Busta Rhymes & The Conglomerate "Catastrophic" Mixtape Download & Stream

UPDATE: Busta Rhymes drops a project in time for the holidays.

Since dropping Year of the Dragon in August, Busta Rhymes has remain relatively quiet.

But it seems that the holidays have awakened the Dungeon Dragon, as Bussa Buss readies Catastrophic, a mixtape that will be dropping on Friday (December 21).

The Conglomerate Ent. and Shaheem Reid present the mixtape, which is technically a Conglomerate project, featuring Busta, J Doe, and Reek Da Villian.

Below is artwork for the project:

[December 17]

UPDATE: Busta Rhymes and The Conglomerate have released their new mixtape Catastrophic. Download the tape at DatPiff.com and stream it below.

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  • Anonymous

    "THIS MIXTAPE IS HORRIBLE BUT BUSTA IS A RAP LEGEND" LL could be considered a rap legend. Busta's catelog just isn't strong enough for consideration, but if he can get a good album out in 2013, then who knows.

  • Anonymous

    fucking horrible. i guess steroids and testosterone don't build BRAINS... fat bad washed up whore Busta Rhymes!

  • Anonymous

    Ken - Seek help immediately.

  • Anonymous

    "busta is a legend in the game" Stop with the silly nonsense. Busta was never a legend. Now he's a has been getting put out to pasture by Birdman.

  • UHHH!!

    Can't say I'm surprised by this less-than-below-average effort. I miss my school days, bumping Genesis.

  • BigNoct2

    Busta Rhymes now is just.....I'm fucking upset because once again I'm a fan and he is consistently putting out BULLSHIT...This shit is fucking wack as fuck! How much Down South Dick can he suck?? I'm not listening to this clown anymore...Aptly titled, "Catastrophe..."

  • Anonymous

    I'll obviously reserve final judgement until i actually listen to the whole tape, but the first song is aptly named. that track is a straight catastrophe. it is painful to listen to. terrible.

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to put this lame has been out of his-- and our-- fucking misery... remember when Busta's bodyguards used to get shot up in Brooklyn? yeah, me neither.

  • RICK

    I guess he was right when he said "THERES ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT". Cause his projects after Anarchy have been WACK! Was he talking about ONE YEAR left of him being nice on he MIC?........Things that make you go HMMMMMM!

  • gra

    it was so wack after the 3rd song i had to stop it

  • SDK


  • anon

    smh one hit wonder he only had one hit song with Breezy and Weezy now he think people gonna listen to his tape. Who is this clown? #TEAMBREEZY

    • Anonymous

      yall better go and check yall history u fake ass hip hop heads busta is a legend in the game that had hits when breezy was in his mommas womb and weezy in pampers...

  • Anonymous

    Busta needs to take enough drugs to put us ALL out of our fucking misery... Crazy how fat these bums get when they get off the juice (see also Arian Bronstein)... At least Busta was once great... back in the 1990s?!

  • Black Nigga From Mexico

    This nia must realize rapping fast doesn't actually mean good rapping

  • Fuck Busta Rhymes & His Family

    Mixtapes ain't shit, just drop an actual album nigga

  • BigNoct

    If it's some authentic New York rap shit, I'm hyped...But if it's some more Down South, Cash Money Records Dick riding music, I don't want to hear it...

  • Anonymous

    Busta da king of fast rap.



    • Anonymous

      Why are you writing in capital letters? Furthermore, please stop trying to tag a wack nickname (Wack-Gon), that was really weak

  • Bussa Buss

    "There's only 5 years left....wait....I mean....4 years, 3 years, 2 years....left????....maybe?....I mean there's only 1 year left...wait...damn...ok this time I'll get it right....there's only 3 days left!" - Bussa Buss

  • Geesus

    Really sad to say this but this guy needs to STOP rapping! Last few albums have been ASS! He should bow out gracefully instead of releasing continual mediocre trash! For somebody like Busta he should really have his own popping imprint by now!

  • kennyken

    looking forward to it

  • Up North

    Hopefully it's not as catastrophic as everything he's put out since the Big Bang.

