Snoop Lion Proposes Solution To Gun Violence

Exclusive: The emcee formerly known as Snoop Dogg also explains why he decided to be open about his religion with his fans.

The maturation of the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg continues its press run. On Wednesday March 5, the multi-platinum selling Hip Hop icon spoke with media members about his upcoming documentary, Reincarnated in West Hollywood, California's famed Westlake Studios. The film details the one-time Doggfather’s spiritual journey to Jamaica and entrance into the Rastafari religion, the creation of his first Reggae release (Reincarnated) as well as the birth of his new moniker: Snoop Lion.

Snoop Lion Explains Why He Shared His Faith With His Fans

Sitting in what’s referred to as Westlake's “Bubbles’ Room”—a space built for Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee during the Thriller recording sessions in 1982—Snoop spoke in depth about his spiritual transformation and why he decided to share his journey with his fans. “One thing about it is that when it’s in you, it’s in you and you can’t do nothing but let it out of you,” he told HipHopDX.

“It’s a spirit thing,” he continued. It’s not even about being bashful or shy. I’ve never been offensive with [my beliefs]. I’ve always been the one to let people know slowly but surely who I am. I don’t force it on you or try to make you become what I am—whether it was the gangster shit; whether it was me hanging with the Fruit Of Islam; [whether it was] me being with the Rastafari, whatever. I’ve never forced anything on people other than what you believe.”

Snoop’s religious affiliations were largely pushed to the background of his gangster rapping, marijuana loving reputation. However, the Doggystyle-emcee says that he never intentionally hid his faith.

“Sometimes the questions are posed as to what do I believe in and what do I stand for,” he explained. “But if those questions aren’t asked, there’s no need to speak on it because my religion is a liberty. It’s the way I live. Not what is presented to me or what is supposed to be religion. To me the best religion is the way you live. Not by a book or by what someone tells you. By the way you live. That’s your religion because it’s your life and it tells exactly who you are and what’s gonna happen when you’re gone. That’s my belief.” 

Snoop Lion also discussed the creation of his first Reggae release—Reincarnated—a departure from his Rap roots that is executive produced by Diplo & Major Lazer. Stepping away from the cypher wasn’t a challenge for Snoop. He says he was comfortable making a Reggae album because Reggae was always “intertwined” into his music.

“It was always in there but never at the forefront,” he noted to DX. “As far as being challenging, nah. It’s all music. It’s all melodies and harmonies. It’s what feels good to you. Reggae music feels good if you do it right. I’ve always been able to do it right but I’ve never been able to do it all. So I wanted to step in and do it right and do it all at the same time.”

Along with Diplo & Major Lazer, Reincarnated the album features production by 6Blocc, Dre Skull, Supa Dups, and Ariel Rechtshaid. Notable appearances include Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes on “Remedy,” Akon on “Tired Of Running” and Collie Buddz on “Smoke The Weed.” Snoop’s daughter Cori B is featured on “No Guns Allowed”—an anti-gun violence anthem which also features Drake rhyming in an Andre 3000-like style.

Snoop Lion Shares Solution To Rise In Gun Violence

When asked his thoughts on what individuals can do to help quell the recent rise of shootings nationwide, Snoop offered a solution. “One of them is doing what I’m doing: correcting my mistakes by being a better person and putting out more energy and more music that represents what we’re going through as opposed to what we went through,” he said. The Lion continued: 

“I ain’t going through that no more. I’m going through what you’re going through, watching the world and watching the power that I have and watching the way people react when I walk into a room. What should I do with this power? Should I abuse it? Should I continue to send my peoples down the wrong path? Or should I at least try to wake them up and let them know that there is another way and show them that the way that I’m doing it may be the new way. They’ve been following everything else that I’ve been giving them, let me give them something that got some substance to it with thought behind it.”

During last July's New York City press conference where he first announced his name change, Snoop Lion said he was initially drawn to Jamaica because he always thought he was "Bob Marley reincarnated." Last January, original Bob Marley & The Wailers member, Bunny Wailer lambasted Snoop's Rasta conversion, calling it an "outright fraudulent use of the Rastafari communities personalities and symbolism." In response to Wailer, Rohan Marley—Bob Marley's son—spoke out in support of Snoop Lion.     

Reincarnated the album is available for purchase on April 23. The documentary of the same name hits theatres on Friday, March 15. Visit for theatre and ticket information. 

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  • Emily G

    Respect to Snoop "Lion" this dude is so savvy it's ridic. His latest move is a track on the soundtrack for the movie This Is The End. Keep on keeping on S N double O P!

  • Anonymous

    i never liked snoop

  • Anonymous

    Quiet proud of the man, has taken an alternative path instead of selling out our youth. Show them the strength of unity instead of being such a porn for that old slavemaster

    • David Bunz

      Word. I think anyone in a position of power and influence ought to use it to provoke positive change and constant progress. It's not easy to do in that position though, it takes a strong will and conviction.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule only uses a gun when the person he's fighting is bigger than him.

