Whether De La Soul, Run-DMC or Westside Connection, Hip Hop has produced some memorable trios. Among of all of the greats, few had the contrast in the three parts of East Orange, New Jersey’s Naughty By Nature.

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Treach, Vin Rock and Kay Gee are just as memorable for bat mitzvah-accessible anthems like “O.P.P.” as they were for open-palmed lyrical slaps like “Uptown Anthem” or “Dirt All By My Lonely.” Treach‘s soldier persona, Vin‘s charm and Kay‘s ability to walk the line between street and pop led to a debut 1989 album as The New Style before four successful and acclaimed Naughty By Nature albums, followed by an asterix iiconz effort without the group’s producer and deejay in 2002. Always independent, always consistent to the formula and showered with Grammy and American Music Awards, this group arguably bridged the gap between rap in the ’80s and ’00s.

According to Treach however, the greatest accolade may be next week’s Vh1 Hip Hop Honor. In the studio recording a yet to be titled 2009 album that returns Kay Gee to the mix. The vocal duo tells HipHopDX about the journey, Eazy-E confiding in them, and why 50 Cent might have some liner notes a bit misconstrued.

HipHopDX: What does receiving a Hip Hop Honor mean to a group that already has so many awards and accomplishments?

Vin Rock: I know, it