During an appearance on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning, Philly rapper Cassidy set the record straight in regards to his alleged feud with fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill. Cassidy revealed that he has no beef with Meek Mill and the rap battle he had hoped for was more so due to his competitive nature and confidence as an artist.

The Philadelphia spitter went on to reveal that Meek Mill hasn’t agreed to battle, but if he did Cassidy says a lyrical spat between the two artists would have been beneficial for Hip Hop.

“It’d be good for Hip Hop. Good for everything man. Bring some more excitement to the game,” Cassidy explained. “Not taking nothing away from the dudes that’s rhyming right now, but it’d be beneficial. He don’t wanna do that, you know what I’m saying? You can’t force a man to do something he don’t wanna do so it is what it is.”

Although Cassidy was hoping for a pretty hefty check if the battle were to happen, a check he says sponsors would surely put up for, he shared that the money he would receive would be given to charity and put into other ventures.  

“I want at least like a 100K, but I want to put most of it up for charity,” said the rapper. “I’mma put it in a lot of different areas. It ain’t really for me to eat. I just want to do it with an artist that can pull out that kind of money with me. So the sponsors will definitely put up a lot of bread if me and an artist like that got together and went at it…It’s definitely not a publicity stunt on my behalf. I just felt disrespected a little bit so I thought why not put it in a rhyme and see who really the best.”

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