Kanye West Lashes Out At Paparazzi After Walking Into Street Sign

Kanye West launches into an expletive-filled tirade after being followed by paparazzi in Beverly Hills.

Over the past few weeks, rapper Kanye West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian have found themselves constantly followed by paparazzi, and earlier today Kanye appeared to reach a boiling point as he verbally assaulted members of the paparazzi outside of a Beverly Hills restaurant.

While walking head down alongside his girlfriend, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper appeared to have walked directly into a street sign. Although actual footage of Kanye’s minor accident was not caught on videotape, a small thud can be heard.

A separate video shows Kanye verbally assaulting one paparazzo as he yells, “Don’t take a fucking ‘nother photo man! Don’t take another fucking photo man! Don’t take no photos! Stop it! All of you mothafuckers stop it, man.”

This week’s incident serves as the latest addition to a handful of altercations the Chi-Town emcee has had with the paparazzi. Back in 2008, Kanye and his manager were hit with misdemeanor charges following an incident that resulted in a cameraman’s equipment being smashed at L.A.X. airport.

Kanye joins a growing list of artists who have had their differences with the paparazzi in the past. Among them are Jay-Z and Chris Brown, the latter of which crashed his car at the top of the year while trying to evade the media.

Video of Kanye’s run-in with the paparazzi can be found below (via NahRight).

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  • foreal

    "Stop it! All of you mothafuckers stop it, man. i see a man cracking under the "kim" spot light. ye was famous before but there are prolly a lot more cameras following him around now.

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  • Anonymous

    haha kanye leave kim she makes all her exs carrer go down hill , look at ray j , kris humphries , reggie bush haha

  • bevis n butt head

    wait bevis witch one uhuhuhuhhuuhuhuhuuhuhuhhuhuhu

  • bevis n butt head

    look butt head its rob again uhuhuhuhhu. hey you kids im gonna get a big bully to beet you up. uhuhuhuhuhh. wait thats not rob thats robs retarted cusion uhuhuuhhuuhhuh.

  • bevis n butt head

    bevis lets piss in robs pool cool fire fire fire uhuhuhuuhuhuhhu

  • bevis n butt head

    look bevis its rob and bigg uhuuhuhuhu uh uh uh hey guys uh where gonna take your skate boards and give them away to evil rich kids and poor kids who start trouble . uh bevis thats not nice of them too say that uhuhuhuuhuuh. woa look a car just hitt them uhuhuhhuhhuh.

  • Koyaki

    Damn his head is big!!

  • sam snead

    This is what happens when you happily impregnate a media whore, I mean this is part of the reason she is famous, she is paris hilton part 2, hell her mom or somebody probably called the pap and told them where they would be, this guy is just a clown...just go behind the boards and go away. thats your best work anyways

  • Anonymous

    lol.. he was just trying to be cool walking with his head down but that shit backfired and he got embarrassed... thats why he snapped.. Fucking loser, not only is he getting Ray Jays and Humphries left overs (amongst many others), but that bitch is gonna end up owning him and taking his money in the end too. Kanye is a clown

    • foreal

      My car so fresh... my girl so fresh... check out they air yeezzyyyy...... BONG!! YO GET OUT MY FACE!!! if i was that photographer in the second video, i would've snapped away and took a lot of pics. what is the worst that can happen? kanye will get mad, hit you and you get a few mill out of it.


    I love how these faggets wanna-be famous but can't take 24/7 free press and publicity. You ain't ready for what you asked for? PLEASE make a CAREER change lol.

  • shitfunny

    The headline so funny that when I watch the videos I think its fake. Everybody already think he crazy so why not have stupid fun with it. His music still gonna sell haha

  • faker dentaldamboy

    I have to come clean. I have been a fake using dentaldamboy's name. Everything I described about him actually describes me. In reality, he's an accountant for YMCMB.

  • Jay-z

    yo this nigga kayne is such a bitch. i had to cut the nigga off when he wifed up the hollywood smut bag. this nigga done lost his mind as soon i realized his beats wernt poppin no more i had to cut this boy off. kayne to emotional to hang out with a carefree nigga like me! ROC

  • Dee Dee

    lmfaoooooooooooooooo hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West - I Am God (Bonus Tracks) ************************************ 01. HEADBANGER (Ft. Kid Cudi) (Prod. By Rick Steel) 02. WRONG WAY (U OKAY?)((Prod. By Kanye West) 03. DON'T TAKE NO PHOTOS (Prod. by Kodak Beatz) 04. JUST GOT HERE (Ft. B-Real) (Prod. by Rob Fusari)

  • Anonymous

    for someone who dont like paparazzi, he chose the wrong hoe to knock up!

  • Anonymous


  • drummer

    hahahaha... I respect all the talent in this world but kanye needs to learn who he is, hes so inconfident and fragile person

  • VelvetApe

    i don't like kayne AT ALL but seriously these paparazzi are fkn leeches. i can't imagine being followed every single place i went every day. he brought it on himself though marrying that media whore. he has no right to say stop. he sold his soul years ago

  • dentaldamboy

    Kayne West is a huge fake and phony. Acting like he's from the streets when he's wack as hell. Jay Z also is fake, acting he's from the streets. Wayne is a true blood and a guitar hero.

