Wiz Khalifa Gives Props To Devin The Dude, Says He Was Introduced To Snoop Dogg's Music At Age Six

Wiz Khalifa talks Devin The Dude, being introduced to Snoop Dogg's music, and more during his second interview with Nardwuar.

During his second interview with i am OTHER personality Nardwuar, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa took some time to shout out fellow emcee Devin The Dude, an artist he says he’s now carrying the torch for. The topic of Devin The Dude and his music was brought up as Wiz spoke on the rapper’s iconic, DJ Premier-produced record “Doobie Ashtray.”

The Taylor Gang spitter also went on to refer to Devin The Dude as being one of the most underrated artists around.

“Yo, this is like a classic marijuana smoking, rolling [song]. This is just a good weed song, but Devin The Dude he’s very, very, very musical,” Wiz explained. “Very underrated and he’s just like one of the best to ever do it as far as the genre that I can consider myself to be carrying on the torch for. So shout out to Devin The Dude as well. I never really got to publicly say that, but Devin is really The Dude.”

Although Wiz Khalifa may have only just recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg, he says he was first introduced to the rapper’s music around the age of six thanks to a friend of his mothers.

“Yes, shout out to her ratchet ass…She used to listen to Doggystyle and her son his name was Lil Ray and he had a box with a rat-tail in the back. He was bad as shit and that was my homie,” said the rapper.

Wiz Khalifa is currently preparing for the release of his O.N.I.F.C. album which is due out on December 4.

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  • kazmick

    I was introduced to Wiz khalifa's F$%^*ery in 2003.I'm born and raised in Pittsburgh and still live here and I will tell all you out there who think thats how cats act from here.....He does not represent this city. people do not listen to him who are from here. I am a producer muself and nobody messes with dude. Not out of jealousy but more out of just the fact we can't really relate to his lack of authenthicity. he went from hoodies and fitted caps to skinny jeans and leather S&M looking shirts and getting a groupie pregnant and calling that wifey. SMH.

  • Money Emp

    Co-$ign that Doobie Ashtray,thats Ju$t 1 Of Many favs Hits by the Dude.That "Just Tryin'Ta Live" Is A "CLASSIC" CD

  • Money Emp

    That's A Good look givin Devin his Props, that Sumthin you other Young Artist can take A Page from Wi , givin the ppl before U there RESPECT.

  • Fish

    all i have to say is FUCK snoop for wanting to buy Celtic. Glasgow Rangers til I die bitch!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Your parents should have grounded you and made you listen to Rod Stewart.

  • Anonymous

    me too, had that doggystyle tape when it first came out my parents were like wtf are u listening to?

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