Treach Says Vin Rock Has Been "Fired" From Naughty By Nature

UPDATE #2: All three Naughty By Nature members will be on the group's forthcoming "20 Years of 'Hip Hop Hooray' tour.

Naughty By Nature's Treach is saying that Vin Rock is "officially fired" from the Grammy Award-winning group. This took place in a Twitter update posted Monday evening.

Treach's Twitter post was followed by another, both taking shots at Vin. They can be read below. 

Vinnie later responded with an Instagram image, which he also posted on the Naughty By Nature Twitter account. The photograph featured a quote and image from Native American icon Sitting Bull. The quote can be read below, followed by the image Vin posted on Instagram.

"Warriors are not what you what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others." 

The group formed, as The New Style, in the late 1980s but "O.P.P." became their first major hit in 1991, earning them a Top 10 position on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also earned the group their first Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. They later earned other Grammy nominations for 1994's "Hip Hop Hooray" and 1996's "Feel Me Flow." The group won the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 1996 for Poverty's Paradise. The group has been touring on and off in recent years and are touring now, which Treach mentioned in his initial Tweet regarding "shows." Naughty By Nature's DJ Kay Gee has yet to comment on the Twitter updates made by Treach or the feud that fueled them.

UPDATE: Hours after Treach's controversial tweets, Vin Rock has responded, using the group's official Twitter account, which he owns. While Treach had alleged that Vin was "fired," the longtime partner has responded that, "you can't fire the owner."

Vin Rock has been responsible for much of Naughty By Nature's business matters for over 20 years.

Treach has added, on his own Twitter account, that none of the group's confirmed shows are to be cancelled.

UPDATE #2: Even though Treach kicked Vin Rock out of Naughty By Nature this week, all three Naughty By Nature members will be on the group's forthcoming "20 Years of 'Hip Hop Hooray'" tour, the group announced. Treach is also slated to sit in with The Roots on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" May 15. The Roots will also back Naughty June 1 at the Roots picnic in Philadelphia. 

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  • Anonymous

    Well if this is a publicity stunt it has definitely worked. I just went and listened to their classics again. But still, this is wack whether it's legit or not

  • bevis n butt head


  • shayan

    there is no hip hop any more its just pop

  • ChitownJ

    Treach and Vinny are too damn old to fight publicly like this. How can two men who've known each other at least 25 years not be able to talk things over like men. Then these dummies go and do damage to their shows in the near future. Who wants to go see them knowing that there is friction in the group. #Growup

  • rev chucky

    well thats rite jersey shore kids killed malcolm x for being white

  • Anonymous

    The FBI murdered Malcolm Shabazz.

  • jason 13th


  • zach nasty

    its all for happens all the time...look at mobb deep, now they boys again, and to the guy that said u no treach personally, that was the dumbest shit i ever heard..makes no sense..

    • Anonymous

      You are dumb. Mobb are back together out of business reasons. Pretty much peeps in their circle were like "we have a brand, we need to keep making money." Step your mind game up.

  • dentaldamboy

    I actually am not a accountant, I gotta come clean. I'm 14 and live in my grandparents house (my mom gave me up cause she was a crack-head and never met my dad). I do this trolling thing because it makes me feel like I matter to SOMEONE at least ! Now that the jokes over, I just want to apologize for being such an troll and all my fake opinions...please don't be too mad, this site is all I have ...

  • Anonymous

    No one cares...I didn't even know that dudes name was vin rock. When you think of nbn you think of treach. I always see the fat light skin dude on vh1, i thought he was the hypeman or something.

    • Anonymous

      You must have been born in the early 2000s.

    • hollywood

      Well You not qualified to comment if you didn't know his name. DOnt you realize its people like you multiplied by 1000 that messed up the culture with idiotic opinions and not enough credibility or history in your own hood to speak? Hip Hop flopped the minute you moved to your college dorm and learned Hip Hop from your roommate. No wait Your first Hip Hop experience was Eminem in TImes Square performing the Real Slim Shady? You not qualified to speak on my culture BOY


    who?? bunch of nobodys getting articles about them this site slacking

  • I Know Treach Personally

    The reason he is beefing with vin is because he wanted Treach to do a collaborative album with lil b and frank ocean in an effort to raise gay awareness and homophobia in hip hop, and seeing as how this was complete disrespect and a shocker for Treach, it made him realize that Vin was a closet homosexual.. and so Treach told vin he would rather make an album with french montana, rick ross, and chris brown, implicating that he would make more money and earn more stripes from more straight african americans and gays without sacrificing his manhood.. Vin didnt like this at all because he had already promised a collab with lil b and he even gave him a blow job to ensure his promise.. So vin found a way to screw Treach out of any contract deals with all mainstream artists that are currently buzzing.. about a couple weeks later Treach found out about vin doing dirty business behind his back when lil b called his private number and told Treach the vile and nasty details of vin sucking on lil b's testicals, since he wouldnt coroporate with him and vinny making them collab to produce a gay album.. This enraged Treach not cause of lil b makin niggas suck his dick but because he gave vin a pass for being gay and he thought he could keep it a secret since they've been boys for so long.. so he had to cut ties with him immediately before he gets implicated in anything.. and the rest is pretty much history..