  • adam

    Busta has been in a free fall since Aftermath shelved Back on My B.S. He can still rip a verse but as far as release go, he fell off a cliff long ago. Sad to say.

  • Ken

    last good album was the Big Bang. needs to get back with aftermath; whenever Dre executive-produces anything, it's usually a hit. @last poster: ...the fuck busta give about Bitch Money anyway?? Everyone's always ridin on weezy's dick here damn shit is just average at best. Carter IV? really? as for yeezy and hov, I think they just sit around all day jerking each other off. Watch the throne was fun sure, but it's not a "great album." it's them just clownin around in the studio, it's not a Blueprint 1 album or a pre-graduation Ye album. shit is just for fun. oh some real it goes like this: Nas has second best album of the year. only problem with his album is it goes on a bit too long AND covers the same content (he's a conflicted father, that's great stuff to break down, but after an hour shit gets old). K dot reigns this year. yes, the hype was for real. as fire-hot as "The Recipe" is, I still don't consider it part of the album. The album, the 12-track CD, ends with "Compton," and it's just enough of great material but not too much--it ends perfectly too, obviously with Dre handing the torch. Nas' album is a beast, but i think his album gets more respect cuz he's a vet now, and i can appreciate that but it shouldn't change your thoughts about the music. if he cut two or three songs out, he would have best album 2012. three is TIP with Trouble man... DAMN that shit is straight fire from start to end. haters will hate cuz lotta those songs will get big radio play (hot 97 might as well just admit they're gay for him at this point). i don't give a fuck about radio, radio sucks even when they do play rap it's edited for content AND length......... and for the record, funkmaster flex needs to drop less "bombs" on shitty new 50 songs. so yeah, tip will get hate.... but he's got a top three album. and it's nice to see him and some others lately as well give respect to the King of R&B, R. Kelly. Kells is a legend for a reason it's nice to see tip sayin that Kells was like Marvin and Tip was Biggie (that last part might be exaggerated a bit) on tip's track "Can You Learn." also, who new Akon was still around?? kills it on "Wonderful Life," those two songs are some of my favs off that album. #4 goes to slaughterhouse. except for "Rescue Me" (alex da kid, you produced like two or three hit songs... that's great but now it's old you gotta progress and evolve instead of just giving us the same whiny skylar grey (although she's a piece of ass in that new collabo w/ marshall) horseshit).... that song sucks. the rest of the album is excellent, from a lyrics standpoint as well as production-wise (swizzy absolutely murders the beat on throw it away). Also, "Goodbye"... some people think Slaughterhouse went "pop" with that? fuckin song talks about a double miscarriage for like two full minutes, how is that radio-friendly? whatever. let's see... oh yeah #5--haters suck a dick--goes to Game, who is a beast once again. RED album was the beginning, Jesus Piece is the real deal. And who cares about how he's got so many features?? whaaa. fuck off, the music is still really good and that's the point. shit i don't get: 2 Chainz. take away the dope production and BOATS is a lyrically shitty album, sorry. i'm happy he's nominated for some grammy award that's good and nice, but i just didn't feel that album. shit i STILL don't get (and probably never will): Weezy and rozay. Wayne fell off a while ago. why is that not clear to most people? shit i don't get: rozay's album had one good song on it and since it was really good song people think the entire albums good too. well it's, uhh, NOT. "deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back, deez niggas won't hol me back......." GREAT SONG! oh wait that shit sucks, never mind. and Sixteen was great cuz of Andre, not rick ross and his tired maybach horseshit. fuckin dude puts out a song actually called "maybach music 4". that's POWERFUL STUPID right there. shit i don't get: DJ Khaled actually put together a good album. the fuck did that happen? shit i want more of: Kevin Hart skits on every album. ............... wait was this a response post to a Busta Rhymes mixtape news piece? I expect to be taken down any time now, even though i always rep dx on fb and my site, but whatever. shit's gotta be all organized and shit. peace &fuck u haters suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    Cash Money have shelved him

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