French Montana Delays "Excuse My French," Talks Nicki Minaj Duet On New Single

French Montana announces a third release date for "Excuse My French" while discussing his new single with Nicki Minaj.

French Montana has hit another bump on the road to releasing his debut. In a recent interview with Rap-Up TV, the South Bronx rapper announced that his Bad Boy debut Excuse My French will now be released on April 16th.

While another delay must be disappointing, the Bad Boy rapper seemed sure that his latest single, a remake of the classic Lil Vicious and Doug E. Fresh song “Freaks” featuring Nicki Minaj, would give fans something to be excited about. 

“It will be top 40, No. 1,” he said confidently when referring to the remake. Montana also had nothing but praise for his fellow New Yorker. “She’s the hottest chick to come out, I’m the hottest dude to come out of my city in a long time so I’m proud of everything she’s doing. She is one of the best to do it as a female artist, nothing but respect for her.“

This is the third release date given for the album, which was originally slated to drop July 17th last year before being pushed back to the fall. Montana instead released Mac & Cheese 3 in November, admitting that he didn’t want to rush his project.

Minaj isn’t the only heavy hitter slated to appear on the album, as Montana has worked with The Weeknd, Kanye West, Rick Ross and Bad Boy label head Diddy, among others.

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  • 12

    hottest out of NY? A$AP Rocky wash this clown

  • Anonymous

    "falling off would imply that he was actually on at some point and thats just not true" Pop That went platinum.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Everybody has features on their albums. Collabo's help push albums over the top, and usually generate more buzz than it was just the one boring artist rapping by himself. If people don't like it don't listen.

    • ab

      yes people do have collabs to sell their albums but name one French Montana song outside a freestyle that he has by himself..and is a hot song..cant think of many


    This dude French will never have a hit by himself. And all niggas that claim he's sick need help. Every song he got like 3 niggas. He's like DJ Khaled that raps. And on some real shit, how the hell does French say he's the hottest dude out of NY??? I'm from the Bronx and i am ashamed this nigga even got a deal. NY needs better rappers

  • Hip Hop please

    French Montana: "Excuse me 50", new album in a trashcan nearby This guy is lame, just like Euro-house Minaj & that mediocre hyped-up rapper Ross Real people want real music, the Jig is Up

    • Hip Hop please

      I have no problem "re-checking" this topic Same goes for the other topics on this site, or other sites Now that you know this, I hope you can sleep better at night Go rescue some trolls who don't even wanna talk about Hip Hop Yeah, it's seems you prefer that So go ahead, response to this Call me names, that kinda childish_ish

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop Please I just want to tell you need something better to do than post... come back to check back on a reply, and then re post on the comment to your post. This subject must mean a lot to you

    • Hip Hop please

      You can keep that "faggot sh*t" to yourself Maybe that's your thing But I am here for this thing called Hip Hop On_topic: In no way shape or form I was saying that 50 Cent was one of the best MC's on the mic Better then Rick Ross?, for sure, no doubt about it. Yeah okay, tell me that GRoDT was his last dope effort Cool, believe that. Now jump off the "I hate 50 bandwagon" and go listening to some of his new shit No, not that crap the media feeds us Good luck

    • Anonymous

      Regardless of how you faggots twist it. Ross is a BETTER rapper than 50cent and I am no fan of either but the truth is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    i want what he's smokin...

  • Anonymous

    these charges came from 2009...there was no evidence of a physical assault...the neighbor called the police because he was being "too loud," not out of some sense of duty like he would have you believe.... crazy what a simple google search can do right?

    • Anonymous

      Oh so that's why French Santana's album keeps getting pushed back, neighbors keep complaining about the noise from the studio... I get it now.

    • Anonymous

      crazy how you cant even paste your google search in the right article you tard, right?


    This weak ass a-rab could drop that shit in the middle of the summer and it wont even go wood.If he does any kinda numbers its cause his label bought up units or downloads.Look on ANY of these rap news sites and not one real nigga checkin for French,real talk.

  • dentaldamboy

    Everyone who needs a hit calls Nicki: BoB, Kanye, French, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Usher, Trey Songz, Sean Kingston, Keysha Cole, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Madonna, Wacka Flocka, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, Yo Gotti, DJ Khaled. This is the power of YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    ASAP and Bada$$ are the best new talent to come out NY french fell off

  • Chi-Ill

    "Im the hottest dude to come out of my city in a long time" hahahahahahaha really!!??????? Some sad shit!

  • Anonymous

    33k first week just wait no way he gonna sell more than keef

  • da1

    50 was right this dude can never come out with a song with just him. He always has to ave features. I bet his album is gonna have just as many features as game's last album.

    • Anonymous

      Dont forget Officer Williams..Ross Hasnt had one album with less than 9features on a 12 song cd

    • da1

      Right. Nobody I know is checking for French. Nothing about him is unique and he raps about the same bullshit the average rapper does. 150k for the total amount sales for his album when its all said and done. To make matters worst he's on BadBoy. So we all know how that is gonna workout in the long run.



    • Anonymous

      suck more dick than Perez Hilton its like youre fucking 5. jesus. why are niggas on hhdx so obsessed with dick.

    • Mitch

      French's album won't have JUST as many features as Game's album; it'll have MORE features than Game's album. And the difference between Game's album & French's album is that Game's album was actually really good. French's is going to suck more dick than Perez Hilton

  • Ken RIley Jr

    French Montana is so muthafuckin lame....

  • Anonymous

    he gotta delay that album so he can film his homeboys mommas and give the tapes to their enemies

  • Anonymous

    i thought he said he was the most important artist on interscope?

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of this guy what so ever but you can't really hate on this his in the same situation as 50. Interscope seems to be in trouble and both 50 and Vado have said they let go of about 30 people over the holidays and it ain't looking good. Game and Keef's albums both flopped hard and they were put out at Christmas. Jimmy Iovine needs help.

  • Richie

    ASAP Rocky is the hottest thing to come out of new york in years not french montana LOL

  • -

    record label probably hear it. said it sucked. and told him to try again. same shit that's been happening with 50s album.

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