Pusha T To Release "My Name Is My Name" In May

Pusha T eyes a Spring release date for his solo debut.

Pusha T may have recently dropped off his Wrath of Caine mixtape, but he's ready to get the wheels turning on his official full-length solo debut.

While at the Grammy Awards last night, the Clipse member told Fuse's Alexa Chung that he's planning to drop the LP in May and that the track "Millions" featuring Rick Ross will make the final cut.

"May. My Name is My Name is coming out this May," he said. "It's my solo debut album, and we got the record with Rick Ross on there called 'Millions.' We're 'Jam of the Week' this week, so it's really good."

He also reflected on shooting the video for "Doesn't Matter" with French Montana, stating that they grabbed a camera crew and shot the clip on the fly in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. "When I say guerilla style, me and French just went to Brooklyn, maybe 12 hour's notice, got a camera, camera crew and just shot all through the streets of Brooklyn. It was awesome."

In November 2012, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper announced the album title during a performance in New York City, New York. He later said that Kanye West likened the album to "Hell," stating that 'Ye told him, "Damn you painted some hell of a picture in this joint!"

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  • El

    That wrath of Caine went Xtra Hard. Gotta cop the Album, the dude flow is sick.

  • Anonymous

    "My name is my name" was a Marlo Stanfield quote from the wire. Episode in season 5 when they all got swept up right sittin in the holdin cell before the end of the Marlo regime. I bet thas where he got that shit from.

  • Blake


  • Anonymous

    Steven J. Horowitz are you an idiot? You quote the most stupidest lines EVER! Does HHDX hire interns to write their columns? You can write a good story for shit!!!!!

  • My Name Is My Name - Pusha T

    1. My Name is My Name (produced by Kanye West) 2. Blades (feat. Swizz Beatz) (produced by Swizz Beatz) 3. Nightmare on My Street (produced by Young Chop) 4. On Fire (produced by Travis Scott) 5. Meth Music (feat. Ghostface Killah) (produced by Young Chop_ 6. Lullabies (feat. Kanye West) (produced by T-Minus) 7. Alone (produced by No I.D.) 8. Faint Praise (feat. Common and Nas) (produced by Just Blaze) 9. Pop It Off (feat. Pharrell) (produced by The Neptunes) 10. Devil's Advocate (feat. Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar) (produced by S1) 11. Massacre (produced by Hit-Boy) 12. High Society (feat. Cyhi da Prynce) (produced by Lifted) 13. Pain (feat. Future) (produced by Kanye West) 14. Stay (produced by S1) 15. Do You Remember (feat. The-Dream and No Malice) (produced by No I.D.) ITunes Bonus Tracks 16. 40 Acres (produced by The-Dream and Rico Beats) 17. Alfred Hitchcock (feat. French Montana and Hit-Boy) (produced by T-Minus) Deluxe Edition 18. Millions (feat. Rick Ross)(produced by Southside; co-produced by Kanye West) 19. Only You Can Tell It (feat. Wale) (produced by Boogz'n'Tapez)

  • bawse

    sh!t is goin double wood LOL #PushaT needs to go find his big bro!! just dont sound the same w/o him

  • legoooo

    bet that! i dont buy albums now adays but im DEF coppin this shit expecially after i heard Wrath of caine. but if i spend money n its shit ill never buy another album agian lol.. but i am waitin for eminems and jayz needs to drop another bangin lp

  • Anonymous

    Pusha T is a talented MC. His problem is the content in his music. What he's talking about isn't reality of that world or any world for that matter. It's like a super extreme super fictional drug game tale and after more than 10 years of it shit becomes stiff. If he wants to talk about the drug game why not really dug deep into it and tell the reality of it? Not the glorified rap version or the hood version of what they think that shit is but the reality of it? I just think Pusha is too comfortable in that zone where he raps about the same thing but has a few clever lines here and there. It works for some now that we live in the social media world of today where people like to quote one liners for retweets and shit like that. But it doesnt work if you wanna be a known solo fixture in the rap game.



  • jerryc

    clearly being held back by good. he should drop and go back to the clipse stuff that was all incredible

  • IMhO

    utoh that interview scares me! out of all the bangin songs on wrath of caine he put millions on his album and is shootin a video for one of the worst hooks i ever heard in my entire life.?!?!?! how about put blocka and only you can tell it (except wale needs his verse redone in a profession studio lol) millions was live but rick ross verse sucked. doesntmatter had some of pushas best verses w an ugly hook.. put blocka and only you can tell it and then all new songs..

    • IHmO

      idk for some reason there was 1 song on W.O.C id dint like and it was take my life.. maybe it has to grow on me be ci been bumped the other 10 around it consistantly since it dropped. as for french hes been terrible at singing ur right idk who told his MF he can sing but someone needa get slapped.. i am forgiven was hot though..fuck it his whole mixtape was fire it sounded like an album

    • Word...

      I Am Forgiven or Take My Life should get the video or album treatment. I really hope he fucking keeps French away from the actual album, the dude sucks at rapping and for some weird reason, thinks he can sing...certified song ruiner.

  • Anonymous

    Pusha's new stuff hasn't impressed me much he hasn't grown as a artist. If you listen to his tracks from 98 till now it's pretty much the same shit.

  • Lex

    Yeah, i don't really like the title. It coulda been more creative. But who gives a fuck, album is gonna be straight fire!

  • aaaaaaaa

    Banks just released the first song off his new mixtape, Failures No Option, DX. Get on your stuff!

  • Anonymous

    possibly the wackest album title in rap thus far

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