Consequence Has Words For Pusha T, Gets Confronted By Joe Budden

Consequence continues his feud with G.O.O.D. Music and has confrontation with Joe Budden.

The ongoing feud between Consequence and G.O.O.D. Music has continued. In yet another interview, this time with VladTV, Cons is taking out his frustrations on Kanye West. Now, he also has a few words for Pusha T.

In the interview, Cons says he wrote for Kanye West, an allegation he has made several times in the past. He also aimed at Pusha T, who responded to his last interview mentioning him. 

"I would just think that Pusha T is busy waiting on a boat load of cocaine to be worried about what Confucius said," Cons said. "It should be coming in about 3, right?"

The comment being referenced comes from a Pusha tweet implying that West helped Consequence with dental payments. 

The feud may continue but Consequence now has other headlines. The emcee is also starring on "Love & Hip Hop," along with Joe Budden. Recently the two have been at odds after words were exchanged. A Hot 97 video was released, showing Budden confronting Consequence below.

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  • Xiana

    Dude, why dont you back up off Conse-teefs nuts!! Consequence is a scary, B.A.N who needs to get dealt with!! Look Conse-clown... you are a GHOST WRITER who gets paid to stay out the way, and shut TF up!! You out here now, running your mouth, trying to become relevant - which you MAY be relevant out in Queens, but ain't Nobody every heard of your punk a-- till NOW on the West Coast!! You need to stay in your lane & learn to STFU before Joe, or Kanye deals wit yo a-- like you beggin to get dealt with!!

  • Xiana

    Back up off Conse-teefs nuts dude! Consequence is a scary, B.A.N who needs to get dealt with!! Look Conse-clown... you are a GHOST WRITER who gets paid to stay out the way, and shut TF up!! You out here now, running your mouth, trying to become relevant - which you MAY be relevant out in Queens, but ain't Nobody every heard of your punk a-- till NOW on the West Coast!! You need to stay in your lane & learn to STFU before Joe, or Kanye deals wit yo a-- like you beggin to get dealt with!!

  • Xiana

    Lol!!! Damn, Joe checked TF outta that big-denture-wearing clown Consequence!! He had ole boy stuttering & at a loss for words - straight on NERVOUS Mode, Haha!!! This a classic!!! Get'em Joe Budden!!

  • No More Culture

    Hip Hop is a bunch of whiny azz babies crying about what the other dude said. I'm done with it. I'll watch Young and the Restless if I want the soap opera show.

  • As The World Turns

    Hip Hop is like a giant fkn soap opera these days...when did everyone become such a damn sucka!

  • OnemikE

    Cons looked mad shook, Buddens must've had his crew behind scenes... Why didn't Buddens act like he wanted to get busy when Rae approached him back in the day?

  • Joe Budd en

    Yall Like My Barry White Voice

  • 3 headedmonstah

    too be honest, it looks like a bunch of NOTHING! lol.. con dont look scared but than again when a jango say a word a thousand times, hes nervous lol... but joey cry baby ass always sensitive.. thats how joey is .. but it really do look like a BUNCH OF NOTHING.. LOL

  • chaosbringer34

    Is everyone here related to or getting money from consequence or buddens...jus wondering y yall keep calling each other fags and shit real men dont do that nothing wrong with a good debate something wrong tho putting someone down for two guys who dont know yall or give two flying fucks about yall...stay G'd up my friends

  • Brad Jones

    Consequence is a legend in hip hop, but love & hip hop tv show got him in alot of beef right now. First Kanye West,Pusha T then Joe Budden he really becoming a magnet for drama right now.

  • teletran1

    Not everything has to end in fists and heat. Grown men talking and airing it out. Nothing more nothing less. But some there was some heavy editing down to this video. Makes you wonder.....

  • Anonymous

    only reason cons talked to this nigga is cause he wanted to finish the shoot,.. hed fuck budden up in a NY minute, word to queens

  • Indelible72

    Joe Budden sounds like someone's dad or uncle or teacher or principle! That low tone and at the end "Everybody enjoy their day."

  • Nem

    at about 1:30, cons says "Its Nothing, Its Nothin"...sounded exactly like the chorus on that Wiz an 2 chains track haha its nothin, its nothin

  • FlashFixter

    Cons stuttering and explaining... WTF?!

