Meek Mill Disses Cassidy During Radio Freestyle, Says Rick Ross Is Doing "Cool"

Meek Mill revisits his beef with Cassidy during an appearance on Hot 107.9.

The beef between Meek Mill and Cassidy rages on. Just a few weeks ago, the Maybach Music Group rapper said that he was finished with his war of words with his fellow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native, explaining that he would no longer address the situation because his foe was benefitting from it.

Now, he's gone back on his word. During an appearance on Hot 107.9's "The Q Deezy Show" (via NR), the Rick Ross protege ripped into a freestyle clearly aimed at Cassidy, reigniting his rhymes after several breaks.

"First off, [...] your chick, homie, get a blood test / You a upset homie, where the love at? / When we talkin' 'bout Philly, know I can run that / Same place I been on corners, you could never come back," he raps. "When you was screaming 'Come to my hotel,' homie we was slinging work out the motel ... / Let's keep it trilla, you ain't never make a dope sell / You ain't never played that corner, made a [...] sell."

Meek, who will release his new mixtape Dreamchasers 3 before April, continued by slandering Cass and making light of his car crash that almost took his life. He did clarify that he would not battle him and that the beef was "over."

"Couldn't bet a hundred grand / This [...] small town / This gon' make your dog mad / This verse gon' hit you harder than that car crash that you should've died in / Man that you survived it / Now I came to murder you and have you scuba diving / Swimming with the fishes."

Echoing Wale and Gunplay's earlier statements on Rick Ross following his assassination attempt, Meek said that he's doing fine since he wasn't harmed. "Man, people get shot at every day, b. Seriously, people get shot at every day b," he said. "Yeah, of course [he cool]. He ain't get shot, he definitely cool."

Meek recently dropped his debut album Dreams & Nightmares and is currently gearing up for the release of Dreamchasers 3, the third installment of his critically acclaimed series.

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  • Anonymous

    "i cant see him falling off anytime soon" Don't be so quick to assign greatness. A minute ago J. Cole was in his shoes, but since going gold, he's had no second album, no hype, no nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody's going to say 700,000 and counting is not impressive. It is, but that said, where do you see Kendrick going with his career? Obviously he's doing very well right now, but can he have the longevity of Nas? Or come out bigger the second time like Drake?

  • Anonymous

    "but he had way more promo and radio play than kendrick lamar and hes sold 700k" He hasn't sold 700,000, but regardless Kendrick was already getting better WOM than Meek was. Plus, if people don't support Ross, why would they support MM? He had two strikes againsn't him before the album dropped, but yet he still sold enough to likely see another album. CHief Keef wishes he was sitting on 300,000.

    • Anonymous

      693,000 sold after last week when he sold 17k so i think its safe to say hes well past 700k by today. i agree with you about the ross strike. meek would have sold more if he wasnt under ross but if he wasnt under ross he might not have an album out... kind of a catch 22 situation

  • Anonymous

    "mmg is very good at promoting their artists and meek was no exception. but the album just did not deliver" Rick Ross is the only one who promotes an album before it comes out. Meek's album was delayed, then came out with little to no fanfare. I think with a bigger push, and no delays, he could go gold. That's not saying he's a good rapper. I've already said his album sucked. There wasn't even one song I would download, yet he still sold 300,000. In this day and age that's not bad.

  • sety

    All this shit started cause Meek claimed he could out battle Cassidy.. Cas was just minding his Biz till meek opened his mouth,,, Then Meek totally backs out but still wanna talk shit???? Meek,,,, battle the guy or just shut the fuck up already


    Yeah. The album was kind of slow. Rappers need to stop fucking with too many RNB artists and go back to making real hip-hop shit again. Context for sure but come on. Dreamchasers 2 was nicer than the album. That introduction was bananas. Meek Mill seems like a cool guy though.

  • Anonymous

    "and meek mills album was also weak" I agree. It sucked ass, but he still pushed 300,000, and that was without heavy promotion.

    • Anonymous

      i disagree about not having "heavy promotion" mmg is very good at promoting their artists and meek was no exception. but the album just did not deliver. throw in the fact that he said he was gonna sell a million first week made him look like a fool



  • Anonymous

    "cassidy will have a freestyle that will demolish Meek" Let's remember Cassidy's last album was very meek. I'm not sure he could demolish Pac's hologram at this point in his epic career.

  • Dad

    This guy's still around?...I'm from Philly and they don't give him any radio spins......Oh I forgot his album was so whack that he's gotta put out a new mixtape

  • Anonymous

    Assasination- is he murder of a prominent person or political figure by surprise. I don't think this cheap ass attempt at taking out Ross fits the bill

  • One

    Meek just took the bait everyone told him not too take. In a few days from now, cassidy will have a freestyle that will demolish Meek.

  • 8

    "he's doing cool." makes no sense. did meek mill even graduate from junior high?

    • Umm

      What are u doing here? Really why, just honestly why are u here? People like u really don't belong around here at all Just cus u have an education, doesn't mean everything u say has to be grammatically correct, this isn't some business meeting or fancy tea party. Actually with that in mind, how about explain Charlie Sheen's "Winning" interview, grammar warrior.

