Money A Determining Factor In A Possible Hot Boys Reunion, According To Mannie Fresh

Mannie Fresh speaks on a reunion of the Hot Boys, says he'll take part when there's a "big, hot check" waiting.

Noted producer and former Cash Money Records artist Mannie Fresh may have his issues with his former label home, but if the price is right Mannie revealed that he’d be all for a Hot Boys reunion. There’s been the occasional chatter about a possible reunion of the group, with the most recent talk of a reunion coming from Turk, but Mannie revealed that he’d only be present if a “big, hot check” was waiting.

The Southern beatsmith recently shared his thoughts on a possible Hot Boys reunion with and explained exactly why money is so important in the matter.

“It might happen without me. You know what I’m saying? It would take a big, hot check for me to be there. That’s all I’m telling you. Maybe he [Turk] got something in mind that he wants to do, but I’m curious to see how that plays out,” Mannie explained. “Because from what I understand he has some issues with Cash Money…It’s just more so of you just gotta pay people. It’s not like it’s a hard concept, like it can never happen or whatever. You’ve got rockers that go on stage and it’ll be like, ‘I hate you and I hate you. And I’ll see your ass in Cincinnati tomorrow.’ And what makes it all better is, ‘You know what, I’m getting my money. You getting your money. We cool.’ That’s the whole bottom line.”

Mannie Fresh also spoke on Cash Money stifling a deal he secured with Def Jam and commented on working with fellow artist Juvenile again.

“It kinda comes down to the microwave era of what I’m saying now,” the producer explained when asked about making an album similar to 400 Degreez. “I think Juve is a great artist, but you gotta be patient enough to wanna sit there and do it like that. I don’t think we would never top 400 Degreez, but to come close to it it’s gonna take some time. It’s not a session where you can just do that overnight.”

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  • foreal

    yes because people want to hear a group that hates each other and are only together for money...

  • Anonymous

    Dr Dre left Ruthless and Death Row to start his own label, why couldn't Mannie do the same??

  • Fuck New Orleans

    Can somebody tell me why the Fifth Ninja Turtle feels like he knows anything about the Hot Boys???

    • MalcolmLittle

      That'd probably be cuz wouldn't no one even know who the hell the Hot Boys or Cash Money were if they wouldn't have had Mannie's production behind em... -_-

  • jase

    this is just stupid to keep going on about. bg is in jail for a longggg ass time. so that's that. and hot boys? these dudes is well into they 30's. juvenile is pushing 40. what they gonna rap about? viagra?

    • Anonymous

      jase, people 45 still take drugs, chase women, and inspire to make money and many of them are responsible beings in "society". If you don't switch it up you're going to have a midlife crisis or a young meltdown (self destruct). Dudes out there are 60 getting bitches, sniffing and sipping, with grandkids, mortgages, wills, assets, all of that. "Society" will tell you keep that cubicle job for 25 years and don't take any risks while they show you how to live YOUR life, while "society" is on a yacht, getting head from exotic broads, eating lobster bisque and caviar.

    • jase

      nah im 24. but these old ass dudes need to quit thinking they still young. move on and do other things more suitable for you.

    • jase's tutor

      In my 30's and beating your mom's pussy viagra. Now run along to have a quiz tomorrow little nukka.

    • Anonymous

      jase is young, let him get up there in age and he'll see how foolish he was thinking.

    • jase

      yeah and it's fucking silly so you have no point

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z is 45 and still rapping about drugs, sex and money, so your point is moot.

  • dentaldamboy

    Does everyone on here know why they call me the dentaldam boy?

    • Lil Loc

      ^^ Thanks for sharing your personal business with all of us, now we're going to make sure we have a fuck left to give about you.

    • dentaldamboy

      No. Back in high school, I was over my friends place and I was telling him about eating out some chick. His older sister overheard and said that the girl was a total slut, and she hopes that I used a dentaldam.

    • jo2o

      because you like to go down on old're just gay...accept it and keep slobbin' on your sugar daddy.

  • dentaldamboy

    We all know that Birdman was ghost-producing for Manny. It's not a coincidence that Manny lost his touch as soon as he was kicked out of Cash Money. I bet most of you didn't know that in addition to being the only hip-hop titan in the industry and a 5 star general in the blood army, he is ALSO a world class producer.

  • Workers don't get paid like the owners

    If Mannie was so good, he would have his own successful record label. He wasn't nothing but the talent (help) and thought he should get paid like the owners. Most owners of Mcdonalds never step foot in their franchises, but the managers and team members, who do all the grunt work don't ask to be paid the same.

  • Anonymous

    It's ashame really. Mannie's production was a big part of what made me like Cash Money. He had all the hot, bounce type of shit on 400 Degreez but gave B.G something completely different and raw. Mannie hasn't really impressed me in a while music wise, but I'm checking for this album with Mos Def

    • Nick Newman

      Agreed!! When I bought Chopper City In The Ghetto I thought that it would sound like 400 Degreez but it was darker as far as the beats go. Man I miss that old Cash Money sound.

  • Eric

    That 400 Degreez is a hip hop classic! y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Anonymous

    This so-called reunion will never happen so people need to quit asking about it. Side-note that Flash shirt Mannie is wearing is nice.

    • Anonymous

      he probably got that at wal-mart. he probably wants a "big, hot check" cause right now he's broke as fuk

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