  • Anonymous

    Pac is not happy with this

  • Big Dan

    Obviously something is going down, but I hope it was major serious, maybe Vinny trying to creep with Treach's daughter or wife or mom, for Treach to be out in public like this. And Treach, really, this is not how you handle things. This would be a private matter. The fact that you are going off in public like this tells me Vinny has the upper hand. Call your lawyer. Stop being a bitch.

  • GBtha G

    goddamn it thats completely fucked up right there.these muthafuckaz need 2 keep it inhouse and not exposing theyselves like fuckin naked wazungus monkeys in bikini. shit.



  • Anonymous

    I agree wit dj nitti tweeting your problems is hoe shit

  • Anonymous

    Veterans,legends love these niggas but no disrespect who gives a fuck really.

  • Anonymous

    they still do shows?

  • Anonymous

    gotta be over money you'd think. As he says, Vin seems to be in charge of the business more than Treach, but Treach is one of the best ever. He could do shows by himself. While it wouldn't work the other way.

  • SDK


  • Dj Nitti

    This is sad and pathetic. Come on son twitter beef is really corny. Whatever happened to face-to-face communication? How can a man that knows how to contact you directly go on the internet instead? The shit is just unbecoming of a man and especially a G. Naughty by Nature are legends in the game and I hope they can squash this quick and not tarnish their brand with this fuckery.

    • ninjagaiden78

      DJ Nitti, I couldn't have said it better. I don't understand funkin on Twitter. Wack, real wack. Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American drug culture available on Amazon now.

    • Anonymous

      Niggas is pussies these days. They can't man up face to face so they do it online like lil girls.

  • gamestwin


  • Yuuuup!

    without treach he aint owning much.

  • Fuck New Jersey

    I don't give a fuck about this niggas or this bullshit but I gotta say Vin Rock bodied Treach with that one

  • Anonymous

    res if Faggot By Nature is breaking up? They caN BOth SUCK A DICK They suck!!!! They're both irrelevant and are not even in the 15 best rap groups of all time! They can blow a cock, That's why the new niggas getting money. Old asses are obscure

    • Riley Freeman

      Who's on Who's dick can't touch Young Reezy or anybody in my circle so you homo can huddle up and play human centipede with dicks and asses! hahahahaha!!!!!

    • 90210

      We dont want to know your recreational activities fag. Just because I can fuck your mom doesn't make you straight. Get off their penis dude. Gnarly :)

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 1: Right on, who gives a fuck about an old ass, subpar early 90s group who cant even handle their differences like 50 year old men are supposed to. Is this the week of the geisers? First the Kriss Kross faggots and now Faggot by Nature, classic Anonymous 2: And your defense of them means.....what? Exactly, so shut the hella fuck up gay bitch gamestwin: Already di hoe. Nobody cares about no old faggots from the 90s anyway, so what makes you think people care what you think?? Pussy. So fuck you and FUCK NEWARK!! Riley Freeman: No bitch you're the the gay one for sucking dick

    • gamestwin


    • Riley Freeman

      Nigga you gay.

    • Anonymous

      They're more relevant than your comment is, and have more classics than you could even imagine having.

  • geminiman7

    Wow, these are the last dudes I thought would beef via Twitter. SMH. Can you imagine if 2Pac were still alive him doing a version of "Hit'Em Up" via a series of twitter rants??? SMH. Sad state of hip-hop in 2013.

  • whocaresidont

    He's going to try to fire his partner in the middle of a tour (with scheduled shows left, anyway)? That's pretty unprofessional. If you aren't cancelling shows keep that stuff to yourself until the time comes.

  • Anonymous

    An article doesn't have to fill in every blank for you, dipshit. Obviously they're fighting. Over what makes no difference. Next time keep your fucking mouth shut. Got it little bitch?

  • Anonymous

    @who agin ? 'Rap is a progressive art and the fuel of music junkies always in need of a bigger fix ?' i just read it's your stereotype " white man talk like bullshit " to me , i'm black man then you don't know what the fuck Rap is

  • z


  • Ja Rule

    who cares about these irrelevent ass niggas, The God of rap Ja Rule is home!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Its called trolling dont go apeshit.

