provoked any beef between Jay-Z and Big Pun.

It’s been well over a decade since a rumored altercation between New York City emcee’s Big Pun and Jay-Z allegedly broke out, and the rumor is finally being laid to rest thanks to a recent interview with former Terror Squad artist Cuban Link.

Contrary to popular belief, Cuban Link explained that Jay-Z, who was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle by Big Pun during the incident, was not present when an altercation broke out between the Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad camps at Club Carbon. Instead, according to Cuban, it was Memphis Bleek who was present at the nightclub and may have been the first to incite the violence.

“People got it twisted with that. It was two altercations with Jay-Z. That one, the club—that was a whole different thing. Jay-Z wasn’t even there…That time it was Bleek,” Cuban Link revealed. “No, Bleek rocked nigga’s with a bottle. Yeah, Bleek rocked somebody from Terror Squad with a bottle…It was definitely Bleek and them. That somebody, at the time our camp Terror Squad, got rocked with a bottle. Nigga’s came back to the VIP bleeding and then after that nigga’s got it popping. Nigga’s started chasing the whole Roc-A-Fella…And some other nigga’s from Roc-A-Fella got hit with bottles and they got fucked up. They got chased out.”

Cuban Link later attributed any issues Big Pun had with Jay-Z to Fat Joe who the Bronx rapper says may have been jealous. Fortunately, all three emcees were able to speak privately during a private meeting Cuban says took place after the Club Carbon incident.

“One of the tours that we was doing, they had a little private meeting. And I think it’s cause of after that situation happened,” said Cuban. “Joe and Pun went to meet him inside a room…In Jay-Z’s defense, at the end of the day Jay-Z did see me one time in a DMX listening party. And he came up to me and he said ‘Yo Cuban.’ And I said ‘Yeah, what’s up baby?’ He goes, ‘At the end of the day it was never personal.’ Even with Pun, Pun’s beef with Jay was never personal it was more of what Joe was implicating and putting in his head. It was more jealousy towards Jay.”

Video of Cuban Link’s interview with Forbez DVD can be found below.

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  • Sensaye

    All these niggas got their own hidden agendas, so you never really know what happened. When someone is being left out of the loop they come up with all these fantastic stories of jealousy and bloodshed.

  • tfvt7gyihu

    sometimes u see things dont even know it then people start looking for you.

  • crazy kevin from 711

    this one guy went to the army never came back i think he seen something he wasent surposed too see.

  • crazy kevin from 711

    wow lol .yea this kid i knew seen a ufo he doesnt talk much after that. something about they took his brother. might go to the mall on sat find more alian books lol

  • pedmont grassie

    but come to find out it was the little girl that put a little white dogs head on. riped it rite off start walking down the street.jump roaping brarking at ppl jumping rite at mother fuckers.

  • leatherface


  • pedmont grassie

    thats what those pissers did.friend of mine said his friend seen a dog rip a little girls head off and put it on.then dog went to the girls house sat at the table for dinner.coming rite at ya jumping rite at ya.

  • tigerking7979

    Cuban Link isn't believable on this issue. He still harbors ill will towards Fat Joe over 10 year old beef. Everybody knows Jay-Z was scared of Big Pun and Terror Squad. Jay-Z is a studio gangsta, that's why if the part about Jay-Z squashing the beef so fast is true, shows that Jay-Z is a scared ass punk he couldn't do shit against some real G's. At the time Big Pun was bigger than Jay-Z, and he didn't have to go commercial like Jay-Z did to sell records. Why would Fat Joe be jealous of Jay-Z when his homeboy was surpassing Jay-Z in popularity. There is even a video out their, that's been on the internet, with Big Pun freestyling and talking shit about Jay-Z.

  • hey at the store

  • Anonymous

    Seriously stop it with this macklemore shit. Just bcos he's white doesn't mean he the greatest. Yes he can put words together. Yes he's probably a good rapper. But he's not an emcee. And with out no joke I could probably name close to a thousand rappers lyrically better then him. I could name close to a thousand rappers better then lil Wayne and he probably better then him too.

  • Honestly

    I always thought it was damn shame how Cuban link got blackballed by fat joe. His unreleased 24K album was almost classic. Good beats, hardcore, lyrical, singles, features, and hooks.

    • Afi K. James

      TS was never the same after pun died and it will never be as good again without him. even fat joe admits that pun was TS.

    • tigerking7979

      Cuban Link was a decent rapper, but he didn't get blackballed by Fat Joe. He just blamed Fat Joe for him not becoming a big star. In the entertainment business, your chance at stardom can be short lived. Unfortunately, for Cuban Link, Pun died and that kind of left the rest of Terror Squad without any direction. Fat Joe had his own career before discovering Pun and creating Terror Squad as a rap crew. But you would have to be stupid to think that Fat Joe is some brilliant CEO. Fat Joe was just lucky to discover one of the greatest rappers ever and put him on. Cuban Link, thinking that he could be as big as Pun is just wishful thinking. If Pun would have lived, Cuban Link would have had a better career but he still wouldn't have been a top artist.

