Former Ghostwriter Debunks Myth That Suge Knight Assaulted Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice's one-time ghostwriter denies that Suge Knight hung the rapper over of a balcony edge for payment.

One of Hip Hop's most notorious tall-tales is that the infamous Suge Knight dangled Vanilla Ice off a hotel balcony in order to extort back-end publishing credits for his hit "Ice Ice Baby." Now, in a recent interview with LA Weekly, one of Ice's ghostwriters claims that the incident is false.

Mario "Chocolate" Johnson, a former collaborator of Vanilla Ice, alleges that Suge Knight never put his hands on the Miami rapper. Johnson, who was managed Knight at the time of the reported incident, recalled the hotel meeting between Ice, Knight and himself, saying that their lawsuit for producer credits was handled professionally and without any threat of violence from either party.

"We knew where [Vanilla Ice] was staying because I was supposed to be hearing some tracks he was doing. He wanted me to come by myself. But Suge said, 'I'm going with you,'" he recalled. "When we went to the hotel that day, it was strictly for conversation. Nobody got pushed - nobody argued, no shoving - nothing...when we got there everything was peaceful. Attorney David Kenner showed up, took a statement, and we got all our paperwork together. We didn't make [Vanilla Ice] sign papers. Our attorneys, through Sony, fought my case against Vanilla Ice."

He continued, "Vanilla Ice made so much up in his mind, he actually started believing it. 'Cause I was there; no threatening, no nothin'. We had a normal conversation. He tried to pay Suge for my flight ticket for comin' out there to produce stuff...we sued using normal courts and attorneys. You just heard it from me. It was more than a year in the settlement of that lawsuit that Chocolate finally got paid. Doesn't mean [Vanilla Ice] didn't get hung over a balcony, but if he did, it didn't make him pay."

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  • Yourmom

    Vanilla ice fucking pretty much admitted it on behind the music, this guy makes himself look like a poser

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. DAYUM. This was 2 decades ago.

  • Anonymous

    "Chocolate" Johnson vs. Vanilla Ice hahahahaha

  • Angelo

    Does anyone really give a fuck about this anymore?

    • smilin_knight

      nope no one GAF about this corny ass shit!!!

    • Jas

      The Suge Knight story is a great one, as back in 95/96 he was an example of what thuggery, crime and violence can get you, then he so spectacularly fell off that its a great lesson, what goes around comes round and evil will not just so I don't have to respond, can I say fuck you to any unemployed fuck wit that says some shit like, fuck you asshole or any other yank bullshit speak

    • jasr

      u do. u commented u dipshit

  • mortos

    they hung out their dicks for a circle jerk

  • Anonymous

    bullshit. Who when gonna believe? A guy with no reason to tell a lie like that, or the guy that is known in many case to do stuff like that???

  • mrNelson

    "Doesn't mean [Vanilla Ice] didn't hung over a balcony, but if he did, it didn't make him pay." Could've sworn someone said that line on the Welcome 2 Deathrow documentary that come out about 10 years ago.

    • Jas

      It was Berry Gordy who said that on the Welcome to Deathrow DVD, he was referring to Eazy E's claim that Suge beat him and Jerry heller with bats and pipes to get them to sign Dre out of his Ruthless Records contract

  • Anonymous

    I already figured that out years ago when I realized the case was settled in a court room. If he got hung over a balcony it wouldn't have had to go to trial cause Suge would have already had the money. Vanilla Ice made that story up so people would give him sympathy, "Awww, the poor lil one hit wonder got bullied by the big bad black gang member. Let's give the poor lil guy a nightline interview and cry with him"

  • u

    most of the kids on this site are probably asking who vanilla ice even is. he was the '91 version of lil wayne.

  • black jesus

    "Doesn't mean [Vanilla Ice] didn't get hung over a balcony, but if he did, it didn't make him pay." oh ok. so suge hung him out the window for shits and giggles. that actually makes more sense

  • Anonymous

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