MC Shan Revisits His Beef With LL Cool J

MC Shan rehashes the details of his short-lived feud with LL Cool J.

While most Hip Hop fans know the story behind "The Bridge Wars" between MC Shan and KRS-One's Boogie Down Productions, the feud between Shan and LL Cool J may be one of that era of Hip Hop's lesser known beefs. Now, in a recent interview with Unkut's Robbie Ettelson for Complex, MC Shan rehashes his beef with LL.

According to Shan, his diss track aimed at LL "Beat Biter" came about after LL stole Marley Marl's production from Shan's song "Marley Scratch" for his own song "Rock the Bells." Although LL never ended up responding, Shan recalled an incident in which he snapped a copy of "Rock the Bells" as a sign of disrespect.

"How 'Beat Biter' came about, it was because LL had took the beat to 'Marley Scratch.' If you was to play 'Rock The Bells' and 'Marley Scratch' side-by-side? That was the 'Marley Scratch' beat pattern. In those days we had a lot of pride in being an artist. Be original, don’t copy, and if you said something that was close to mine it was like, 'You a biter and I’ma diss you!' When he took my beat, that was a total violation of Hip Hop ethics. We would say, 'Don’t bite a rhyme,' but I took it to another level. 'Don’t take my beat or we’ll have a problem!'"

Shan continued, "He never responded. There’s a DVD out called Beef and they tell the story of all the LL battles that he ever had, and they briefly show me but they never mentioned me. It’s like they just tried to look over the fact that Shan went at LL. As far as me and LL having shows together, we used to tour together, that’s how he got my 'Marley Scratch' beat. We had one show where we were supposed to battle—it was in Syracuse—and I did that 'Beat Biter.' Marley was cutting the record up, back and forth. I went over to the turntable and I snatched LL’s record off and I snapped the record! I still had the microphone in my hand, and when I snapped the record the sound resonated through the speakers, the crowd went crazy and LL never got on stage that night! They tried to turn his limo over, just for that. True story."

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  • Baub Bidon

    Checkout Beat Box! Every single of you Kings and Queens gave Hip Hop a Face then... the battles were necessary, they strengthened and made our minds sharp. Eye really miss you guys in the game today.

  • Curtis75Black

    I could careless about the man who chose to step away from the booth to record the classic "The Symphony" because he thought he was too big to rock with Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace & Craig G. Played Yourself by making that FUCKED UP DECISION !!

  • Anonymous

    you love to hear the stories again and again......................NAH, NOT THIS TIME MAN!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Canibus thinks of LL now.


    What is a panther? a animal that kills I'm like a shark with blood comin out the gills You could never in your wildest dreams Get a piece of this gangsta lean straight from queens Strong as liquor, to be seen in a limousine Now you're gettin done without vaseline Wouldn't bite because your rhymes are puppy chow Made another million, so competators bow Homeboy, hold on, my rhymes are so strong Nothing could go wrong, so why do you prolong Songs that ain't strong, brother, you're dead wrong And got the nerve to have them star trek shades on Ha, you can't handle the whole weight Skin needs lotion, teeth need colgate Wise up, you little burnt up french fry I'm that type of guy And I slammed you know, just like a sumo Put him in pampers, leave my drawers in his hamper When I'm through, you need a brand-new identity I was scoopin girls before you lost your virginity Your jam is just a dreamin mc scheme Gettin crushed by a l.l. theme Somethin like shaft, put you in a cask' - bo! You little blood-clot boy, you must not know The rep I keep, the mc's I peep, sweep, play cheap And freak with a chic unique technique Get rid of the yukmouth smile Cause brother, you ain't got no style

  • Anonymous

    Di-di di-da, di di-di, dida di-day, aiy! All you sucka mc, won't you please come out to play, cause Here's an example of krs-one, bo! Here's an example of krs-one They wish to battle bdp, but they cannot They must be on the dick of who? dj scott larock Cause, we don't complain nor do we play the game of favors Boogie down productions comes in three different flavors Pick any dick for the flavor that you savor Mr. magic might wish to come and try to save ya But instead of helpin ya out he wants the same thing I gave ya I finally figured it out, magic mouth is used for suckin Roxanne shante is only good for steady fuckin Mc shan and marley marl is really only bluffin Like doug e. fresh said "i tell you now, you ain't nuthin" Compared to red alert on kiss and boogie down productions So easy now man, I me say easy now mon To krs-one you know dem can't understand Me movin over there and then me movin over here This name of this routine is called live at union square Square, square, square, ooooooooooooooooooooooo What's the matter with your mc, marley marl? Don't know you know that he's out of touch What's the matter with your dj, mc shan? On the wheels of steel marlon sucks You'd better change what comes out your speaker You're better off talkin bout your wack puma sneaker Cause bronx created hip-hop, queens will only get dropped You're still tellin lies to me Everybody's talkin bout the juice crew funny But you're still tellin lies to me

  • Anonymous

    Didn't KRS tell him that "instead of tryin to take out LL you need to take your homeboys off the crack" already?

  • Killem Dafoe

    Move on, dude, just move on. The rest of the world has...

  • Anonymous

    shans juice crew Law was the last i heard of him in that erra. It's always refreshing and a pleasure to here some vital "hip hop" history as opposed to this mindless corporate muppet show of a music industry

  • Anonymous

    GTFOH old fool. tryna live off some washed-up made up beef.

  • Anonymous

    classic photograph right there

  • Anonymous

    While Shan revisits the 80's, LL is revisiting the bank to deposit his latest TV check.

  • Christian Bale's Batman Voice

    I'm a fan of both but LL's moved on to bigger things while Shan is still talking about stuff that happened in 1986. Every interview is either about LL stealing his beat or the KRS One battle. Stop living in the past Shan & focus on putting out some new decent material. This isn't 1986 anymore.

    • Anonymous

      real talk. I respect dude, but that's obviously a highlight for him. krs and ll still swingin, where you at? need to link up w/ snow again or somethin...

    • Fo0tFrEaK4LiFe

      You're Right, and it was never documented or backed up, just Shan's word. All these greats he say he battled, but he's the only one that's not a legend.... Go Figure...

  • Curtis75Black

    "Can't get a decent contract, your beats ain't working/Dogged out Pumas plus your manager's jerkin". You're mic sounds weak, remember that skeezer, I'm badder than Napoleon, Hitler or Caesar" - The Breakthrough, LL Cool J via 87 I know it fucked up Shan when Marley Marl started fuckin' with LL Cool J and they created all those classics !!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, I was just about to post those lyrics. L delivery in The Breakthrough was the shit. L ain't never think Shan was worthy of a whole song to dis him.

  • Shone Jones

    I guess Shan didn't hear the original version of Rock The Bells.


    I liked both MC Shan and LL Cool J's records, but to me I always felt like Shan was biting LL's style as far as his delivery in how he spit rhymes and as far as how his voice sounded, Shan was good til KRS said "instead of worrying bout LL you need to take your homeboys off the crack", at that point Shan was toast

    • Anonymous

      "Shan was good til KRS said "instead of worrying bout LL you need to take your homeboys off the crack", at that point Shan was toast" ^ nope Shan came back with "Kill That Noise" (I liked it, wasn't a hard diss but it was cool), and KRS murdered him with "Bridge Is Over" "Ya better off talking about your wack Puma sneaker"-KRS-One

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, 2nd most devistating diss line ever behind "you can't be the nigga for life crew, with a white jew telling you what to do!" lol

  • Hoodgrown

    Let's keep in mind that.. that was the skinny 90 pound LL.. not the LL that got his weight up.

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