Chuck D, LL Cool J, Tom Morello, DJ Z-Trip & Travis Barker Tribute Beastie Boys At 2013 Grammy Awards

Chuck D and crew perform a few cuts during the 2013 Grammy Awards.

The 2013 Grammy Awards ended with a bang.

Chuck D and LL Cool J joined forces with Tom Morello, DJ Z-Trip and Travis Barker to perform "Whaddup," a single off of LL's upcoming album. The track samples "Welcome to the Terrordome," a cut originally off of 1990's Fear of a Black Planet.

Shortly after, the crew ripped into "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," though the Recording Academy played ads from Delta and Hilton over the broadcast.

LL Cool J, who hosted the ceremony this evening, is prepping the release of his upcoming album Authentic.

Watch the tribute below (via Yardie).

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  • yeaaahh

    Chuck and LL showed rappers how they are supposed to perform. The energy was ridiculous!! They're middle aged men and they give better performances than these 20 year olds. True emcees!

  • cliff

    chuck at the grammy awards has nothing to do with his personal feelings toward the awards show. he obviously was there for ll, and the beastie boy tribute, unlike mainstream rappers today (kanye, khaled,wayne, ross,etc...)who make records in an attempt to get a grammy. in the words of public enemy..."who gives a fuck about a goddamn grammy!" make dope music for the real heads yall...

  • LR

    This was an awesome performance from some really talented people. It's SUPER hard to perform a brand new song that no one has heard of after every other artist performs their hits. A really brave thing to do. Dope tribute to MCA. I had to check out the studio version of the song to really get a better sense of it. I like the mash up. At this stage in LL's career he's making music for the love and trying new things. Salute the OG.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Chuck D for praising these white folks. Thought he was a real black nationalist.

  • hypestyle

    A slight correction (which hopefully will come soon), the song being performed was "Whaddup", from LL's new album, and apparently the hook to the song is Chuck's opening line from "Terrordome". On a side note, an epic fail goes to the director of the show, who cut away way too early during the closing performance by LL and company. Hopefully CBS will put the full performance on their website.

  • We are at War

    Wow. Chuck D performing at the Grammy's just goes to show eventually we ALL succumb to the machine's pageantry. No matter what people say we all want to be a part of mainstream money. The only thing "underground" are mineral mines and dead people.



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