  • Anonymous

    Hes just giving Cass an opportunity to diss the shit out of him again. It blew over after he got murdered on RAID. Meek why now?

  • hookbeatz

    " aye this cord loose right here, too".....GTFOH! Meek, you flaw boi....waiting a month to diss on the radio.....

  • Anonymous

    Look that picture. He obviously thinks he's the best. :D

  • IMhO

    i come to the conclusion half the comments in here are either meek n cass himself of the immediate camp..theres like 6 comments everywhere else n 100 in here that sound to personal to just be fans.. werd i bet half the time it is other rappers hatin n rappers wanna say fans hate lol rappers r the birds half the time. fans live the life rappers rap about.

  • weak mills

    meek mil is such a loud mouth pussy. rappers in general are such loud mouth pussies. low lives with very little talent. say what you will about cassidy, he lit this guy up on the mic and i didn't hear meek respond with anything CLOSE. it's funny that guys like meek can fool these idiot fans into thinking they are talented and tough. meek mil is driving around on 4 wheelers with men holding his waist with a huge gay smile. loud mouth's album flopped after all kinds of hype. another gassed up hype job that couldn't deliver.

  • Anonymous

    yo meek just went in on cass real talk bruh!!

  • Meek Mill

    I have a mixtape comming out soon n I need some attention

  • John-Boy

    Meek Mills is like a boxer that is being badly beaten by a superior boxer. Yeah Meek wants to continue but his corner really needs to just throw in the towel for him.

  • TheIndustryDude

    Meek Mill is right... Things happen to normal people everyday. Ross just kept it moving, back to business.

  • ETL

    Those bars were weak for him to take so long to spit them after what? a month or 2? Looks like somebody was losing sleep, I thought he was done with it, what happened to that? He was better off leaving it alone, this beef coulda been epic and Meek messed it up by handling it like a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    yall niggas some sr88 nerdz meek killed cassidy son not marketable no one fuks with cass lik that only u bum niggas same reason y 50 styles jadakiss some of dipset not on now that old ass 90 metaphor shit wat makes it worst cass uses punk as punch lines in his songs lik come on u mouth loojk lik dirt on the ground lik or as im not in school nomre who giv a fuk bout cass he pussy

  • Alright...

    So now Cassidy will respond to this, and Meek Mill will say he's done with the beef and that it's not worth his time. A months from now, Meek will reignite the feud, Cassidy will respond, and then Meek will say he's done again. I'm not a fan of Cassidy, but Meek looks weak by doing this shit.

  • Shook

    Meek is sounding real desperate and scared. Bul went the Consequence route - all talk, no aim.

  • dilli

    and hes a shit interviewer

  • dilli

    hahaha nigga ignoring all of q beezys questions.. and meek scared.

  • nova

    Both of these kats are repping philly,there aint alot off phily rappers blowing up as much as there should be,so this is rediculous.there shouldnt even be beef .....

  • DilanGog

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  • What

    It's like Meek went on the radio and gave him one quick little girl punch and then ran away; then says he doesn't want to get in the ring for a real battle.

  • idk why but..

    i want to hear 50 and cass on a track together spazz on ross and meek.. idk why i dont even fuck w 50 but hes always been grimey on the disses and he was always nice when he collabod on disses like w eminem and dre and banks..i think 50 n cass would make a nice tag team

  • Po

    His career is voidable because of this stunt...smh

  • twoholla

    The deejay d-wiki wiki gave a HORRIBLY DEPLORABLE interview in this segment. His questions became redundant very quickly & were just annoying. A lil advic d-wiki, please pick up a book copy of 'How to Give a Good Interview for Dummies

  • Anonymous

    haha dude sounds like a dumbass. At least answer one damn question!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I respect Meek Mill and what he is doing in the game. He is a young cat and made serious power moves in a short period of time. Keep grinding young fellow!

  • youngsta

    yeah, meek milly killed assidy once again. this freestyle is much better than assidy's 10 minute period on wax. get em meek!

    • IMhO

      lmao raid was a killer (pun intended) but meek can say w.e he want about the crash bec its abattle and if i was meek after hearin him merk me on raid i would say w.e i could at this point..hiding is whats killin his fanbase.

    • Anonymous

      That freestyle was weak. Cassidy murdered that nigga with Raid.

    • Anonymous

      hottest nigga in the game? is that why his album flopped? LMAO @ dat piff downloads! its widely known that those numbers can be purchased! like how you get 3 million mixtape downloads in 2 days but can barely sell 300k albums in 3 months?

    • youngsta

      who's the verdict, a bunch of backpack ass niggas who are stuck in the 90s? the real verdict is meek's fanbase which is much larger than assidy's. meek is one of the hottest niggas in the game right now and assidy is only known by internet nerds. call me when assidy puts out a mixtape that crashes datpiff due to many downloads.

    • Anonymous

      you the only one who thinks that the verdict is that meek got bodied by cass

  • Anonymous

    Meek is bipolar man. Says he's done with the diss records than goes on the radio & disses Cass. After raid, he didnt even wanna address the beef but now he talking shit again...If I was Cass, I'd tell Meek pick a date for a rap battle & than put that shit on youtube. That wud end this beef quick & if Meek make up excuses not to battle, than he'll look like a punk. Fuck all these diss records, get in da ring & battle.