  • Anonymous

    "I thought he sounded a little aragant is it just me?" Rest assured you weren't the only one thinking Snoop sounded a little "arrogant".

  • Anonymous

    ..... he always thought he was "Bob Marley reincarnated." Snoop's an idiot, and that statement proved it.

  • I'm Like God To You Niggas

    The solution is W-E-E-D!!! If everybody's stone ain't no one finna shoot you

  • YaknoW...

    I thought he sounded a little aragant is it just me?...... I like how when snoop does a song with like daz or soopalfy kurupt he changes it back to "snoop dogg" fucken idiot......

  • A


  • Carnal Pleasures

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  • Jake

    Knowing your facts before you write an article sometimes helps...there is no rise in gun violence whatsoever. There has actually been a huge decrease. Over the last 50 years, gun deaths have decreased by over 75% while the population has doubled. Only 20 years ago, the violent crime rate in America was more than 9 per 100,000 people being victimized. Today, gun ownership and carry permits have increased exponentially and the violent crime rate was last reported at 4.2 per 100,000 people so with a growing population and more guns than ever, we are at an all time crime low. A real solution to gun violence would be ending gun free zones. More than 90% of mass shooters purposely pick these areas because people can't defend themselves. It's simple common sense that anybody with half of a brain can comprehend.

  • Anonymous

    why is snoop giving interviews a space built for Michael Jacksons pet chimpanzee during the Thriller recording sessions in 1982????

  • DOPE

    Kendrick Lamar is a good MC. And when's Em's new record coming out?

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule hates guns. He prefers hand to hand combat.

  • SLick

    Solution to gun crime: shoot all the persons found committing gun crimes.

  • chiefhotfoot

    Snoop, I'm a little disappointed, Bob Marley studied the Bible obsessively and Rasta goes so much deeper than what you are saying. My religion is liberty just doesn't cut it. Snoop Lion speaks of being a Rastafarian for the smoking part but leaves out the Christian essence, the biblical points, etc. Snoop Lion cmon Son!

  • Malcolm X's Ghost

    In order to get rid of the gun, we gotta pick it up and shoot first. There ain't gonna be no revolution if we just keep turning the other cheek.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's solution to gun violence is simple. If you don't have a gun, duck. If you have one, don't miss.

  • Anonymous

    "The government wants to disarm the people" Certain people, but the problem is how can a government who uses weapons themselves convince society to turn the other cheek?

  • Anonymous

    Rise of gun violence? Gun violence has not rose. Stop spreading propaganda. The government wants to disarm the people. End of story.

    • Anonymous

      Yo OP you really needing that knowledge of self cause otherwise you sound as smart as a turnip

    • Anonymous

      "Stop spreading propaganda. The government wants to disarm the people." ^ the irony... Feel free to show us where the gov't has sent out letters saying they want to confiscate your guns and are picking them up at the house at a specific time. Gun sales have soared so they're not disarming the people clown, I have yet to hear a gun manufacturer is going bankrupt.

  • Anonymous

    "There is no afterlife" You've checked?

  • dtgfgvyhhuujik

    retarted house lmaoooo

  • Anonymous

    (If) Snoop is real about this, that earns my respect!

  • texas chainsaw

  • fdftgybhjun

  • Anonymous

    yea he basically didnt say shit!

  • Anonymous

    "To me the best religion is the way you live" Religion isn't a convenience Snoop cause don't you think millions before you have said the very same thing. I live the way I live, and that will satisfy my soul come the afterlife. Doesn't quite work that way.

    • rahrahrah

      There is no afterlife. There is only Life and Death. Physical Death and Spiritual Death, Physical Life and Spiritual Life.


    dj clue and fabolous have sum creepy twitter messagess zsedcfvgvbbhjunhjnjlnhjbhgiygiyhbj

  • anonnna

    He has a point. people need to evolve and be better people. not caught up in all the same negativity. props to snoop lion!

  • Anonymous

    What was the solution then? Or was it just to get stoned (as he most likely was at the time)

  • Fuck Long Beach

    This nigga is a huge hypocrite. He goes from "Murder was the Case" "Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back" and actually killing someone to "Peace". Fuck this nigga, wannabe Bob Marley.

    • anon

      'Murder Was The Case' Is twenty years old! Think you'll be just the same in twenty years time?

    • Anonymous

      people mature and grow up. of course hes not the same as he was 20 years ago, especially after pac and big murders

    • ETK

      quit your bitch ass hatin. you're using shit from him like 10 fuckin years ago. that's not being a hypocrite, it's called growing up or even just changing your course. you want this nigga to be gangbangin for the rest of his life? fuck's that gonna do for you? even if he is a bob marley wannabe, at least respect the message... haters always poppin at the mouth or keyboard for nuttin

  • Anonymous

    tl;dr - the solution is weed, as anything is with him

  • Chi-Ill

    Call me stupid but what was the solution again?!

  • Snooperdooper

    "You keep talkin shit I'll put my gun up in your mouth" - Snoop Dogg (Young Buck DPG-Unit)

  • Anonymous

    ...and no solutions were given that day.

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