Jedi Mind Tricks' Stoupe Returns For "The Inanimate Life" With Supastition

After his departure from Jedi Mind Tricks several years ago, Stoupe makes a return to Hip Hop with a new group, Vestige, with North Carolina emcee Supastition (a/k/a Kam Moye).

Following the release of 2008's A History Of Violence, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Jedi Mind Tricks co-founder Stoupe (a/k/a Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind), has not been involved with the group. J.M.T.'s 2011 LP Violence Begets Violence featured outside production, while Stoupe released a solo project in 2010 (Decalogue), along with two side projects with groups, Dutch and Vespertina.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Stoupe—who also produced Canibus' Rip The Jacker LP, will return to Hip Hop. Along with Supastition (a/k/a Kam Moye), the pair (as Vestige), will release The Inanimate Life this summer. According to an early press release, the LP "documents the fictional life story of a man born to an unfit mother and how his life spirals out of control due to her actions, as well as his own mistakes. The story and lyrics were written by Supastition with Stoupe and his production team (Bad Tape) handling the music which meshes together Hip Hop, Downtempo, and live instrumentation."

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  • Harry

    Yes! The Dutch project was dope but I've been waiting for Stoupe to produce more hip hop. I still wish he stuck with JMT but his beats are great for concepts and really deep music so hopefully this project gives the freedom for this. I remember Jus saying Stoupe was still on that Razorblade Salvagion vibe... I sure hope so!

  • Brizz

    JMT better off without stoupe...?? What are people on exactly? JMT built their legacy on Stoupes legendary production imo. Very happy hes back on his hiphop tip. Drop it already. pz.

  • be smart

    JA RULE X STOUPE X SUPASTITION recipe for murdaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • readdy2die

    I meant is alright without him lol

  • readdy2die

    Sounds like a project i wanna listen to but like someone below said, it would be cool if he produced RTJ2 or atleast had a part in it. other than that JMT is alright with him.. Violence Begets Violence gets constant play in my ride!

    • Facts

      Stoupe and Canibus had no communication with each other...ever. Babygrande gave the vocals to Stoupe to produce. JMT left Babygrande and that was the end of the Canibus connection and anything Babygrande related.

  • Anonymous

    Stoupe may be a better producer, but I think JMT sounds better with darker production. But then again... idk.

  • James

    Good for him! Even though I feel like JMT is better without him I will definitely be looking for his new music

  • Loui Dogz

    vinnie paz dont need this loser no more, he got c-lance now.

    • buzzkill

      stoupe's a loser? dude you need a doctor

    • Anonymous

      c-lance fucking blows. one note hack producer with software and very little natural ability. headache beats with wack samples that are super loud and repetitive. stoupe samples from a deeper pool and always flips tracks to fall into his sound without making the same beat over and over. JMT lost big time rolling that kid out as the lead producer. he stinks. stoupe is a legend. would love to see paz and stoupe link back up and get it right. looking forward to this project aswell.

    • Anonymous

      Stoupes incredible production is what made jmt who they are not vinnies angry homophobic muslim raps.

    • Anonymous

      LOL c-lance is nowhere near stoupes level, c-lance will tell you that himself. stoupe is god on the boards but he should be producing canibus' rip the jacker 2 instead of this project



  • Anonymous

    Oh look, the fuckboi Ja Rule trolls showed up, was waiting for ya'll

  • love

    the big ja would never roll with a no-name like this.

  • duke rulem

    he should do an album with ja rule.

  • DrebinSlevin

    Stoupe has always been on point with the beats. It'll be nice to hear someone NOT screaming "Muslim Rage" on all his beats.

  • Anonymous

    never a fan of jedi mind tricks ( dont like vinnie paz) but supastion dope

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