Joe Budden Will Approach Consequence "In A Different Way" If Another Confrontation Occurs

Joe Budden talks about the time he confronted Consequence at Hot 97 in New York.

Back in early February, Joe Budden and Consequence had scheduled interviews at Hot 97 within the same time period. Seeing Cons there made Joe origionally uncomfortable and thus saw him leave the room.

In a recent interview with ThisIs50, Joey Jumpoff talks about that day and the video that surfaced from it.

"He had no prior knowledge that I would be up there and I didn't know that he'd be there," he said. "But when I saw him, you know I walked out first, but then I was like nah I have to, I have to say something to him."

Joe claims that he didn't know that the whole situation was being recorded. He also claims that he just wanted to make things clear and if Consequence were to talk about him again on the radio, he will approach him in a "different" way.

"I just wanted to have a conversation with him, face to face about anything that him or his significant other wanted to address to me," Joe said. "I wasn't there to fight or make him look away, it wasn't a setup, cameras, I wasn't there for that."

Watch the full interview below (via ThisIs50).

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  • the_kid

    It's "Calm & Collected" not Calm & Collective" you moron.

  • Anonymous

    "real niggas carry bodyguards" That's right. Real N-I-G-G-A-S do, real MEN don't.

  • Anonymous

    Jack Triller funny dude hahahhh!!....peace God!!...

  • Anonymous

    fuck sadam hussein man



  • Assassin Black

    most 'o these top level public eye rappers just 'Hollywood Stunt Nigga's' playing 'boss man' for the suburbia Dick Riduh's who buy they commercialized trap shit and follow em on Twitter .... real muh'fucka don't talk about what the fuck they 'gon do boss..when the time come, it just get done...aint no brag'n, boasting prefight hype... when u see that muh'fucka you either just get at his ass or let it ride wit a pass... niggas gon be niggas so they gon settle shit in a nigga-fied fashion! thats why I don't fucks wit niggas...real talk....real muh'fuckas don't waste time responding to some retarded ass internet nigga looking to get some lo-level shine running his mouth in a muh'fuck'n place like this.....

  • HA HA

    i completely understand Joe Budden's approach. what was retarded is this interviewer saying joe budden said it with a sexy voice im hit u with a right then a left ... i was like 0____o WHAT ! joe budden still gets no respect from me since when he fckd with the WU TAN n got ssssssshhhmackeddddd HA HA !!! WU FOR LIFE !!!

  • Edubb

    Personally I think Cons would have kicked Joes ass if it was to go there.

  • Anonymous

    niggas beefin without a meat rack, kno niggas ain't wit that for real

  • Joe Budden

  • Anonymous

    You gotta give him credit for staying in the headlines though.

  • Anonymous

    lol joe-trolls so tired. i mean its 2013, i stopped doin this shit back in 07-08.

    • Anonymous

      lol i agree w/ you, you misunderstand me.

    • Anonymous

      If u willing to let someone think that its cool to play u then u playin yaself, bro... There's nothing wrong with settin someone str8... A man to man convo let's a nigga know he can't just say anyhting about anybody...

  • KING

    The Link...

  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden is that nigga, Jack Thriller is funny aswell good interviewer

  • Anonymous

    He confronted Coons at Hot 97???

  • Anonymous

    and i suggest you approach your music differently because your music is WACK!

  • Joe Buddens Apology Publicist

    damn if i had a dollar for everytime joe budden said something tough then apologized the next day

  • Danny

    When are people going to realise the man's name is 'Joe Budden'?

    • Anonymous

      when his first album came out i couldn't find it cuz i was looking for joe buddens and not joe budden. he mighta went plat if niggas knew his name was budden.

  • Anonymous

    now that black history month is over, Buddens can go full on again-- COONTASTIC!! Negros must be proud the brother.

  • Anonymous

    i fuck wit joe buddens, nigga makes solid music. but he needs to stop the 'i'm gonna approach consequence differently' bullshit - he ain't built like that, not to say consequence is tho.

