Trinidad James Discusses Spike Lee & Keeping It Real

Trinidad James reveals how he would approach Spike Lee about the N-word, as well as his authenticity.

Trinidad James is on a roll, as the young rapper continues making his media rounds.

Speaking to DJ Whoo Kid, the internet's latest sensation was asked about his take on Spike Lee's boycotting of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained over its use of the N-word - specifically, how he would react if faced with similar criticism from Spike.

"I would like him to at least have a conversation with me personally before he [counted the number of times I said the N-word]," said James. "Meet me and see the type of person that I am, because I got the utmost respect for him."

"It's not like I was doing it to go against him, because I don't even know," he explained. "So for him to hear mine and go against me, that'd be kind of backwards. We're supposed to try and help each other as black people. I don't know him, so I wouldn't do nothing to offend him; but if he heard my song, and then boycotted me...that'd be kinda crazy. But like I said, I hope he'd talk to me first before something crazy like that happened. Because it would make no sense."

As rappers are wont to do, James turned the conversation to address his realness, lest he be mistaken for someone less-than-authentic. "The only thing I can tell you is that I might be the most...put-everything-on-the-table type of guy that ever came into the game."

"You either gonna hate me for what you know, or you gonna fuck with me forever," he added. "Because I don't want you to fuck with me with some shit that I fabricated, and then you find out, you hate me worse than anyone who already hated me... and I lose everybody. And [then] I'm walking around here working at Wal-Mart."

Listen to the interview below: 

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  • Sassy C

    Mr. Trinidad James, It's my generation that started hip hop. Don't talk about black people sticking together and you don't talk about your real roots - like Eric Williams and Kwame Toure. Most of the friends I have from T&T believe you are quite talented, but that you promote ignorance to our race. Peace and Write better lyrics, Sassy C

  • idk

    He looks like a future boondocks character

  • Mack

    Im fuckin wit it...#My Nigga (spirit fanga's)

  • Troy

    Mc Hammer the music industry is full of clowns including the artists you and I may like.

  • Anonymous

    Nicca look like he got down syndrome LOL HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA

  • mac DIESEL


  • Anonymous

    this guy sounds real humble. I still hate that fuckin song but it sounds like he has some sense. yall need to realize youre not gonna like everything that comes out. And also theres waaaay too much hip hop out there for yall to be complaining about a handful of artists you dont like. If trinidad james isnt your thing, then dont fuckin listen to him. easy as that. Stop waiting on the media to tell you who the next big thing is. There are millions upon millions of people on mixtape sites as well as youtube and other sites doing music as well that probably do cater to your taste in music. So quit bein lazy and go LOOK for some new people instead of just waiting for the mainstream to feed you some shit you already know youre not gonna like.

    • 614grind

      Point taken. The only problem I have with it is that you're asking heads to not express their opinions unless they are positive. That is waaaay too much to ask, bruh. Trinidad James, as a rapper, is steaming runny shit no matter what standard you measure him by. Find another place in the game to fit in. Him rappin is disrespectful to the culture and people letting it ride is even more disrespectful.

  • 614grind

    So he wants a pass on his Coon-Hop genre because he's a nice guy outside the booth? See, that's the problem. Emcees are supposed to stand behind their music and image. Unlike othere genres, rap music is supposed to be a true reflection of the person. All this Halloween ass niggas playin dress up is fuckin up the whole culture.

    • Mack

      I understand your point but did we underground,Fat Boys, Busta or Missy Elliot or even Flavor Flav to that same Mirror for being creative or "caricature-ish" with their Music or visuals? Just cause he chooses to use images that Evoke being connected to "real life" doesnt mean it can't be over the Top IMO...

  • dee

    Should have known that this clown wouldn't have anything interesting to say on the matter. In fact I only read to confirm my suspicions. Seriously, would look to someone like this for insightful social commentary? I know you guys need a regular stream of content but come on!! Whats next? Gucci Mane's observations on phenomenology? Waka Flocka flame and Cheef Keef debate the meta ethical merits of utilitarianism???

    • Troy

      Seriously in the history of this website nothing has ever been insightful. Music maybe important to many people but anybody performing with their handout might as well be a stripper. It's a village in Africa and we are around a drum circle are we to pay for that performance too. An insightful musician would advocate no one ever spend money on music or a performance as it is only a form of prostitution. He is no less profound than Nas, who bought a lot of cars, jewelry, and drugs placating hoes he is no different from every other rich person who gets rich off of poor people. I'm not against the rich, let us not think any of them are good people as well as poor people.

  • Anonymous

    How did this dude ever get any shine?? I just don't understand how baffoons like him can get a deal.

  • Ash

    He looks like the guy from hide yo kids, hide yo wife lol

  • uwqdyiueyudsyf

    first. hehehehe.

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