Nelly Addresses Shifting His Sound On New Single "Hey Porsche"

Nelly discusses his new sound on his latest single "Hey Porsche."

Even though the song marks his first appearance on Billboard's Pop chart in over two years, it appears Nelly is raising eyebrows among some Rap fans with his latest hit.

In a recent interview with Power 107.5's Misty Jordan, Nelly discussed his stylistic shift on his most recent single "Hey Porsche." The St. Louis, Missouri rapper said that while he does understand some listeners' criticism of the single's Pop leanings, he feels that it was important to show his musical versatility on the record after 14 years in the industry. 

"Does 'Ride Wit Me' sound like 'E.I.?' Does 'E.I.' sound like 'Country Grammar'? Does 'Country Grammar' sound like 'Hot In Herre'?" he began. "I don't know [if I'm going in a different direction] 'cuz I went in that direction for every song that I had was different. That was my point. I don't know, it sounds like 'Ride Wit Me' meets 2013. Don't get it twisted, shawty, I was just teasing. I kinda get what you mean [Laughs]. It's one of those things where I think it's been 14 years, and versatility has been a key of lasting in the business."

Last year, Nelly made headlines when police discovered 36 bags of heroin, 10 pounds of marijuana and a loaded pistol on his tour bus

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    He might as well have collaborated with Taylor Swift with this one, sounds like Country Pop bullshit, can't believe people consider him a rapper.

  • Lil Kim's Nose

    I listened to the song and there is NO WAY around sounds like COUNTRY POP.....what the blue fuck was this waffle nigga thinkin to make this?!?!! and to the nigga that let that shit out the shaking my head at you too.


    not even signing with YMCMB can save his music's over!!!

  • Ken RIley Jr

    I just listened to the song...... ..........and I cant believe this shit?!? It sounds like its a fuckin boy band singing the lyrics?!? That aint hip hop at all!! Nelly is wack as fuck for this. I mean, hes been wack, but he is wack as fuck for this!

  • Fuck St. Louis

    First "Stepped On My J'z", now this. This nigga's a walking advertisement

  • Anonymous

    "Does 'Ride Wit Me' sound like 'E.I.?' Does 'E.I.' sound like 'Country Grammar'? Does 'Country Grammar' sound like 'Hot In Herre'?" Yes.

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