  • remix


  • Anonymous


  • Ivan187

    LOL! I twice walked into a street sign and it's much more painful than it seems to be. I would've went off on the paparazzi after that, too. They're just disgusting and pathetic.

  • what?

    That shit was staged! That was fake as hell, Kanye did this as a joke.

    • who

      the fuck thinks of a plot to get attention by running into a pole infront of your bitch when the worlds watchin?

  • DAD

    Watch where you're walking

  • dentaldamboy

    I actually am not a accountant, I gotta come clean. I'm 14 and live in my grandparents house (my mom gave me up cause she was a crack-head and never met my dad). I do this trolling thing because it makes me feel like I matter to SOMEONE at least ! Now that the jokes over, I just want to apologize for being such an troll and all my fake opinions...please don't be too mad, this site is all I have ..

  • Shiv

    the burn on his dick he should have got from raw dogging that bitch should have hurt him more than that street sign.

  • IMhO

    i dont feel sorry for dude one bit. he came up wanted fame money n superstardom. got it. turned into a paparazzi bitch 3-4 years ago. been a lil pre modanna bitch ever since, then wifes up the biggest smut bag holly wood offers, whos a known paparazzi whore. the fuck u expect u was gettin? i feel sorry for him not one bit

  • 614grind

    Kanye takes himself way too serious, that's what makes him wack. He used to be able to make fun of himself and be witty. All the while, delivering dope bars over soulful tracks. He's Justin Bieber now.


    needs to change his album from i am a god to i am a lame HAHA this vids hilarious!! i just wish they got the smack on camera

  • pedmont grassie

    seen snakes driving cars. people with cat heads on driving crazy trucks..went out the son of a bitch mother fucker had a church cross as a head screeming at his bath room. coming at son of a bitches

  • pedmont grassie

    yea theirs demons in his house thell come rite at you. u go out side leather face come out the tress and throw hell demons at you.

  • Anonymous

    "Severe Tire damage"

  • pedmont grassie

    turned around it was a demons face coming rite at you.

  • jerryc

    why are you all so intrigued by the fact that someone wasnt looking and bumped his head on something. ITs probably happened to all of you. Not a big deal. Social media has ruined the world.

  • chumps luv kanye

    This fuckin diva! Nick Cannon should be hittin that

  • Anonymous

    points of comedy in this video 1. the sign says wrong way 2. wearing all black in hot ass la weather 3. the way kanye looked back wen dude patted him on the back 4. the way kanye ran to the camera man 5. all the quotables kanye was yelling to the camera man 6. the camera mans mexican accent 7. the camera man saying he'll leave while still walking towards kanye

  • Fresh 2 Def

    these other niggas is laying. acting like the summer aint mine! i got that hot bitch in my home. you no how many hott bitches i owe? ya biiiiiish!

  • chucky

    wake up kanye its chucky. listen to the rock music.put your safty jacket on and mc fly shoes where going too 2013 haa.

  • poppa large

    does ja rule have a take on this? like ja rule woulda shot that street sign up and then beat down all those papparazzi. lol

  • Anonymous

    He aint hit Kim first but he sure hit that pole first.

  • Mortis

    couldnt have happened to a better guy. what a fag

  • So Icy Boi, the Black Activist!

    fuck Kanye West... he is a disgace to da black community. he likes crackas. fuck white people! Killer Mike and Scarface are wack rappers but at least dey know white people suck. black power. swag

  • Anonymous

    "niggas in hospitals" ahahahahaha

  • Art Brooks

    That was definitely a sign Kanye. U're headed the wrong way wearing them skirts and shit.

  • Anonymous

    Well... on top of it all, he makes great music.

  • Anonymous

    how does this guy have fans ??????? his such a hoe

  • pedmont grassie

    sometimes you dont even know who they are.turn around they jump rite at ya.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is such a homo

  • Anonymous

    look at what the sign says!!!

  • Anonymous

    And he wearing a leather shirt. He for real dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Was this a scene from the new Anchorman movie Kanye is in? If so, this movie looks fucking hilarious!

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... hold on, let me catch my breath... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... whew, that was awesome. Who ever said Kanye wasn't a good entertainer doesn't know good entertainment. THIS is good entertainment.

  • krispy

    damn kanye sound like pussy....

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    This man still has not learned to keep his black ass outta Beverly Hills.

  • bevis n butt head


  • dentaldamboy

    Kayne West is a fake. Pretending to be a blood when he's not and had to have mommy help him in every step of the way. Wayne is a true blood and to me, he's the greatest rapper ever.

  • atmosfear

    I hit it first, the sign not kim.... hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    what a little bitch, didnt do shit, his girl got him though hahah stay calm calmye ahahah little bitchhhhh

  • SK

    Kanye losing it! All U muthafukaz!!