    • huh

      your a flaming fag who must not have or plan to have children or age or do anything of any importance to you or others and live pass that to earn respect ,die slow ....p.s you had to hAVE BEEN RELEVANT TO ONE DAY BE TALKED AS IRRELEVANT but no one will ever talk about you.

    • tonytoca

      whats with all the ja rule bullshit on here lately the dudes done get over it. unless you want some bullshit ass songs about him sucking dick in prison songs to get you in the mood

  • teamjarule

    Treach is outta his mind, only Ja Rule can fire somebody.

  • DAMN

    Damn why Twitter? I thought these niggas would be the last to fall victim to that social media bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    the twitter, facebook era is turning 'gangstas' into 'pussies'.....Hip Hop is dead

    • Anonymous

      yet u commenting on a hip hop blog, a lame one at that... hip hop is dead becuz of bullshit sites like these and the stupid fake hip hop heads who hate when they give a mention to any real hip hop shit...foh

  • Anonymous

    very disappointing

  • tank

    Fuck naughty by nature.....period...

  • Anonymous

    Great. It's Mobb Deep all over again.

  • ignitemindz

    That sucks, we opened for them in NC and they put on an awesome show. Vin came and introduced himself to everybody and was real cool. Treach kinda kept to himself. But they looked like they were having a blast. This shit was March 1st, they still on the road?

  • Ja Rule is bigger than God.

    Ja Rule is bigger than God.

  • Anonymous

    thats like Andre 3000 saying Big Boi is fired from outkast....smh

  • qas

    hip hop hooray hoe hey hoe

  • foreal

    damn, i was waiting for a OPP tour.

  • 2PAC

    Puffy gettin robbed like a bitch, to hide the fact he did some shit he shouldn't have did, so we ride em for that And that nigga that was down for me, restin dead Switch sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead Probably be murdered for the shit that I said I bring the real, be a legend, breathin the dead Lord listen to me God don't like ugly, It Was Written (ey yo Nas) Nas, your whole damn style is bitten You heard my melody, read about my life in the papers All my run-ins with authorities, felonious capers Now you wanna live my life, so what's the answer Nas? Niggas that don't rhyme right, you've seen too many movies Load em up against the wall, close his eyes Since you lie you die, GOODBYE Let the real live niggas hear the truth from me What would you do if you was me nigga

  • N.E.W. Jers

    Naught By Nature is FIRED!!! Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • hypestyle

    Naughty soldiers, stand up! Too many 10 year olds commenting here. Hopefully the full truth will be revealed, and the full group will reunite.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga name's Sitting Bull? LMAO

  • youngsta

    haha. all these old niggas beefing and arguing all the time, and the group eventually breaks up. i've been telling everybody that old ass niggas are nothing but a bunch of bitter old men. that's why the young generation shits on the older generation any day of the week. we know how to act and we make more money than these old faggots. when was the last time these niggas had a hit anyway? exactly.

    • Riley Freeman

      Damn, nigga, you gay.

    • @youngsta

      So because your not checking for them, that makes them irrelevant....I can tell you just follow what ever the masses play. So what happens when Drake isn't being talked about anymore....are you gonna quit checking for him because the masses aren't? Or are you going to continue to support him?

    • ^

      Nothing you say is true. Ain't nobody besides kids checking for Drake, Meek, or Waka. Those niggas suck. Naughty By Nature aren't even old, you're just retarded. When you grow up, you'll regret everything you said.

    • youngsta

      fuck y'all! everything i say is true. who's still checking for this old ass irrelevant group? nobody! everybody wants to hear drake, kendrick, meek mill, waka flocka flame, all the young niggas. nobody got time for old ass groups who should be in a retirement home.

    • oldsta

      Funny cause young niggas don't know how to behave and they make less money than older niggas. Most of that money these young niggas make goes into the pockets of old white men who run the labels.

    • Anonymous

      @OffBreed don't even give him the time of day. it'll hit him/her even harder. he'll be like uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite in the future bumping "forever young>" LOL @ young cats who'll probably beef with their seeds because they want to forever stay young. Looking like Jim Jones mom and shit...

    • OffBreed

      You know that you'll be old one day too right....and the same shit you saying now will be used against you by the youngins in the future.

  • Anonymous

    These old ass niggaz fighting over stupid shit.

    • Huey Freeman probably a old nigga, like 54, pretending. I bet you got carpal tunnel and shit.

