The Roots Believed To Stay With Jimmy Fallon In "Tonight Show" Transition

?uestlove all but confirms that the Philadelphia Roots crew is changing stages with Jimmy Fallon.

During a Red Bull Music Academy-sponsored impromptu performance yesterday, bandleader of The Roots ?uestlove was asked by Fuse about the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania group's plans. The longtime band for "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" is in the middle of a move, where the "SNL" comedian-turned-host is assuming "The Tonight Show" spot long-occupied by Jay Leno in 2014.

"'The Tonight Show' is coming to us. We are not going to 'The Tonight Show,'" said ?uestlove. The NBC weeknight program is moving from Los Angeles, California to New York City to build the show a new set, according to Yahoo News. ?uesto added, "Basically, you know, it's going to be the same show."

Although he spoke with confidence, ?uestlove did admit the possibility of a change of plans, whether by NBC, show producers or the veteran band. "That's a year from now," said the drummer, producer and deejay. "Anything can happen. So right now we're just very concerned and kind of just concentrating on still doing our thing at 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'" He presented some assurance in saying, "We're honored to kind of receive the baton and pass down tradition...Yeah, we're staying."

The Roots are also presently recording their 13th studio album, with reported strong involvement from Dice Raw, P.O.R.N. and Truck North.

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  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    The Roots are "super" paid but don't brag about it on wax like most of these hip hop and R&B artist. Hopefully they can continue with Fallon during their late night gig.

  • Anonymous

    when d'angello finally droppin' that album?

  • McGirt

    Questo's looking a lil' like Xzibit these days

  • R.Pgh

    Makes sense. Rather than constantly touring around the country like they were for nearly 30 years, they likely get paid a lot more on Late Night / Tonight Show with less travel.

  • dentaldamboy

    The Roots are so poor that they need two jobs. Pathetic. Everyone on the YMCMB roster is eating and shining. YMCMB...we got the game by the clit.


      do not feed the trolls

    • Anonymous

      im gonna rape ur mom if you keep talking shit about the roots

    • Anonymous

      lmao the roots dont need 2 jobs too make ends meet. and what makes you think that all those YM aritsts are making more money. Almost ALL of the cash they bring in goes to the label. They give the APPEARANCE of money. Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, and Nicki are probably making more than the roots, everyone else.....nO Lmao you think L'il Twist is making more money than ?uestlove? naw man, all he get is a signing bonus which he have to pay back through his cut of album/ticket sales

    • dentaldamboy

      If people like "authentic" music so much, the Roots wouldn't need to work two jobs to make ends meet.

    • xtra

      that dental dam is corroding your brain along wit that ymcmb bullshit. ymcmb is what's fuckin' up music today. we need more authentic artists and groups like the roots.

  • Anonymous

    Hope they don't. This was their corniest shit since How I Got Over.

  • honest truth

    The Legendary Roots Crew stay winning since organix.

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