Pusha T Says He Single-Handedly "Blacked Out" On YMCMB

Pusha T continues to taunt YMCMB, saying he "blacked out" on the crew.

Tensions have been mounting between Pusha T and members of YMCMB over the past year. Now, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper and Clipse alum has taken another jab at Lil Wayne's crew.

In a recent interview with DJ Semtex via You Heard That New, Pusha Ton discussed MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game," saying that he's not upset that he was not included on the list. Regardless, he does believe the fact that he single-handedly "blacked out" on the YMCMB camp during 2012 warrants some form of distinction.

"I'm not out of my mind over the list, but I think I've had a stellar year. When you look at what I did this year, I did some incredible things," he explained. "There's not a record bigger than 'Mercy' - what, 25 weeks at number one? Twenty-five weeks at number one, and I was on that. The 'Don't Like' record? That was definitely a club favorite…'New God Flow,' that probably might be the Hip Hop record of the year."

He continued, "Let's just look at what I did to people out here: I blacked out on a whole crew [YMCMB] all year. All year long, I blacked out on a whole crew by myself, all year long. Nobody stood next to me and blacked out with me; I blacked out on a whole crew by myself. Like, I don't belong on no list? And I'm talking about everybody, I blacked out on peoples' favorites…I had emcees denouncing their fan base, denouncing their fan base and coming back with records talking about, 'As long as my chicks love me.' I did that…I don't belong on no list? It's cool, I've just got to work harder."

Recently, Pusha discussed his on-going feud with Drake, saying that he's "ready for anything and anybody." He is also working on his G.O.O.D. Music solo debut My Name is My Name, due out later this year.

Check out the full interview below.

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  • 2manyhaters

    "dont get mad get money" lol

  • 2manyhaters

    he need to stop worrying about lil wayne n the rest of them rich fags...we get it pusha your a "real nigga" now quit hatin on them n make them hits you known for....cuz you lookin like a real hater nigga!


    Use the next man name to pump yaself soime real sucker shit in my book, but hey wack dudes yall love like 50 made a career of it. But on some real hip-hjop shit lets keep it real Pusha is a true MC. You may not like his subject matter, beats whateva but anyone you has ever heard either of the Clipse first 2 albums or any of the We Got It For Cheap mixtape series and is a true lover of hip-hop knows Wayne could hold the man mic cord (pause. Now for all the hater Drake gets he's about the only one in YMCMB who can truly consistently spit and would give Pusha a challenge.



  • Anonymous

    "pushas jus a student of the old school and followed the rules" There are no rules in the booth, my friend. You either address somebody by name like a man and a real artist, or you hide behind excuses later by saying you weren't talking about them.

  • Anonymous

    Pusha T ain't no street nigga. NeeeeXT

    • STFU


  • Anonymous

    Pusha is really feelin himself right now. We'll see what that new solo album does, cause if he can't push good numbers by himself then he's nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Lol he sounds like a little bitch. Nigga you ain't no hits by yourself. Both of your mixtapes are ass, minus 1 or 2 songs. Nigga you don't even have an album out.

    • ha

      thats crazy cuz wrath of caine was a monster.. but he is sounding like a bitch right now..he needa focus on himself and not ym all the time..and i cant stand ym outside drake..idc what ppl say drakes nice lyrically

  • i c dead people

    extra sensory perception

  • Anonymous

    im not ymcmb fan. but this dude is really asking for it...there gonna ride on this fool the way "Shady" did on JaRule.... aint no one from his camp gonna back him against cash money.

    • Chris

      Ummm Common already has and probably will again...and he has more classic albums than Cash Money's entire catalogue...This coming from someone who grew up listening to the Hot Boy$

  • Poisson9

    Regardless of records sold or fame, Pusha T is one of the dopest rappers period.

  • Grindinnn

    If Pusha focused more on his own career instead of being worried about YMCMB he would probably have some hits on the billboard. Pusha is nice no doubt but everytime he does an interview they have to bring up Wayne or Cash Money.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck does black out mean?

  • Pusha Ton


  • Anonymous

    That Exodus 23:1 was flavor...PUSHA Holdin his own in the game.

  • Anonymous

    He just said "blacked out" 25 times. follow at noles506

  • kennyken

    i've peeped the mixtape and that junt was tight. I'm waiting on MNIMN pusha always brings it and I've just started noticing with his last album.

