Lil Wayne Ordered To Pay $2 Million In "The Carter" Documentary Lawsuit

Lil Wayne takes a L in his legal battle against the makers of "The Carter" and has been ordered to pay $2 million in damages.

While his controversial deposition may have taken up most of the recent spotlight, Lil Wayne has been embroiled in a legal battle with filmmaker Quincy Jones III over his '09 documentary The Carter. Now, in a recent report from TMZ, it appears that Weezy has lost the suit and been ordered to pay upwards of $2 million in damages.

A judge has ordered the YMCMB rapper to pay $2,195,000 to QD3 Entertainment for breach of contract and blocking the release of Jones' infamous documentary on the New Orleans rapper. Wayne's initial suit began in 2009 over failure to give Wayne final approval over the film, and was followed by Jones' counter-suit in 2011. 

According to the report, Wayne's recent medical issues may have played a hand in the ruling, as did his notorious deposition. The rapper was unable to appear in court to testify in the case due to the seizure-like symptoms preventing him from flying, forcing his lawyer to rely on his video deposition.

Lil Wayne is also suing QD3 Entertainment for the unauthorized use of his music in the film. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light in the case.

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  • Malone

    If you think the word butthole doesn't have a nice ring to it your obviously deceiving yourself... . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB takes another L.

  • thend

    This looks like the begging of the end for lil wayne....his music has been on the down swing....He should take a break from hiphop and try to do movies or focus on family or something.

  • Anonymous

    that's just some baby money

  • Anonymous

    I don't care how much money Lil wayne is worth....the one thing ya'll don't see is HIS EXPENSES.....every always focuses on how much money somebody make.....but not see how much they spending. Then people act all shock when the find out somebody is broke. A nigga can make 20 million a year....but what the fuck is that if he spending 18 million a year? I don't care what ya'll say...HAVING TO PAY SOMEBODY 2 MILLION IS GOING TO HURT....especially if wayne is already spending 5-10 million a year on shit. Just saying

  • D-NUCKS THIS IS A LINK TO TUPACS Look how he conducted himself and look how lil wayne conducted himself. Tupac had more of a reason to act a ass cause he was being sued for his lyrics influencing the murder of a police officer. Lil wayne HAD NO RERASON TO ACT LIKE A DICK CONDSIDERING HE WAS THE ONE SUING QD3......LIL WAYNE IS A DUMBASS FOR REAL........Tupac conducted himself like a professional and was very articulate in the answers he gave. Lil wayne acted like a bad ass KID sitting in the princaples office for getting caught writing on bathroom walls....LMAO!!!

  • raidfuljohnson


  • Real Talk Man

    It shows you who really run this rap game.. Jay Z>

  • Tah

    Ja Rule PIL2(pain is Love 2) album out now it is crazzy!!!!!#freeja

  • Sage Afrika

    Why that white bitch always next to weezy lookin like a mind-controlled zombie? Is she some kinda weezy mannequin slave?

  • white power

    Coons being coons ...

    • Khalid Abdul Muhammad

      Shut up you white devil and get back to cave fuck dogs you hairy genetic recessive lil dick pale bastard.


    Maybe the Mayans were on to something about the end of the world of wackness. Rick Ross getting heat from the Gangsta Disiplez for crossing the line of being a fake thug. Lil Wayne throwing money at QD3 for telling the truth on his documentary. And Nicki Minaj doing played out reality shows, and going hollywood because she can't make a decent album. Looks like 2013 is going to be a promising year. hahahahahahajaajajajjahahahahaha :-)

  • Anonymous

    Im not even a fan of Wayne but I am actually starting to feel bad for the dude. I guess all his karma for making kids worship mindless bullshit has come back to him. Wish dude the best though, Im not as hateful as the majority of Hip Hop fans are.

  • rideonemjixxer

    This shows how dumb lil wayne is. The doc showed wayne for what he was/is, an idiot, and he couldnt handle it. The truth hurts, weezy.....

  • lintumies

    I wish i could anal fuck lil wayne

  • Anonymous

    Quincy Jones is a sellout black man and his son is a sell out biracial boy. White people own Quincy Jones, so Lil Wayne didn't stand a chance.

    • 17July

      motherfucka Lil Wayne shot himself in the foot with that deposition, dont blame other people for ur fav rappers fuck ups!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO sue someone for making a documentary about you.. how ungateful.. and he lost over $2M. LMAO. Young Money stays getting sued!!!!!

    • D-NUCKS

      @geajoux.....there are ways to NOT ACT LIKE A HOUSE NEGROE....withought acting like a immature bratty ass kid fake tough wannabe gangsta. Lil wayne should be embarassed he played himself. Malcolm X wasn't a house negroe Nor Martin Luther king...but they acted in a manner of intelligence and professionalism.

    • geajoux

      i'm proud that lil wayne didn't act like a house negro and bow down to those racist lawyers and judge.

  • elcunado

    the picture of him on the front page is so fucking funny

  • RC

    Maybe he'll behave in the courtroom next time and handle his shit in a professional manner.

  • Anonymous

    It's pretty funny that a guy who claims he doesn't care what people think about him sued because he didn't like how he was portrayed in a documentary about himself. That's pretty gangster.

  • Rahbangem Copy n paste^ New music from (money team ) $$$ MACITY (SHOW LOVE)

  • levi

    thanks for the update dx

  • Ellie

    He was so damn disrespectful to the judge, if I were his lawyer I would've quit the case....

  • Anonymous

    lol 2mil isnt shit too lil wayne.

    • ....

      yeah it's not the Quincy Jones you were thinking of. Glad Wayne ate shit on this though.

    • Anonymous

      Not THAT Quincy Jones

    • Anonymous

      Actually 2 million isn't shit to Quincy obviously must not have any clue who he really is. Wayne is the one who brought the lawsuit in the first place too....which was really the main point of the article, and now he is the one paying.....apparently you didn't catch on to that part. Sure Wayne has money, but not Quincy Jones money.

    • Anonymous

      he dont got jay-z diddy 50 money birdman gives him an allowance

  • Anonymous

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  • d-nucks

    i mean *damn near 30*

  • d-nucks

    TO you young cats at there...take heed...there is a time and a place for everything..that tough guy i don't give a fuck attitude will not work IN THE REAL WORLD. This dude fucked himself...acting like a bad ass 12 year old when he really damn near 50. IT COST HIM 2 MILLION. IF he would have acted professional and like he had some damn since and answer the questions it might have went a different way. OH well he ON CASH MONEY....THEY GOT IT TO PAY.

  • Tonyviera

    I am Very Glad, PAY IT MOTHERFUCKR!!! acting like a stupid brings nothing good!!



  • Mr.Woodall

    This is awesome.To see Tunechi lose his legal battle based simply off of his own arrogance. He initated this lawsuit and in doing so a deposition is a requirement of the process. I watched the video and wished the lawyer would just simply told him DUDE YOUR A FUCKING RETARD. Id hope that this would humble this chump but as we all know it wont.

  • Anonymous

    This is the L of the year! how you gonna sue someone and end up paying them 2.2 million!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is hilarious!!! especially after he thought he was so smart during that deposition! THEY CANT SAVE YOU!!! I WAS TALKING TO MYSELF

  • Anonymous

    fake a seizure and get out of court

    • jay

      yea he fakes seizures but don't fake his love for kissing his "daddy" brian Williams hoe ass fake flagging coke snorting no good album making tight jean tattoos in face wanna be rockstar swagger jacking biaacccccccchhhhh!!!!!!!

  • ness

    best news I heard all day

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