  • Anonymous

    fuck joe budden tryign to talk in this low voice ,. cons would wash this jersey nigga ,. queens niggas dont play ,. fuck buddens ,. only dude outta jerz is redman.

  • che

    this nigga Joey is so sensitive. Grow some fool.


    con looked more shook than haiti

  • xripperx

    lol saw the headline photo and thought "damn, diddy don't look too good these days"

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Who needs comedians when you have Consequence

  • da1

    Joe Buddens always beefin with somebody. You would think he would of learned his lesson when he got jumped by one of Method Man's guys. He always wisely picks his battles. I bet he wouldn't step to 50 or Game like that, even though he had beef with them on wax. He wouldn't step to people like that in that way. But Con definitely looked

  • Anonymous

    that was very awkward, Consequence looked very nervous but you also have to question why Joe would take the time to do that...If I was in his position I would disregard it

  • yall dweebs believe in magic lol

    he's not backpaddling!! u dicks obviously There in a hot97 studio and they need that platform to promote whateva.. if they started poppin off right there then what they cant be there anymore and plus thats in manhattan police is gonna be their asap? and another thing con have his wife there and she look like she jump the gun everytime con has a problem..which would make his shorty vulnerable to get slap so , u dont put your shorty in harms way...yall focus on joesbudden voice.. that how he talks with bass.when he got press by rae he had the same voice foh.and the approach was regular , only thing is that con is man short.that 5min he cant do,but he will have some bk?queens niggas on u.yall anticipation got yall typing stupid though#foh u internet whore

    • tommy

      dont talk stupid clown, he could at least spoke up rather that stuttering an explaining, who says anything abut a fight, police get called for a disagreement now, he totally backed the fuk up

    • me

      you wrote all that to say you are on con sac...clown.

  • colinmack11

    I know you have to turn the volume up cuz Budden is keeping it gentleman like, but if you listen closely.. You can hear Con's pussy lips flapping as much as his mouth.

  • daddyrich

    Cons sounds like he coppin pleas fo real, i couldnt go out like that-especially with that hat Joey got on.....

  • d-nucks

    I'm sorry this is funny...Consequence sounds like a nigga trying to talk his way out of a confrontation and sound tough while doing it. He talked WAAAAAY TOO MUCH. I did'nt expect them to fight...but that shit was funny

    • Enlightened

      Exactly. After all that shit he talked on the radio I'm surprised. It don't take much for a real nigga to notice somebody who's doing too much explaining

  • $$$$

    I think in this hip hop climate we have now I thought it was very refreshing to have these two mc's be able to address the issue like real men...props to both Con and Joe for not going extra for the of some Hollywood b/s.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Wow were have niggas like yall been. These fucking internet nerds don't understand that. They think two men having a disagreement is beef.

    • reality1212

      exactly. just because to grown folks address something doesn't mean there has to be "beef".. smh

  • Jus10

    I don't know about this whole Joe/Cons beef, but the truth is Cons is putting out better music than Kanye right now. Been like that for a minute.

  • RadioPersonalitiesSuck

    I guess Cons will learn to say, "no comment" the next time those radio personalities ask loaded questions. Vibe magazine are primarily responsible for keeping the beef cooking between Pac and Big.

  • Killem Dafoe

    Cons looked shook, didn't he? But what's upwith Budden with the extra deep voice? I'm glad nothing else jumped off, but Consequence was about to be the consequence of his actions...

  • keyboard warriors

    A lot of you hide behind your keyboards and say shit in these comment sections that would get you slapped in real life so I don't know why you're clowing on anybody.

  • me

    in any conflict, the guy who is talking as much as Con was, is ALWAYS the dude who is scared. lol raekwon did the same thing to joey. lol

    • NAPALM

      Yeah but the difference Rae did that shit with 6 dudes standing behind him while Joe was dolo. Well that if you don't count Mickey Facts, and who would.

    • BlaknMil

      Sun, that's truest shit I've read in a long time, can say shit but PREACH! Peace

  • Anonymous

    TBH, a lot of this shit is started by you bum ass journalists makin stories. A huge percentage of recent conflict has been due to editing and loaded questions. yeah niggas bite, but you manipulate them as well. btw do you have a garbage?

