Uncle Murda "The First 48" Mixtape Download & Stream

UPDATE: Uncle Murda enlists French Montana, Ca$h Out, Maino, Mike Epps and more for his new mixtape.

Uncle Murda has debuted the tracklist and cover art for his upcoming mixtape The First 48 exclusively with HipHopDX.

For the project, releasing on November 26th on LiveMixtapes.com, features guest appearances from French Montana, Ra Diggs, Diddy Bop, Maino, Chanti McCoy and more. Production comes courtesy of Grandriggity, Omen, Khalil, Figgs, Scram Jones and more.

The tape will be hosted by Mike Epps, while the video for lead single "Money Work" featuring French Montana will debut on MTV Jams on the tape's release day.

Check the tracklist and cover art below.



[November 16]

UDPATE: Uncle Murda has released his new mixtape The First 48, which can be streamed below and downloaded over at LiveMixtapes.com.

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  • Brandon

    Got Damn Murda this shit gets my day going... Best piece of work from Murda!!!! Bullet Bullet!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he talking about murking the rap game killing on the mic damn and i thought you idiots was smart

    • Big Bang Theory

      Apparently these nerds aren't that smart. They take this shit literally. This nerd trying to give me a lesson on culture influence. Really online! First of all these are the same geeks who watch shit like Lord of the rings and Star-wars(all kinds of geek shit) where all kind of killing happens, but these geeks get offered when a rapper spit some graphic shit. Thats why i can't stand these fucking nerds.

  • Anonymous

    This coon is only adding to the problem with his name and title of his album.

  • Big Bang Theory

    Wow i just seen the comments and i always say the problem with fans(especially) online fans is that they take music(and Movies) to fucking serious. Shit is entertainment my niggas. Its like watching a fucking movie you can't think this shit is real. I still think this nigga is trash tho, but DMX was fucking nice and he always had a message behind all that ignorant shit he rhymed about. Oh yeah DMX was fucking a beast too. This nigga here is trash tho.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Like im really trying to read this nerd shit. This is exactly what im talking about. Fucking nerds trying to teach me a lesson online.

    • Step Up

      they take music and movies to seriously? I can tell by your words you are an ignorant uninformed savage who has not done any research on anything of substance. The Pentagon, Hitler's SS, beer companies, soft drink companies, have all spent billions on music and movies. So either you are a genius who figures that music and media does not influence culture, despite the thousands of individuals who have proven otherwise, or more likely, a foul mouthed n-word who does not have the brains to realize when he and his ethnic group are being made fools of. Pathetic...

  • Big Bang Theory

    Before someone say im young blah blah blah im 30. Now thats out the way i can't get into this nigga right here. Uncle Murda is fucking trash to me. I love that ignorant shit because its always good work out music and gets me going sometimes. And im not one of these online nerds who get all butt hurt when rappers spit disrepectful shit most these nerds have no clue about.(Unless its Eminem) But this uncle murder nigga is trash to me in my opinion. Dude just spit ignorant shit with nothing behind it. Most importantly i don't believe this nigga here. I don't care how real he is in BK.(don't even know if he is real or not don't care) I can't take this nigga serious at all and on top of that this nigga ain't nice. I wonna say he wack but it could get worst then this nigga, but this nigga aint nice. My opinion tho

  • Help Us

    This ghetto savage's name glorifies murder (of Black people). On top of that he names a mixtape after a show which covers the murder of mostly guess who, Black people. You ghetto coons who celebrate the murder of people who look like you (or anyone else for that matter) should wake up and smell the coffee. If a woman named "Auntie baby aborter" came out with an album, the ghetto savages would download it by the thousands. He is a cancer on our community, and those who's contribution to the Black community consists of creating theme music for murdering each other deserve to be lyrically lynched...



  • Anonymous

    thats my dawg!!! real live rap!!!!!!!

  • icebergslim

    i fuccs with murda, that nicca the truth and he can rap, stop hatin!!!!!! brooklyn , we in the building!!!!!!

  • looks like an old Jay-Z

    looks like an old Jay-Z

  • People Please

    I hope this ignorant savage reaps the fruit of his ignorance. He openly brags about his willingness to murder people and is still taken seriously in some circles. Hopefully he , 2 chainz, chief keef, gunplay, ross, all get in a shootout in a burger king bathroom. This would help save the minds of our youth...

    • Big Bang

      Its not the artist or labels that ruined Hip hop. Its online geeks who somehow got hip to hip hop music like these geeks like this nigga. Sure i don't agree with this nigga's music but i also know that music is entertainment not real life. When you nerds realize this maybe we can change this hip hop shit. Cause right now they only looking for gimmicks and its mostly you geeks fault.

  • IC Noth

    I'm really happy this guy never made it big in the hiphop world because he would have help destroy the minds of the youth. He really lives the life style he raps about and that's not good. You SHOULDN'T celebrate killing or selling drugs. Grow up Mr. Murder

  • Anonymous

    he is getting better.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this herb still rapping?

  • Anonymous

    i remember a few years ago before all this south fake soft shit murder had a huge buzz in new york every hood you went there were bootleggers selling his mixtapes and now nothing

  • Anonymous

    Man I Feel Like That Black Cop On The Left Side Of Uncle Murda Shoulda Been Rick Ross.

  • The B

    One of the few hardest in the game.

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