Meek Mill Calls Cassidy's "Condom Style" "The Worst Song In The History Of Rapping"

Meek Mill pokes fun at Cassidy over his latest song.

Meek Mill has poked fun at Cassidy over his latest song release "Condom Style."

Taking to Instagram, the Maybach Music Group rapper called the track "the worst song in the history of rapping" and said that there's no way he intended it seriously.

"Go 2 this is the worst song in the history of rapping....this gotta b a joke! Google #condomstyle," he wrote on Instagram, racking up 15,700 likes on the pic.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania natives have sparred over the past few months, trading barbs on Twitter and entertaining the idea of a Rap battle.

Check the Instagram pic below.


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  • pshelas

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  • Anonymous

    I never heard of Cassidy shutting down a city. Dude is broke and that song is wack. Meek is still winning if he don't reach a million this year. He has nothing to gain from a rap battle with ASS, but if Cassidy win he might become famous. And we should all know that he aint't get no 7 figure endorsement deal for condom style maybe 6 and Meek makes that in 2 shows. Who he think he is Mc Hammer ,I Guess he had bars to lol.

  • Anonymous

    "meek aint touchin half a million sales in a year" Neither is 50.

  • ken

    "worst song in the history of rappping"? comin from tha nigga that made 'young and im gettin it' lol

  • ogsupreme

    Its nice he promotin safe sex.. but this song wasn't necessary to get his point across.

  • B

    "this is the worst song in the history of rapping....this gotta b a joke!" It might be Meek. It is also possible that some of them Weird Al joints were jokes too... Maybe.

  • Malone

    A totalitarian society much like ours... . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Sensaye

    Just 'cause it was a joke doesn't mean it wasn't wack. Cassidy is a classic example of a rapper who can battle but can not write a song. He relies on one-liners and that style handcuffs him.

  • Anonymous

    Malone is a lot like mills a childish ragin homesexuals with to much time!!!


    but damn I thought he was 'gettin money' and didnt have time to entertain haters blah blah blah cassidy BEEN fell off blah blah how YOU, the man of the hour, mr Im gettin money, find the time to google ANY rapper that fell off or is just hating? I swear Im so fuckin sick of ALL these new age rap niggas man! AND you got a video floating around saounding like a 1st class amateur compaired to what cass was you find the balls to talk down to a nigga who clearly was on your side and gave you a look when you was a dirt ball ass nigga with dirty braids? Show some class meek, DC2 was iight but dont get gassed like you already made it gonna be MIA like state property in 2yrs you keep it up man smh...

  • nigga

    how did he not understand that it was just a joke

  • Malone

    Good will to some ...not all . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • murdock

    its meant to be funny hes rapping over a korean song that mad corny in the first place but guess what??that corny song has the most hits on youtube so he did a ryhme on it and everyones talking about did what it was meant to do.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why firstly people are dissing Meek Mill over this. The song is a joke I get that but it isn't funny and was only made for hype. Secondly, this isn't the kind of Cassidy bars we love. No one in the future is gonna be like: "Have you heard Cassidy - Condom Style. That's a straight classic tunnel banger right there". We all know that the sick Cassidy is the one we heard on The Problem vs The Hustla, I'm a Hustler, 6 minutes etc. Thirdly, we are niggas defending rappers like they are your homie. Rap ain't no sport guys. You can like a rapper but still be like "Oh yeah there was that one corny song...". P.S @BOY calling a nigga 'not-famous' is not a diss; ever heard of underground rappers? Plus, make sure you spell the genre of music you are ranting about right.

  • Anonymous

    OK? did anyone listen to that cassidy song? why are you defending it when Meek might be right. That is easily one of the corniest songs ive ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    MEEK...put the $$$ up or shut the fuck up...#period

  • BOY

    Meek Mill aint shit but an over-hyped down-syndrome monkey looking nigga. Jump if you be feelin like Kermit nigga! Cassidy will teach this not-famous looking trash nigga. He'll get murked. Cass got them bars, naaa fuck that, Cass got PILLARS nigga! Lil Wayne the KIGN of HIP HIP thought Cass how to rap so watch out WEAK MILLS! Meek Mill is a small-booty-dick-looking nigga! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • Anonymous

    meek mill before he started shout rapping = worst rapper ever. fact.

  • hiphop is still dead

    Yo Meeki Mill, I call you the worst rapper ever! You are 1 of the reasons why hiphop sucks nowadays. Buy a gun and kill yourself.

  • room2roam was better than most of his album singles. if course i didnt buy his album. MMG is trash. wale has potential but he's allowed these wanna be gangstas to cloud his judgement and fuk up his music

  • tvesrb

    lol "The Worst Song In The History Of Rapping"?? even if that song were serious, it still wouldn't be the worst. that's just exaggeration. I bet most of the ppl here can think of something worse.

  • LightWorkEP

    Song is funny with a good message, obviously not going for a hit nor bars..... You smart dumb cats online need not listen to this Lyrics, might be over y'all heads though...I mean since you can't seem to understand Cassidy's motives even though it's plainly obvious.