  • Anonymous

    So many wayne dickriders on here..why hate a lyrical dude putting clowns in check? Wayne the best rapper ever? Never. Wayne the best rapper alive? Nope. Wayne the new Pac? HAHAHAH Pusha T ran all over those niggas and they couldnt even put together a decent diss track back. Back when rappers actually had to have some integrity with other rappers and the rest of the real rap world, if you got dissed and put some lame shit out as a response, you lost and you get clowned on. Now because the new generation of these soft ass rap fans, no one gives a fuck even when they lose.

  • ThaTruth

    He Says he blacked out on YMCMB but he never called anybody out or named names. Wayne won the beef because he came out directly sayin: "Fuck Pusha T" and then came out with a song with his label member. I Like pusha as a rapper but dude needs to worry about himself instead of anyone else.

    • Anonymous

      thats not winning at all...back in the day it was like considered breaking the rules if you said your victims name in a battle - pushas jus a student of the old school and followed the rules. Wayne said pushas name and put out the worst diss track in 15 years

  • Anonymous

    Clipse was dope. Pusha T in 2013 is overrated

  • loll

    YULLLLK.. need that album asap but no pusha u dont belong on the list. u were apart of a kayne west produced song..when ur album drops and if its as hot as wrath of caine then youll be deserving

  • fuck drake

    wrath of cain sucks

  • hugyt

    Can't wait for the day Pusha knocks drake the fuck out

  • Anonymous

    he forgot about common who dissed drake ?

  • chills

    What's this nigga trying to be the new Game or something. Plus it's sad because while he's going to war with YMCMB his boss is saying Wayne is the hottest out right now lmao.

  • Anonymous

    pusha t is the definition of a loser in the game. been around forever had all kinds of help from huge stars and he still aint shit. making free mixtapes that suck while he takes any and every interview to open his mouth about what other ppl more successful than him are doing. he coulda really banged on young money and fans would've gotten behind him but he was too scared to use names and he hid his hands like a chicken. pusha t has never been a success. every clipse album was a commercial failure thats why clipse is dead. it's why pusha t signed on to good music as a writer and not an artist. he will never drop an album and he peaked 10 years ago.

    • Anonymous


  • YEBO


    • HaHA

      Haha you're an idiot push had the hardest verse on mercy hands down and his verse over powered kanyes by far on new god flow

  • J-star

    Fool u must of not grew up on Clipse. PUSHA T is a great lyricist.all clipse albums r DOPE.Hell Yaeh all the features he's bein on R DOPE. that y hes on it.noone else is on his level...bsides he did take out YMCMB crew all year...he making noise.Lil wayne came back ass a wack dis ,come haerder son.lil wayne fell off..

    • rawkus

      pusha aint that good..blacked out a whole crew? they are still winning..lol he acts like hes jealous, goin at a crew for no reason. drake always had nothing but great things to say about the clipse so i dont knoww what this guys deal is.

    • pushadick

      how did he black out ymcmb?????? and why does this loser have to mention wayne in every interview he does?

  • Anonymous

    Pusha T is delusional. He needs to see a psychiatrist. He is bragging about posse cuts like they are his solo joints. Make a record without Kanye / 2 chainz / big Sean/ Malice that is hot. Then, start bragging. Otherwise, u just talking BS.

    • jstar

      ur list is WACK son...2chains is not dat great Bis sean is not dat great..kanye west is GREAT producers ideas n besides he's from CHIACAGO.MIDWEST BABY>>>Pusha T causing other rapers to step up there GAME...he did take down YMCMB crew all year long

  • Killalex

    I'm all for battles but Pusha is a bitch, dude kept ducking after that Exodus diss by saying he got no problems etc. Now he's talking slick again. Probably gonna backpedal on this on the next interview.