  • Anonymous

    ya all clowns saying joe is a pussy cons is the real punk talking mad shit cuz joe said he wouldnt do a song with him

    • Anonymous

      Joe Budden is better than Cons... Cons is nice but ever since Jump-Off SLAUGHTERHOUSE he got waaaaaaayyyyy better.... matter fact they all did...

    • Anonymous

      also you forgot cons is kinda full of shit. don't believe everything he says. nigga jumped on a tribe after their best two albums. don't get me wrong the album is dope, but tribe owes him nothing. If cons was modest, he'd be up there w/ good music now, but he's full of it.

    • awol one

      so , when people saying kanye cant rap , what they really sayin is consequence wack??

    • Really

      You must be 12 years old. Do you know who the fuck Consequence is??? He would kill all your favorite rappers. Consequence ghostwrote hit after hit for Kanye AND made a hit for Beyonce.

  • Anonymous

    joe is a sucka with very low self esteem. he pretends to be cool headed but is really a psycho bi-polar dude. thats why wu-tang beat him up. transparent as dude...he is

    • Anonymous

      ^ Wu Tang, Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA....Ur an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      NOBODY is better than Slaughterhouse! U can't put together a better group if u named an emcee dream team.... It just wouldn't work with nobody else....

    • Anonymous

      co-sign 1000%. he might be the most 'interesting' of the LAUGHTERHOUSE bums because of that but he's far from fucking listenable as a rapper.

  • Anonymous

    this guy does not want to be a rapper. he wants to be a c-level celebrity that gets paid to hang out and embarrass himself on reality television. horrible artist that makes horrible music makes horrible reality tv. consequence is a loser. joe buddens is a loser. anyone on love and hip hop is a loser. "they gettin paid hater" yes to coon it up and embarrass themselves. joe buddens has no fighting skills whatsoever. he got trashed in a street fight in jersey by a 19 year old kid in a fight HE started. he's a bird chested geek with a drug problem.

  • B-Loved Commander

    He should have made a big scene.

  • Martian

    blah blah blah, if you're going to do something then do it, dont bother telling us about it. We'll only believe when it happens. Til then you're just filling these posts with pointless stories. Stupid humans and your feeble minded rappers. You all are idiots I swear.

  • bawse

    Joe's a sucker i remember when raekwon punched him in the eye & made him take sum pics with the ice water tee shirts LMAO Google dat

  • Anonymous

    This nigga can't act tough with his beard all trimmed up perfect like that, looks like a fucking Backstreet Boy

  • Eric

    What happen with Raekwon tho?? Y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well

    • Anonymous

      ^spoken like a true teenage nerd

    • awolone

      well maybe rae like other 'bosses' is a bit gay if he cant control his bodyguard. and if he needs one.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt "have to have one of his goons do it", thats just how bosses do.

    • JMG

      The Rae situation was completely different. First it was Rae's man/bodyguard that hit Joe...some big 6'5" ex football player dude not even involved in the situation. That was some sucker sh*t...and Joe was in a bad situation. Rae apologized and it was over. Not sure what niggas expected to happen...for Joe to fight or kill some bodyguard?? Ok.....

    • idiot

      raekwon didnt lay a fucking finger on joey he had to have one of his goons do it

  • Whatever

    Joe, we know you pussy.

    • uh huh

      cons was shook as fuckn joe took him by suprise.. come on, watch the part where cons dont know what to say he's like "ITS...ITS WHATEVER" but u haters will say anythin to make budden look inferior

    • awolone

      not taking budden s defense (he fucks up so often it aint even funny) but people talking about each other gets people hurt. dunno wat you trying to say , it aint about low self esteem , it s about not having people talk shit about you. but then again , if you gon be a famous rapper that s kinda the whole point

    • Anonymous

      yea...Cons put his in his place. Joe acting like he all calm and stuff, thinking he checking Cons. Joe's a paranoid dude, and he said, for future references, don't bring my name up. Only people with very low self esteem would be worried about that and are only okay if they have things in manipulative control.

    • what

      @uh huh stutter? you must be talking about your ugly mama. Cons told him what's up in HIS face. Watch the Video

    • uh huh

      right, a "pussy" makes another grown man stutter like he's chocking or some shit

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Lol.. True story though, he not built like that

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