  • Blah

    Niggas act like they wouldn't get mad if they ran into that shit because of a dude taking pictures of you, and then keep taking pics of you while you're eating. The way most of this community acts, they would most likely pull a gun if it were them or attempt to beat the pap now...and then get their ass kicked.

  • thedude

    In other news, the sun rises in the east. ...seriously, would anyone expect any other reaction from him to pararazzi. Not saying that I blame him though. Those TMZ whores got what they had coming, following him around like that.

  • for fucking petes sake!

    Am I the only one who finds this to be SAD?? Its kinda fucked up that dude is now a prisoner of his on fame. Imagine that you cant go no where without a gang of dudes hounding you taking photos. Hell I dont even really like taking normal photos let alone a mob of fuckerz snapping me while I pick my nose, scratch my nutz, argue with my girl EVERY FUCKING DAY... This nigga must got that Sting song "I'll be watching you" playin in his head non-stop!!

    • Anonymous

      maybe he should move to a fucking island if he dont like it ill take his place any day

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      It's not like this was unknown to him before he chose this lifestyle. Kim and the paparazzi have been involved in a relationship ever since Kanye has known about her. So he walks around with her in Beverly Fucking Hills and you all think Kanye wasn't asking for this attention. He wanted to look all pissed off by them as part of the image he is trying to create. An image that quickly took a hit simultaneously as his head hit that pole.

    • Papa G

      it's funny he walks into a sign...but it is fucked up that all these people have to haunt him like this.

  • Anonymous

    too bad they didnt get that one video when he ran into the sign!

  • Anonymous

    ok that was just too hilarious

  • Bobyahed2dis

    It isnt that hard to walk into street signs when you're walking next to a beached whale, when weezys women get that heavy he just kicks em to the curb, it just goes to show that the drugs are getting to this niggas head and YMCMB stays winnin while Good music stays floppin!!!!!

  • ETK

    Kanye gon have to run off to Paris again, hibernate another few months

  • God

    Told you to stop claiming you was me...

    • Kanye

      God, I'm sorry to cut you off, I'ma let you finish, but, my kid's mother has the best pussy in the world....BEST IN THE WORLD! *Kanye shrug*

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It's emberrassing to anyone, but just laugh it off 'Ye. Hollywood's got you thinking you have to be perfect and flawless like a music video, but it ain't like that, G. You don't gotta prove anything.

    • Anonymous

      Here's how I would deal with it: 1) walk with my eyes looking toward where I was walking 2) smile as I walk with my super model baby momma into the nice, expensive restaurant I'm going to eat in. My point is, you are a dumbass for saying what you have said here today.

    • Anonymous

      So do you have cameras in your face day too? You have no idea what it would be like to deal with this shit.





  • Hip Hop Fan

    I don't understand his problem. He came in the game so humble and then wanted to be a rich successful rap star. He got everything he wanted but since his mom passed he's gotten a huge ego and rants at every concert now. I don't feel sorry for this dude cause he should have known that getting with Kim K would attract the paparazzi. Go on another rant about walking into a sign, but I have to admit it was kinda funny.

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      Ha that is really true. Jay-Z did to Kanye what MJ did to Tiger, sorta. But my dude, that was more than just kinda funny. I think this will live in infamy for eternity. That might be the funniest thing to ever happen on this earth. Congratulations to us all for being alive to witness this great and historic event. Praise Allah.

    • Shiiiiiit

      Blame Jay-Z. That dude turned him out.

  • p

    man that shit gotta be annoying.. fuck being famous but the money is good

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      That looks like the least annoying thing ever. They said his name a couple times and snapped some photos. How could that be annoying? Just look fresh every time you step out of your house (ladies, remember to wear panties) and don't walk into street signs. Tough life.

  • Anonymous

    its like meeting your favorite idol for the first time only to find out he blind as a bat

  • Anonymous

    most people here would get vexxed too...hence posting "Anonymous"

  • Anonymous

    LOL... what a clown

  • pedmont grassie

    driving in cars son of a bitches throwing church snakes at you.got out the car seen leatherface with hands coming out his mouth hitch hikeing chaseing ya.jumping rte at ya

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      You are either a mentally deranged psychopath on an acid trip or you are quoting some ODB song I've never heard. Either one.

  • Anonymous

    Watch where you going, fool!

  • hank hill

    When Yeezus commands you to stop you better stop

  • Anonymous

    fuck this god damn paparazzis

  • griz

    hahaha that shit woulda been so choice if they actually had got him hitting the sign on film. the sound was pretty awesome though

  • Anonymous

    ahahahahahHAHAHAH fucking classic shit im so sad that they didnt catch that on video it would have made for an epic GIF

  • Anonymous

    "You want me to leave, I'll leave Kanye" -Trill

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdxTMZ.com Dumbass site is turning into a place for gossip whores.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, i feel sorry for kanye, but at the same time, thats the price of fame.

  • VoiceofReason

    Leave the guy alone for fuck sakes. "I'm Kanye West, that doesn't make any sense"

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