  • ASH

    Holy trinities of hip-hop: *1st Gen: Early 80s (before solo rappers became dominant) Kurtis Blow/Ice-T/Schoolly D *2nd Gen: Late 80s-Early 90s Rakim/KRS-One/LL Cool J *3rd Gen: Early-Mid 90s 2pac/Biggie/Nas *4th Gen: Late 90s-Early 2000s Jay-Z/Eminem/DMX *5th Gen: Mid-Late 2000s Kanye West/Lil' Wayne/50 Cent/GAME *6th Gen: Early 2010s-(Now) Drake/Kendrick Lamar/J. Cole HOWEVER G.O.A.Ts (Those who stayed dominant far beyond their generation) 2pac (by default) Biggie (by default) Nas Jay-Z Eminem Kanye West

  • Anonymous

    I would love the opportunity to beat the fuck outta this lame ass nigga. Fuck this guy, if you read this nigga, reply back to me and imma give u my address nigga. You aint about that life nigga

  • Anonymous

    Check your ego at the door, Push. You ain't all that

  • Bom919

    sorry for the essay tho...adderall

  • Bom919

    Pusha's just getting annoying with this shit, its not like he needs attention by dissing them in every other interveiw & the ones he's not dissing them he's sayin "ahh I aint got no real problems with them, that wont directed at them, Im a big fan of Wayne, & Im a fan of Drake blah blah 18 years ago I sold cocaine" and thats not me just clowning him he really does/did say that in different sentences. Im a big Pusha fan, Im a big Drake fan, I was a big Wayne fan. But Pusha is not making his gangsta appeal look any better by dissing Drake! Drake doesnt give a damn and he knows he's not hard, so why go at him? Bc Exodus was his biggest SOLO record so far? Bc he's an easy target? Because he's one of the hottest rappers in the game? Well so is Pusha, he's atleast top 20. So to sum up my point, stop dissing them all the damn time and promote that album with GOOOD music real talk, that shits been played out already

  • Anonymous

    this fucking pussy would diss ymcmb for the rest of his life just to stay relevant

  • JT

    This cat is lame. He ain't do shit young money still the top label in rap. Wayne owns thus guy in music but Wayne a success. He got trukfit and millions coming in each week while pusha gets pushed back. And to all the broke haters wayne make more in a week then you make in your life. You bitches probably stylin on some trukfit.

    • Anonymous

      All I see is a bitch ass white boy with Wayne's dick in his mouth defending him by making up bullshit lies.

  • CCCC

    Dudes gonna try to take credit for killing a label that was already dead. No one's checkin for Pusha T

  • Culo

    Dude taking credit for songs he was a guest on. That's sad. Cuz make decent music but album won't sell for shit. Need to chill with the hate and focus on this career he claiming he got.

  • mitchslapped

    Pusha stays losing. Battling ghosts. YMCMB's top three artists are selling more than Pusha's whole crew combined. For a dude with amazing talent, why does he spend all his time battling YMCMB ghosts who give no shits about him?! In this game of HipHop, the reality is that if your albums aint buzzing, you're just a pedestrian on the shoulder of the highway. Pusha, get yo hitchhiking ass out of the street. Let your music speak for himself. Besides, what exactly does it mean to "black out" on a crew? Especially when said crew is still as hot as it was before your weird hatred became full-fledged animosity. Get a life, dude.

    • mitchslapped

      And what exactly are my music tastes? Nowhere in this discussion have I stated my musical tastes...

    • ^

      And you need to hop off the dick and get some better music taste.

    • mitchslapped

      Fuck outta here, old ass nigga. You aren't pro-real HipHop, you're just anti-Lil' Wayne. ALL rappers lie, ALL these muhfuckas frauds. This shit is entertainment. It aint real life. You need therapy. Too defensive of some shit that doesn't belong to you. Sit the fuck down.

    • Anonymous

      Thats the problem, again, with new rap fans. There are guidelines. There are unwritten rules. Kissing men on their lips, wearing skinny jeans and getting dumb shit tattooed all over your face goes against them. Rhyming bottles with models in 65% of your songs goes against them. Claiming to be the next pac and claiming to be the best rapper alive when you lose a battle to pusha is just silly. That diss he came back with was absolutely pathetic. Not 1 punchline in the whole mess. Wayne doesnt do well without his writers. He walks around saying whatever he wants, wether or not it has any basis in reality is irrelevant to him, and no one checks him. Why? Its because the new generation of rap fans are pussies. This dude is a fraud. Im not talking about rappers exaggerating what theyve sold in their life times or rappin now about what they used to do. Even that would get you checked back in the day but Im reasonable. Wayne is a fraud on a human level. Not just a rapper level. He cant sing. His rock album was whack as fuck. He cant skate. He dresses in girls clothes and kisses men. Talks about what a boss he is and the only person hes ever shot was himself. He switches rags more times than a bitch with a yeast infection. This is the dude you chose to support?

