Gucci Mane "Trap Back 2" Mixtape Stream & Download

Gucci Mane's latest project

Gucci Mane's falling out with Waka Flocka Flame won't slow Gucci from releasing more music.

Gucci's latest mixtape, Trap Back 2, features Travis Porter, French Montana, and Wooh Da Kid, as well as production from Zaytoven, C Note, C4, MikeWillMadeIt, Spinz, and others. The project is a sequel to 2012's Trap Back.

Originally, Gucci had intended Trap Back 2 to drop on April 15th. On July 2nd, the Brick Squad rapper says that Trap House III will be released.

A little over a month ago, Gucci dropped Trap God 2, suggesting that 2013 will be a prolific year for the Atlanta, Georgia rapper.

Download Trap Back 2 at DatPiff or listen to it below:

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  • bswag

    damn whats wrong wit these mixtapes. I expected some bangers, but....Trap God2, Free Bricks 2, Trap Back2, Yelawolfs tape, Fredo Santanas, all of them weak AF...

    • TexasDonIsBoutDatLife


    • bswag

      @TDon I have very well paid job, house and condo. You can go cry into corner now.

    • DE

      cosign TexasDON lmfao this nigga the truth. #PREACH #AMEN

    • TexasDon

      Everyone still gossiping over this mixtape??? You are the fags that kills blogs and fans, who gives a fuck if it was weak or not but obviously all these nigs on here really do care because they complain about everyyyyythinnngggg. Dont yall have jobs, or are you waiting on GUCCI tape to drop so you can go download it off of your dial-up connection just so you can bump in on your ipod nano in the car you guys dont own. Just so you can come back on here and says "man it was weak" . So is yall lifestyle but no one complaining about that because no one cares. 1hunnid

    • bswag

      @"LOL" Im not complaining, and even if I would - you still sensitive over my comment so u do the same thing. also according to your logic - My comment is free so you should be grateful and STFU.


      hahah guys please read before commenting, yall blacks look dumb as fuck Read the comment bro, i dont think anyone said its the reason to be weak! MAYBE THEY JUST SUCK AT THE RAP GAME. AND THEY ARE ALL FREE SO STFU and listen or dont listen, simple as that. But yall fuckboys love complaining about another mans career and/or dick size. EX: "LOLidiot"

    • LOLidiot

      So because its free that makes it a reason to be weak. Dumb ass logic you got there.

    • LOL

      LOL all of them are free!!! yall complain over every fucking thing, relax all the music you just stated is free. Get the cum outta your eyes and open them

    • Anonymous

      i agree yelawolf was fucking whack why a nigga fall so hard? gucci puttin in work but he needs to make his mixtapes shorter and just keep the good tracks, no filler.

  • Anonymous

    anutha set of bangaz

  • Vigil

    One of the first lines on the tape: "diss Flocka Flame, then you dissed the wrong person" Well this is awkward.

  • So Icy Boi aka Yung Boi!

    best lyrical MC alive. swag

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane is to Hip Hop what grit is to snow...

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