    • Anonymous

      you talk like you never gonna be up there in not old is called experienced men gonna learn one day lol

    • Anonymous

      @ youngsta. So because your not checking for them, that makes them irrelevant....I can tell you just follow what ever the masses play. So what happens when Kendrick Lamar isn't being talked about anymore....are you gonna quit checking for him because the masses aren't? Or are you going to continue to support him?

    • Anonymous

      it doesn't say what they're fighting about clown so go get you an ice cold glass of stfu and keep it moving




      YOU WON'T FOR LONG!!! (trades CRACK BABY to a butcher for 2 cartons of smokes and a 8 ball)

  • Whorida

    Man, get y'all shit together. Though Treach runs the show on most Naughty tracks, Vinnie pop ups were the shit like Phife is to ATCQ and Tash to the Liks.

  • Lboy

    I dont care didn't even know these niggas were still active as a group. Even knowing now havent heard any new material from them in YEARS. Im scared if I listen to one of their new songs it will be as wack as LL cool J's new music and I will loose respect for them. Btw peoples don't be surprised if this entire "beef" is a publicity stunt.

  • mc enigma

    Damn. I love this group and hope they get it together. I grew up on these guys and have tons of respect for them both.

  • Anonymous

    Hate all you want these dudes still make alot of money touring, especially in europe, your precious relevant current acts still open for them over there. 90's Meth babies always think if you dont have a current record out you aint relevant, FOH, everybody knows the real money in rap these days is on the road thanks to the internet/free mixtape generation not wanting to buy shit. These guys probably still make more a year then half of the artists you think are relevant

    • Anonymous

      You and the original posters' dummies, Dummy:)

    • Anonymous

      tru dat, teach the dummies

    • OffBreed

      That's the thing with us Americans, we think just because artists aren't in the spotlight here, that they jsut fell off the face of the earth.....the world is bigger than just America, there's money all over the world.

    • Anonymous

      Sure they do cyber accountant. If they were still in demand why no new album? Why do we never hear much about them? Answer... There's no demand for these dudes. Stop riding their dicks.

  • Anonymous

    first mobb deep now NBN? the fuck is going on with the gods?

  • Anonymous

    LOL WTF does that Native American shit have to with this?

  • Anonymous

    Treach dont need to tell the world, so what! Leave it on the low then you can make up. Soon as these niggas have a lil phone spat, they run on twitter to tell it. I didnt know they was even still a group.

  • Fuck New Jersey

    Who is this niggas?!?!?! LMAO

  • me

    what's next? grandmaster flash and the furious five are breaking up #givesaf*ckless

  • irrelevant niggas

    We dont care! You are 50 years old and still rapping? Get a life fucking losers: you have no sales and nobody is interest in your music its 2013 and not 1993.

    • Anonymous

      He right those bitches are irrelevant. Pussies

    • Mr Flamboyant

      You new niggas have a total lack of history and respect. Dumb ass bitch niggas. Their catalog > your favorite current rapper's whatever And how the fuck you don't know who James Brown is? Bunch of assholes.

    • rmacq112

      he shouldn't be pissed but you're a dumb ho if you don't know who James Brown is

    • Who again?

      Rap is a progressive art and the fuel of music junkies always in need of a bigger fix. You get too old and you ain't that dude you get forgotten in place of a stronger newer drug. Hell, you get that old and you are that dude you still get forgotten body of work or not. Unlike rock and other genres which have been up and established for longer this is only like the 3rd~4th generation of hip hop artists who have had to feel the eventual sting of obscurity. I hate that old fans get mad at new fans for what they do it's like my uncle getting pissed at me for not knowing James Brown.

    • playboy pryor

      irrelevant?, they're still making money off shit in the 90's. what the fuck you doing with your life? i bet your bitch ass still in your momma house!! you have some much hate in your blood, you bitch ass nigga!!

    • 614grind

      They have something called a body of work, a thing you new fans know nothing about. They can tour off of that for years. , homie.

  • Relevancy Please?

    I wasn't even aware they were still preforming.

    • rmacq112

      Frank Ocean isn't in the closet, try again

    • Seriously

      I'm being serious! This news is as interesting as finding out Mister Cee and Frank Ocean share closet space.

    • No Really

      No really. If I was on Treach's crap list I would be forced to give a negative amount of kcufs in the mirror.Rappers/Mcs please....tweet rants just make you look lame.

  • CS

    Fuck a Tweet campaign.

  • 614grind

    Stop tweetin. Now you just put yourself in a position where you can't fix this without lookin stupid.

  • Anonymous

    BREAKING NEWS: Ja Rule has been released from prison

  • Tony

    They need to kiss and make p on the cool...they acting like Mobb Deep. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too

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