    • mitchslapped

      ^^^And here goes the HipHop professor, taking statements out of context and letting everyone else know that he's the only person on the planet that knows what real HipHop is...if there is such a thing. For me, so-called "real HipHop" is whatever it means to the person that fell in love with it at the time they fell in love with it. If you discovered HipHop during the "booty-shaking era", then, in all likelihood, that is your concept of "real HipHop". The same holds true for the person who fell in love with the politically conscious side of HipHop during the NWA era. Get this clear, there is no universally accepted guidelines of what "real HipHop" is or isn't. So, sit the fuck down. As far as the "ghosts" comments go, my intent was to illustrate the fact that Wayne and Drake dissed Pusha then stepped out of the ring. Now, months and years later, Pusha is still standing in the empty ring throwing jabs and hay-makers at contenders that aren't even in the gymnasium. He should tread carefully...he's dangerously close to realizing the fate of Gille the Kid after his prolonged shadowboxing with the ghost of Lil' Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      welcome next generation of pussy rap fans. If you dont know what it means to fucking black out on someone or a crew, you dont know a god damn thing about rap. Proof is just in that one situation alone. I dont get how you are gonna say they are all out sellng him and then call them ghosts? Drake and Wayne are ghosts? Since when? The album sales you cling to say otherwise. When someones disses you, you diss back. Or else youre a wayne size pussy and back down because they have NO idea what hip hop really is.

  • Pusha is a girl

    I can't stop laughing at this clown!!! Lil Wayne, said fuck him and anybody who love him, which is saying his "whole family" including his mother. Lil Wayne doing shows, going to clubs and having a good time, not even scared of retribution. Pusha T acting like he got Wayne running like them GD'z got Rozay running. Pusha is no different from a scorn girl............lol

  • Anonymous

    well common was there too

  • Anonymous

    how come your mixtape never made any noise. glorified feature rapper

  • Anonymous

    lol didnt this sucker deny it the whole time. now he wants credit? what a coward

  • frankwhite

    yet you fail to mention he put drake as a top 3 mc on his own damn list. push still shows respect when its due.

  • Dude has a bit if a point.

    There's a grain of truth to what Pusha T says here. He spent the whole year taking shots at Wayne. Weezy didn't even make the list this time. The only YM member to make the list was Drake. Winning a Grammy earned him a spot though. Nicki got burned by Mariah and HOT 97, as well has have here second album flop by her standards. Weezy's been killing his own career every time he opens his mouth. Tyga stays losing. And no one else on YM has any music out. You can't deny that Wrath of Caine was tight. Drake's obviously going to outsell Pusha's debut,and that's about the only crutch that YM fans have to stand on. It's not about sales, its about the music. Both Pusha T and Drake make some decent shit, but at the end of the day, the MTV list is garbage. Why Meek Mill and Future are on the list I don't know. We heard Pusha on better tracks than both of those dudes last year for sure.

  • Anonymous

    No Malice>Pusha T

  • DD

    pusha stop talkin, no one buying ur wack ass album. Drizzy gonna outsell u in the first hour

    • Anonymous

      "Drake's obviously going to outsell Pusha's debut,and that's about the only crutch that YM fans have to stand on." ^ that's for you man boobs

  • Anonymous

    G UNIT > G.O.O.D. Music - FACT



  • come-on-guy

    This is started to get sad, Push. Every interview he's got to mention his one-sided "beef" with Drake or Wayne that nobody gives a fuck about. I'm no YMCMB fan, and Push is a talented dude, but enough with the constant shit-starting. Nobody cares, no other emcees are biting, just give it up, bro.

  • Maxpoppin

    Pusha nice, but giving his self credit for the success of "Don't Like" remix and Mercy is redic, lmao he must be sniffin the same stuff he say he sellin lol 2chainz made Mercy big cuz of his buz at the time, he gotta getta single poppin, wit no features and his own beat selection b4 he talks like this, i mean he's 32, and he just now having a debut solo album? lol dude needs to keep drake out his mouth 2, he looks like a hoe talking bout a singer who aint tuff at all, real hood dudes would never come at a singer like that period! lol it serves no purpose pusha, drop that tuff guy act

    • Anonymous

      I didn't know there was a by-law in rap that said you had to be a certain age to drop a solo album. Can you post a link to this rap constitution?

