Las Supper "Back To The Future" Cover Art & Tracklist

Big Daddy Kane's new group Las Supper has 12 funky tracks on their soulful debut album.

Big Daddy Kane's newest venture is a R&B/Soul collective known as Las Supper. The band includes prevalently featured singer/vocalist Showtyme among others. On March 26, the group will release their first album, Back To The Future. With Kane as a member, it marks the first album from the Brooklyn, New York emcee in nearly 15 years.

Earlier this month, Kane told HipHopDX: "These are actually New York guys that backed me for a live show at B.B. King’s before. That’s how we ended up meeting; they played music for me. Then they ended up doing their own stuff, I had some ideas, and collectively, we were able to really just get ‘em across—incorporating Showtyme [who people have heard from work with] Pharoahe Monch. That’s how that went down. It’s three different entities comin’ together to create a Soul thing and also add some Hip Hop to it as well."

The 12-song tracklist is below:

01-I Believe In love Again
02-Child In Me
03-Keep On Shining
04-Heart Of Gold
05-One Last Chance
06-A Mother’s Love
07-My Day Without You
09-Shackles Of The Mind
10-Where Do We Go From Here?
11-I Can’t Believe
12-Lifted Express (Don’t Funk With My Beat)

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  • AR

    Zerry Ziggz is right. You guys should have reviewed this album.

  • zerry ziggz

    Why has this not been reviewed??? It came out for months ago and is absolutely amazing music. I'm surprised DX hasn't reviewed this album after giving good reviews to the white mandingos and mayday, records which both utilize live instrumentation such as this. Not to mention this is BIG DADDY KANE!!!! The pioneer of the multisyllablistic rhyme scheme and the lyrics on this album prove he hasn't lost an ounce of skill after a 15 YEAR HIATUS. So please hiphopdx, show some respect and review this bomb ass album.

  • Mortis

    i am so excited I may suck my own wang

  • 4r6sdyftgfy7ghuhhjjhkij

    prtending to get shot smhh//

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