Marley Marl Was Originally Expected To Produce Nas' "It Was Written"

Marley Marl was slated to handle production on Nas' sophomore LP.

With two decades as a major figure in the industry, rapper Nas' careers has become the stuff of legends in Hip Hop lore. Now, in a recent list, Complex unearths 50 little known facts about the legendary emcee.

In a recent article, Complex offered up 50 facts about the Queensbridge emcee's lengthy career. According to the list, Nas' It Was Written was supposed to be produced by Marley Marl, while "Live Nigga Rap" was originally intended for Mobb Deep's Hell on Earth.

"'Live Nigga Rap' was originally Mobb Deep's record for Hell on Earth, but Nas bought it from them so he could use it on It Was Written," reads the article. The list continues with tidbits like, "It Was Written was supposed to be produced entirely by Marley Marl, but the idea fell through when Nas heard unfinished songs on the radio," and "The original version of 'Ether' featured the line, 'It should've been you in that plane crash'—referring to the plane crash Aaliyah died in."

Check out the full list over at Complex.

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  • Eastcomments

    To me...Been a Legend doesnt mean ur original,...example Madonna..who took everything from.Cindy Lauper... I like the originality of artists...that makes it unique!!! I remember Nasty Nas rapping like Tragedy Khadafi,so for me everytime Nas raps i hear Tragedy.but thats maybe just me...I heard Tragedy first with that Queens rap!.! he got to jail and didnt got big ,has he suppost to be.... Then again I like Nas but there are so Many Hip Hop albums that are way more beter then me.. Super intellegent street rappers like Rass Kass Soul on ice..Jeru da Damager.......O,C. Word life.. U beter ax somebody!!!

    • uno ocho gang

      I understand what your saying, homie. "Illmatic" is a great album but it's mostly PEOPLE hyping it up as the absolute greatest hip hop album of all time period and everybody following the hype. Most people are followers as you and I both know. I personally like to think for myself. With that being said, "Illmatic" is a great album no doubt but there are many other great hip hop albums that are just as good if not better. Also, to me it seems that the producers on "Illmatic" don't get as much credit as Nas but they should. If the beats were wack I don't think "Illmatic" would be nearly as good of an album. Something to think about. By the way, I noticed someone else on here likes "It Was Written" more than the "Illmatic" joint. Me too, homie.

  • SDK


  • MWill

    what is your point sean ryon?

  • Rick

    Illmatic set the standard for Nas and ANY new MC or CLASSIC album. But If It Was Written was NAs' debut, it would still be considered a TRUE classic. EVERY fuckin track on the CD is NICE! Shit, I didn't like Street Dreams too much cause of the "poppy" feel to it but it grew on me. The eclectic production on that album is what makes it nice. The sound on that album had not been heard before. From Havoc to Dre, to Premier. Each track is fucking NICE!

    • Ny-Harlem

      I just said this, but "it was written" in my opinion was better then Illmatic. Both of them were great albums. But like you said, It was written brought a new feel to it. Beside the fact it was written had more songs it was flawless from begin to end. Not one mediocore song on it. Illmatic is the say way. Every song was awesome on illmatic, but It was written was just as flawless with more songs. Either way both Albums were great.

  • Rick

    Then that album would have originally SUCKED! Marley hasnt laced one good track in over 15 years. It was Written is one of the BEST slept on albums EVER! Shit, it SHITS on Reasonable Doubt and people say thats a classic. Not in my books. I'd take O.C's Jewelz over Reasonable Doubt.

    • Ny-Harlem

      I don't give a fuck what nobody says. It was written was better then Illmatic. I know Illmatic was a classic and some call it the best hip hop album ever.(debatable but rightfully so) But most of the people i grew up with actually like It was written more then illmatic. Both were classics but illmatic seems to get more credit then It was written.

    • Da Enigma

      I would agree with the O.C Jewelz album being better. I think O.C is in the top 10 of all time period!!

  • Anonymous

    this is old news. what use is this article.

  • Holla

    God's Son was first intended to be a dissalbum against practically every popular rapper at the time.

  • Hovito

    i think all fans of nas could start some fund which would help nas pay his taxes.

  • Unbelievable

    Lmao @ Nas crying after hearing 2PAC Against All Odds, still my nigga though

    • Tbones

      @Unbelievable, u must be a Moron if u believe that. @Anonymous, u r correct with ur comment, its either Complex is dumb as fuck and ignorant or they just doing their best to sneak diss Nas like they always do when they get the opportunity.

    • Anonymous

      In Carmen Bryans autobiography it says he cried when 2pac died. I wonder what there sauce is about the diss

  • Anonymous

    Nas shoulda kept Large Pro and Pete Rock for It Was Written and added Marley Marl too that woulda been dope

  • San

    He got dreams of that leer jet...But he gone lean like aaliyah jet

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