Nas' Attorney Requests That A $10 Million Lawsuit Against The Rapper Be Dropped

An attorney for Nas states that the rapper should not be held responsible for the 2011 kidnapping of a concert promoter.

It’s been close to a year and a half since Queensbridge lyricist Nas’ missed appearance at a December 2011 show in Angola resulted in the capture of a concert promoter and his son, and the rapper is still facing legal woes surrounding the kidnapping of the two men.

According to, Nas’ attorney has requested that a judge throw out a $10 million lawsuit the promoter, Allgood Entertainment’s Patrick Allocco, filed last year. The attorney for the rapper stated that any money Nas received from Allocco was eventually returned to the promoter and on top of that Allocco previously revealed that he wouldn’t sue the rapper once he was repaid his $300,000.

It’s unclear what exactly the $10 million requested in the lawsuit covers, but Allocco’s lawsuit does make mention of various financial losses, physical trauma, and even his son’s post-traumatic stress disorder.

Allocco and his son were kidnapped in Angola in late 2011 by employees of concert promoter Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel after Nas was a no-show at a New Year’s Eve concert he was scheduled to perform at in the country.

When questioned about the incident during an interview last year, Nas revealed that proper travel arrangements were never made and he didn’t receive his $300,000 until after he would have traveled to Angola.

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  • Anonymous

    "Quote-man has to always be right, so he'll slip in a covert racist remark when he was proven wrong" It's not that I always have to be right, it's just I always am. Nas knew he was never going to show up to Angola, but still accepted the money. That was foul.

  • Castellano

    Nas is a faggot, he use to cancel concerts in the last minute. I have seen that bitch doin' the same twice, on Splash 2005 (Germany) and Cultura Urbana 2007 (Spain). He made whats probably the best rap album (Illmatic), but his attitude it pathetic, as he dont give a fuck about fans...

  • yugyugv7yg7gg

    takes nas daughter and kicks her head like a foot ball

  • FREDYYYyyyyyyyyyyy


  • jack johnson

    For all we know the Promoter could have faked the kidnapping and just wants to get money out of Nas coz he's pissed he never showed up

  • Anonymous

    "He did for this one" Angola promoters can't afford people like Bieber or The Rolling Stones, so giving Nas $300,000 is actually a bargain for them.

  • Anonymous

    Concert promoter somehow gets entangled with an African warlord, books a show with Nas and ANOTHER rapper, plans fall through with BOTH rappers appearing, warlord isn't having it and wants money back, Nas gives money back (don't know about other rapper), promoter gets chastised for his ineptitude before being released, flies home and sues for 10 million. "miserable cats contemplating/get off your ass, stop complaining"-Nas 'You Gotta Love It'

  • Money First

    In Africa and some other nations they always pay more for a 'one-off show' so 300k is not surprising. What many people in our country are too arrogant to understand that overseas many of these artists that we take for granted are LOVED in other countries. They are true fans for life not just for the next album!!!

  • Anonymous

    300,000 something is def wrong with this article. too much for one show.

    • Anonymous

      Only thing wrong is your skepticism because it has been notated this was the amount. A time when your opinion holds no weight against facts.

  • Anonymous

    "And Nas has been touring constantly since like 2008...He def has money" Calm down Richie Rich. Nas doesn't make $300,000/show.

  • ery

    i want more information, something is not right..

  • foreal

    cases like this are what make people feel that they can so for anything. Nas was a no show, a promoter gets kidnapped, and nas is to blame? i am going to sue the next girl that stands me up after i show up then leave and get into a car accident. because it is the girls fault right?

  • Knowledge God

    Nas get's $300K for a show!? I guess he's not as "broke" as people think he is...

  • Anonymous

    He shouldn't pay shit, Nas didn't kidnap the dude

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