  • Anonymous

    Consequence was studdering. Were you actually afraid of Joe Buddens? lol Dude sounded like James Earl Jones, but looked like he had just gotten back from Goodwill where he found that jean jacket. If there's a problem handle it off camera. That why it doesn't look staged.

  • bizzalls

    Consequence REALLY has ghostwritten MAD shit, so he can say that shit all he wants!! Half of you muthafuckas on here probably don't even know he was basically in A Tribe Called Quest for the Beats, Rhymes, and Life album. He's all over that album. Consequence has been in the game WWAAAAAYYY longer than Joe Budden. I don't know anything about this situation. But yall acting like Cons scared of Budden get outta here man, the dude who recorded himself getting cracked in the face and did nothing about it?? Haha, okay...Like Budden is some tough guy or some shit, get the hell outta here. It's gets so annoying when people talk about shit they don't really know about. Everyone's always saying Consequence is always talkin shit about Kanye, who helped him in the biz and shit, but do we really know what happened with their fallout? We don't know shit, we weren't there, so I'm sure Consequence is mad for a G.O.O.D. reason. It's just too bad Cons hasn't gotten the shine he deserves, shit, I remember on Worldstar like a year ago, when that video of 50 Cent, maybe Mos Def, and others freestyling and Consequence shit on everyone! Dude is mad talented. But like, even though he hasn't gotten his shine, he most definitely ain't hurting! I'm sure he got paid a shitload for all the ghostwriting he's done. Financially, he's prob got more money than Budden...

    • ATCQ


    • firehawk17

      uh....slowly get off your knees and tell cons to get his dick out your throat.. wtf does this have to do with anything as per this situation at hand? absolutely nothing.. what does it matter cons been in the game years? its a known fact he has ghost written for many people.. what does his bank account have to do with anything? A mans character is far more important than his account..but side note cons isnt papered up like your trying to suggest..frankly either way we dont know you are speculating..its hearsay. there is a reason its not allowed in court.. ok you can resume your bobblehead duties....easy

  • Sensaye

    These rappers are typical punk ass niggas. Always talkin' tough when their crew is around, always stutterin' and backin' up when confronted. "Nah, nah, it wasn't like that, so-n-so said this, but really, I was like nah it ain't even like that man...Its just..ya know...whatever is what it is...youknowhatimsayin',so,so,so...we should do a song together or somethin' youknowwhatimsayin'...."

  • Twizzy

    And Cons sat there and clearly said they spoke in Cali about doing biz, and Joey sits on the breakfast club and fronts like he would never have anything to do with him.

    • firehawk17

      he said they spoke about it..he didnt say it was gonna happen.. joe obviously decided not to do a song with what are you talking about...if we talk about MAYBE doing a song...then i say nah im not doing that then he obviously dont want nothing to do with him..pull cons dick out ya ass and stop trying to make something out of nothing..

  • Twizzy

    dudes arent keeping it real out here..When they asked joe would he work with anyone from the love and hip hop and they said what about Cons? He said, "Im not going to do that"...but its the way he said it, like he was above cons..then he went on to make a general statement that he been doing music all his life and he aint gonna just get on a track with people who just up and decided they wanna do music. Like it or not..Cons may not per say be as talented as Joe, but he has his own following, has been around as long if not longer and he got his own following and credits to his name, so Joe isnt above him in any way. PERIOD. and you definitely cant say he isnt hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Consequence sounds sooo scared. He can talk a lot of shit on the radio but i guess it's a different story face to face.

  • Anonymous

    WTF kinda name is Mendeecees?

  • Money First

    Niggas bitch up when you see them in person I see...Now Cons clearly said he wasn't rocking with dude...not doing no music..etc...Now you saying you want people to come to you real but then you going off some "he say she say" nonsense as to why you wasn't rocking with Joe Budden...Sounds real suspect to me and its just a classic example of how people let the streets, media, etc shape their opinion.

    • Money First

      I stand corrected Joe struck first on the "I wouldn't do a song with him" tip....They still need to address each other first instead of running with the "he said, she said."

  • honest policy

    Consequence a way better spitter than joe buddens and pusha t straight up on a technical aspect.fuck what anotha nigga teeth look like nigga can spit point blank

    • firehawk17

      what does rapping or being better in your opinion have to do with anything thats going on with them talking?...I would wait for it but uh got more money to make..had to take a sec to respond to you niggas who cant stay on topic...going off into other shit that doesnt matter to the subject at hand...