  • GetyourshittogetherDX

    Goddamn man can you fools at HipHopdx do somthing about these fucking trolls?? Jeezus Christ i'd like to not have to scroll down a page for a fucking minute because of these fags like Malone. Fuck!!

  • Malone

    Grooming the ego... . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • but...

    ok "Mr.I'm going to do a mill the first week" nigga aint touching a million sold in a year. Cassidy will trash Meek. Meek just hating from a far cuz if Cass in his face..he'll eat Meek

  • lol

    who is meek mill to say anythin.. cassidy made a 'nondiss' and u went into hiding for WEEKS! now u come out to diss cassidys song and anyone who got a brain knows it wasnt a serious song, it was bullshittin but had a good message in it. now u got everyone askin u to battle him again.. fuck u doin my dude? battle cass or step aside and let ur career rot bec u flazed out and lost credability



    • lol

      thats not trollin thats hatin at its hardest form.. u didnt listen 2 the song, or the message and its trash... yeah thats hatin

  • Anonymous

    meek, cassidy would rip you apart so you should probably stop...and how you gonna hate on a guy for making a song that has a positive message. just because 95% of your songs are meaningless doesnt mean you can hate on him...what a fag, goes on twitter to talk shit, man up and make a diss song..oh yea, you already did and got shown up

  • Malone

    There is a girl on the right of me with a facebook profile named Astra. She's hot! Go and check her out. I tried to message her and she told me she'd rather be a full blown lesbian than converse with someone like me. I don't blame her. I mean, I am a piece of shit troll but anyway she's really smart and really pretty. Go and check her out. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • osiris

    All he gotta do is say he scared to battle him and that's it. Like why keep baiting him, for what? he not even thinking about meek, he said put the money up and let's battle and all he been doing is running his mouth. dude need to either battle or move on like cass did.

  • STFU

    At least Cass is rappin', not squealing...

  • Malone

    I have the most annoying post in the world and it goes a little something like this... . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • FckTheDisloyal

    Did this fool forget who Cassidy is... people like Meek ain't loyal. I used to see Meek Mill behind Cassidy's video's now he tryin to front on the man who put him on.

  • mal617

    Meek is trash. He's about to bite off more than he can chew

  • A

    Hip-Hop is so weak now a days...

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop has gotten to be so lame its ridiculous, these two will never battle and are bickering back and forth like old women

  • youngsta

    i agree 100% with meek mill. that song is terribly bad and one of the worst i've heard. and some of you saying that the song wasn't meant to be taken seriously, i bet y'all are the same ones who hate on lil b for making joke songs. basedgod makes better joke songs than that horrid piece of shit. old ass cassidy is washed up and irrelevant and needs to hang it up. meek's doing big things right now and dreams and nightmares goes HAM!

  • raidfuljohnson

    "Galloping Ghost"



  • Malone

    Armpit muscle... . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • i

    hey Malone, you steamy hunk of man make my pee pee go ba-doing-a-doing-doing (eminem voice)

  • Anonymous

    thats considering he not talking about any song on his album...

  • Anonymous

    He sayin "its gotta be a joke" condom style? obviously not serious

  • Malone

    OOOHHH la la!! . Sincerely Yours -Malone


    condom style is unlistenable..

  • Anonymous

    meek a pussy for backin out

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy was obviously messing around with that. I'm sure Meek knows that, but he figured he could make people think otherwise if he insulted it.

  • Anonymous

    I wish "worst song in the history of rapping" was mentioned more often. Just saying it is funny as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with meek that song is wack!! and meek goes hard way better that cas

  • Anonymous

    meek mills autotune song is up there too

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill isn't the right person to talk about quality of Cassidy's song. The whole MMG crew is the worst crew in the history of rapping. Even Riff Raff is better.

  • The B

    If meek isn't gonna battle Cass then he needs to STFU!!

  • Anonymous

    Still better than his sorry excuse of an album.

  • fag

    Am I the only person that understands that this song was intentionally made 2 be funny? I thought of this shit months ago and was waiting for this. It was funny as fuck and meek mill is just being a twat

  • FuKKK MeeKKK Mill

    LMAO this is basically the garbage talking about the trash. This faggot is not in the position of saying which song is the worst.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this dude to talk.. meek fuckin terrible on the mic

  • Jamie

    Seriously, Meek is right, I expect better from someone like Cassidy. Although Meek Mill's music isn't that good. The only person from MMG that's worth mentioning is Wale.

    • dstah

      Wale falling off cuz of MMG. I personally think Stalley is the best and needs to get out of there before they destroy him as well.

  • Guy

    First, Meek is right, this is one of the worst songs ever to release. However, Meek should just shut up because all of his music is just as bad

  • Anonymous

    Proof not only that these rappers read comments, and HHDX gets no love, posting a story with the competitions name all in the article.

  • Anonymous

    That's just over exaggerating and basically hating. Cass seems to be having fun while Meek has clearly got Cass on his mind.

  • Anonymous

    joey mezcico a pussy

  • Jake

    Most of the comments on the instagram ar going at Meek Mill lol

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