  • People Please

    You all are missing the fact that our culture has fallen so badly that he is bragging about committing crime and selling poison to those who look like him and his mother. He is bragging about this to gain respect from you and this fact is missed by everyone involved. He has ridiculed Cassidy for trying to make a positive change in his life. This n word is an industry bottom boy for those who wish to mislead our youth. From rick william roberts ross to this, these n words brag about how much more money they have than you, how many more women, and you are arguing over a few bars? He is an enemy of our community along with his whole record label, the big corner office CEO's included...

  • Big Bang Theory

    Have some of you nerd niggas just started listen to rap. You clowns do realize that Either came out like 3 months after Take over right. So why all of a sudden now you geeks and queers are making a big deal cause a nigga dropped a diss record 1 month later. You fucking nerds can't be this petty.

  • efbe

    kinda of like Jigga wit the Superugly freestyle after Ether dropped smh, only weaker.. Raid clearly got under his skin. reaching with this, especially AFTER he said he Not go address Cassidy again.. just move on with your career.. Cass got you, deal wit it and move on

  • d-nucks

    I though he said he was done with the cassidy beef? This nigga is all over the place..says one thing does another.....If i was cassidy i would not repond to this lame shit AT ALL.

    • Anonymous

      i know right! he probably finnaly recorded a good cassidy diss after a month later so hes trying to bait him to diss him again so he can put it out

  • Anonymous

    Meek has said on two occasions let's battle. It doesn't get any clearer than that. If Cass wants respect he needs to make this happen. Meek shouldn't have to organize the battle cause then he looks desperate. He's the one with the deal, therefore keep throwing shots as need be, and wait and see if Cass actually does something about it, which he won't cause he's all talk.

    • Anonymous

      meek gave him like 24 hours when he knew he cass was out of town to come battle meek does not want to battle cassidy, he said himself cassidy been in over 5000 battles and never took a loss

  • rgeezy

    Trash! He needs to give it up, you have zero lyrics.

  • RAID


  • RAID

    "You a son ova BITCH tryna imitate ya pops and you NEVER was a thug why you imitate PAC?" "You aint a loud pack, you black mild, you just rap loud. plus you wild wack cus u rap wit another cat style. I aint feeling robert rameek willliams, Imma kill em, and I could care less if you catch feelings! the meek shall inherit the earth well thats exactly what meek gon inherit when he burried in dirt!" All meek doing is making me wanna go back and listen to ether pt. 2 again... I'll say it once, I'll say it again. ROBERT ASS IS DEAD! LOL I can never look at dude the same way again after how he got ripped to shreds and how he handled the whole sitchu. He look like a bitch respondin this late hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is askin for it..... fuck that, he's beggin for it!

  • thedeathof MMG

    It's over for these MMG bitches!

  • DAMN


  • J

    These comments are irrelevant due to the "Raid" diss because when it dropped this cat was quiet... Now MMG wants to act hard ..They going to kill the whole record label if this keeps up...

  • yardie

    he is totally untalented and trash but each to his own.....i'd rather listen to chuck D

  • Anonymous

    So, it really took this long to write those lines. uFail'd, Week.

  • Anonymous

    i meaaan it was a freestyle. If this was a written and that was his diss id be clownin him right now

    • Anonymous

      most freestyles are actually written though. im sure he been thinking of something slick to say about cassidy for the last month


    Meek Mill A Female Bitch! Caught feelings off of the Cassidy diss. Weak sause

  • Anonymous

    LOL it took him over a month to come up with that weak ass diss

  • Anonymous

    watch niggas come out here sayin those lines were below the belt but those same niggas were the same ones that said game shouldve pulled the trigger when he said he had a gun to his head. them same niggas are the same ones that are laughing about ross getting shot at. them same nigags are the same ones that are wishin death on chief keef. to them niggas i say shut the fuck up and stop playin favorites

  • Anonymous

    Anytime you hit below the belt and it takes you 1 month to respond to a diss track lets me know 2 things...Meek been practicing with his ghostwriters and RAID touched a nerve...shud have taken the battle you just look lame...

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Meek.

  • Anonymous

    "This verse gon' hit you harder than that car crash that you should've died in" that right there is a bitch ass thing to say. i hope cassidy ethers him again, maybe throw in some more shots about rick ross almost dying from crashing into a wall

  • Esco

    This shit makes me wanna go listen R.A.I.D.

  • Anonymous

    we dont need to know anytime they say something unflattering about eachother. they dont like eachother we get it. stop instigating petty shit.

  • Weak Mill

    he still upset about getting punked on RAID i see. thought he said he wasnt gonna diss him no more like 2 different times now! so now we heard from meek, wale, gunplay and pusha t about the fake shooting but ross is still hiding and staying quiet until his police buddies make an arrest

    • Chi-Ill

      Weak dis, if you even want to cal it a diss Ross just trying to think of the next fake story to tell every one. Either way, Rozz career over

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