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon's goons are gonna smack Joey again.

  • Yeah

    I saw a video where he said he's only doing this show to help out his annoying girlfriend, is that why every time he's on screen he points out that he's the "greatest ghostwriter" ever. Dude's a wreck, his Movies on Demand 4 mixtape bombed, and that shit was free, now he's trying to do this show and gain back his relevance.

  • Bang^Out

    Cons coppin pleas with Joey. That nigga look and sound shook.

  • Crown223

    Lmao Cons was explaining his ass off lol. Y'all should check out too. They usually have some good reads on there

  • Anonymous

    at least budden was a man about it and didnt do what these niggas do now days and just talk shit over twitter

  • GoReadABook

    never ceases to amaze me how quickly spectators jump to conclusions. Joe Budden wasn't mumbling, he just didn't have a mic. Consequence was mic'd up cuz they were about to interview him. Either way I think Joey handled it admirably...and he is dope as fugggg with the bars

  • YO

    LMAO! Damn Buddens is a clown.. whispering, mumbling ass pussy!

    • firehawk17

      if he was mumbling idiot how was cons able to respond? he understood.. know why? cause joe obviously was speaking clearly.. also he wasnt mic'd up.. cons was...but i guess your another one getting your shit pushed in and knees dirty for cons huh...smh

  • Hip Hop please

    I almost did not hear a thing Joe said All mumbling & sh*t Good thing he's loud and clear when behind a mic

  • Anonymous

    budden be on those pills. dude is sedated as fuck. get off those prescriptions joey.

    • TaZzZ

      He wasn't mic'd up, Cons was the one about to be interviewed so he had one on. Joey's quite and humble in person, but he doesn't seem fucked up. If anything he is the one thinking clearly in this shit

    • yaamam

      You obviously haven't been following up with Joey's updates, he's getting clean.

  • Anonymous

    just kick his ass Joe, dude is a pussy hole

  • Fish

    This bitch should change his name from Consequence to Insignificance

    • Fish

      Joe Budden - Gold selling artist and a member of group signed to Shady Aftermath, with world famous hits like 'Pump It Up' Consequence - Double wood selling artist who's debut album was so poor he offered fans their money back, no longer signed to a major label, only claim to fame is being related to Q-Tip and the only time we even hear ANYTHING about this dickhead is when he criticises G.O.O.D. Music. So please faggot, do not put these two in the same category ever again.

    • Anonymous

      And what is Joe Budden? Dude is a tick in the realm of the rap world...fucking overrated douche bag budden

  • BGG

    simply put when they made the statement that joe budden didnt want to work with him while on hot 97 wit his girl he shoulda been like thats news to me and real niggas handle shit behind closed doors so when i see that man we'll clarify other than that im not gonna respond from what im hearin from an outside question

  • anon

    This nigga has been biting the hand that fed him for so long, no success of his own, he's got nothing anymore but this shitty reality show and dissing his former mentor. Stop with this childish shit and do something of your own.

  • Insider

    Joe Buddens is the one who started it in the first place...If you watch the interview, Consequence clearly felt confused when they told him Joe didn't want to work with him...Like Joe said, they had just seen each other before these interviews... He should have just kept his mouth shut like he's telling Consequence to...Dude is always doing and saying certain shit to other people, then when people do the same to him he wants to get all emotional...

    • Anonymous

      @insider ur wrong joe didnt start it the breakfast club asked joe if he would do music with anyone on the show he simply said no to all of them. Cons caught feelings and it was the breakfast clubs fault cuz they instigated it.

    • Omega

      Something off about that nigga Joe Budden.Dude sat right there and told him what happened,and he still on some sucker shit.

    • rapstashcom

      Dumb shit.

    • Anonymous

      Cons has repeatedly shown himself to be full of shit.

    • Nigga you an outsider

      Simply put Joe Buddens stepped to this buck tooth beaver like a real man and addressed why the nigga immediately went for the gas when he aint never had reason to. Apparently the niggas where coridally before any of the interviews and Consequence aint dumb. He's very intelligent even though he's an asshole sometimes and the nigga, if he had any respect would've simply said, "Well, if Joe Budden said this then blah blah" instead of going left and talking wreckless. This nigga Consequence just didn't think someone would actually step to him about his egotistical rants.

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