  • Anonymous

    Whatever nigga, YMCMB still outselling your crew. I'm not defending anyone here, I find both G.O.O.D. Music and Cash Money GARBAGE, but let's be realistic, YMCMB is at the top right now.

  • uptlodi

    dude giving himself too much credit and for nothing. "blacking out on a crew" doesnt get you on the list putting out good music,bringing in big numbers and working you ass off does. plus i feel wayne shouldve been on that shit anyway so mtv was sleep this year with tha list

  • latasha

    kanye made that song hot not him. w/o yeezy he'll drown

  • smfh

    i must say at THIS point pusha does look desperate as fuck. at first it was cool but damn bro every interview, song ,mixtape or every other tweet is about niggas thats 10x more succsessfull than you and are ignoring the fuck out of you. like move on bro, even yo boss rock with them niggas and you still reaching for the save lol smh and im a fan but damn

  • Anonymous

    I still don't get why people give a shit about MTV's list.

  • bryce

    ummm no you wasnt on the list cause all you did was ride wayne and drake dick and tried to hide behind kanye fame. i liked pusha when he was (star track) he done let being around ye make him think he ye lol. the niggas he waste time dissing are multi-millionaires and have gold and plat. albums under their belts, you think they about to pay you any att.? NOPE! because they can see the plot from a far. just make your music , make your money and be humble fool. all that other shit is for bitches and bitch niggas

  • Anonymous

    the illusionist...this dude high on bath salt. ..no skill having ass nigga...u AVERAGE AT BEST .....GTFOH

    • dumb dumbs

      Yes tiffany go back and listen to Drake and realize you don't know a damn thing about Hip Hop.

    • tiffany_m

      0_o he was just saying him and drake was cool and he liked drake music now he wants a problem with him? .....again?! lol **goes back to listen to 5am in toronto again**

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T is the biggest YMCMB groupie. We hear him talking about our team all day every day. The best part of this interview is that he actually admitted that no one in GOOD music is riding with him. This is exactly what I have been telling you guys all along. Pusha is just a staff writer for GOOD music. He's not part of the crew. Kanye, Sean, John Legend, Q-Tip, Common, CyHi all don't give a fuck about Pusha T. He's boring and played out. Once his lame as album flops, there will def be a "black out" of a deal with good music. YMCMB for life! We got the rap game by the clit.

  • blog dat bish

    "I AM NOT A HUMANBEING 2" MARCH 26TH!! fuck a hater

  • ashley

    push must have a mixtape coming soon lol thats usually when niggas start tryna create a beef. attention sceme

  • bdk

    WOOOOOOOOW ANOTHER pusha t interview where he's talking about ymcmb what a shock! -____-

  • nyc_chris

    damn he was just giving drake props and saying he fuck with him a month ago now he want beef again? smfh this clown got to be the biggest ymcmb dick rider in music and its a few out there but dude takes the cake and crumbs. like my nigga you signed to kanye west and even ya boss give wayne props thats why you mad son?

    • suck my jay's

      nah son that thirsty ass nigga heard "5 am in toronto" now he want some of drake attention ahahahahaha. these rap niggas are funny to me

  • shawn

    hold up he actually think the "bitches love me" record was made because of what he said to wayne ? lmfaoooooooooooooooo this nigga is beyond funny

    • Anonymous

      etk that logical can be applied to every song ever made. you could argue that biggie inspired every 2pac album after 1994. niggas reaching for accolades smh.

    • mally mal

      LMFAO man fuck what that other fool said that replied to you . basically thats what he tryna say lol i laughed as i read that part homie out his top on that one smh

    • ETK

      not specifically because of him but he was a factor into it. the fact is Lil Wayne and co. are getting shitted on from all corners - yes I know they're makin that $$ - but they got that haterade around them and Pusha T has been one of the most vocal 'bout it. someone like Jay-Z didn't even go at Wayne that much

  • ThaO.G.

    Pusha T Stays blacking out everybody in sight. Yuuuuuuuuh. http://www.ogregister.org/1/post/2013/03/pusha-t-interview-leaves-charlie-rose-a-babbling-shell-of-a-man.html

  • josh_08

    this nigga is full of shit or should i say himself! wayne said fuck him and anybody that love him and kept it moving. he (pusha) caught feelings and tried to make it a career changer for him and it didnt lol. and that mercy shit is corny and only pop'd cause of kanye and sean w/o them that shit wouldve been mixtape trash

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