  • Paulito718

    First off. Big pun was one of the BEST ! I got love for the South but honestly when you look at Hip Hop since its been around the south releases some of the worst shit ever. It ain't got shit to do with accents or any of that, there lyrics are garbage. This new generation has never been around good Hip Hop so they have excepted the Garbage cause they don't know better.

  • bawse

    y is Cuban link doing a interview is the real issue here?

  • Anonymous

    Pun's body of work consisted of hundreds of all you can eat buffets.

  • BNXL

    interesting; I've never even heard about this incident. I always hear about Pun chasing Jigga around the studio and Joe watchin the door to keep everybody out

  • Fresh2Def

    Pun had 1 damn album. I don't get why cats keep talking that one of the best ever bullshit.

    • Afi K. James

      TS was just not the same without the late pun.

    • Anonymous

      Life after death was released a couple of weeks after he was assassinated. Life after death was 2 cd. Ready to die 1 cd. Junior mafia and puffys debut album equals another 1cd of material. Plus all his features with jay z, supacat, Craig mack, swv, total etc. That's 5 cd's worth of material. If you can't judge an emcee on 5 CDs worth of material then you ain't know hip hop. Same as big pun he got about 3 CDs worth of material.

    • Shyne's Pe'ots

      but biggie had ready to die too :/

    • BNXL

      If you're gonna say Pun on ly had one album, then Biggie on had one album, too. 'Life After Death' and 'Yeeah Baby' both came out after each guy had died. Pun is one of the best ever bc of his body of work; not just his albums, homie. Don't get it twisted; it's the same situation as Biggie. I'd rank Biggie higher on the list of the best, but Pun is my fav rapper of all time

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  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Jay-Z is the G.O.A.T.

  • crazy men standing by your car

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  • Anonymous

    is this news? a little bit late dx

  • yardie

    Wiz Khalifa is hip hop.....and i aint even joking...

  • huh

    dude is ill open the bizness for him

  • BossDon

    Cuban Link is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Check out the following songs: Toe to Toe, 90 Miles and Swimming, Tell me what u want, 24k, glamour life, how i could just kill a man remix...the list goes on and on and on. I dont know what fucked up shit he did, the he said she said, musically, i repeat musically, dude's crazy gifted and should be richer than most rappers.

    • Anonymous

      co- sign. that Cuban Link -Chain Reaction album is a classic so is the 24k album that fat joe cockblocked

  • meme

    lets go check the intro from the new TWC album #weworking click the link and leave a comment

  • Anonymous

    Youtube "Glamour Life" by Big Pun and hear Cuban Link on there. Nigga look like a healthy Hugo Chavez.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore! Seriously? Cuban link is far for a superb lyricist. Get a fucking clue

  • Anonymous

    Lyrically better then 99 percent of the down south artists who are currently rapping. Including lil Wayne, t.i., meek mill, waka flaka, soldja boy, young jeezy, and whatever other wack rappers the south has produced. Lol.

    • tigerking7979

      Meek Mill is from Philadelphia you dumbass. T.I. ain't wack, neither is Jeezy (although his subject matter is limited, which makes him sound wack). Lil Wayne used to could rap good before all his drug use affected him. But you're right about soulja boy and waka flaka rapper. Those two dudes are wack. But soulja boy has already fell off.

    • Dirty South

      smh you obviously haven't heard of Big Krit

  • Anonymous

    List Of People Cuban Link Could Lyrically Defeat: Macklemore Kendrick Lamar Nas Cassidy

    • tigerking7979

      Mackelemore and Cassidy, yes he would kill those two dudes. But definitely not Kendrick Lamar or one of the greatest MC's ever in Nas.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the early comment but you look like a fool clumping all of NYC into what some new random suckas think. NYC people have listened to west and south music since the golden era so stop it.

    • BNXL

      wacklemore shouldn't even be mentioned; dudes an after school special. Link is ahite, but wtf makes him any better than any of the OUTLAWZ (almost all of whom are better than him) or even the Army of the Pharoahs? He sure as fuck aint touchin Nas, Cass would murder him, and ain't nobody touchin Kendrick right now. Game would finish Link; T.I would put him down (btw, all these NY niggaz hatin on the South need to realize it's 2013, not 2003. niggaz act like they can't get past a niggaz accent but we all spose to think of Joey Bada$$ as some sorta savior. bullshit

    • huh

      he dope but you buggin

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore? Fuck I hate this generation.

  • Fuck The Bronx

    Who the fuck is this nigga?!?!?

  • big dawg

    this dude s tryin ta capitalize off the group we know him from....gotta keep it day da m fer sittin beside you is gona tell it..............yall check out my boy DIRTY JERM Dirty Jerm's got four mixtapes that dropped this month yo

  • Anonymous

    pay homage to pun one of the greats period!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is this broke bum still talking about events that happened years ago? No wonder Fat Joe booted you. Instead of focusing on his career, he yaps.

  • Anonymous

    Big Pun wouldve ate Hov up.

  • dentaldamboy

    How much money did Jay-Z pay this guy to say that?

  • Lil B

    This guys is irrelevant, bye.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't Joel Ortiz pay homage to pun And this dumb fuck had to step him and stop him ????

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