Cory Gunz Talks New Mixtape, Collaboration With Lil Wayne For "I Am Not A Human Being 2"

Cory Gunz also says that he's in talks for a second season of "Son of a Gun."

Cory Gunz has been off the grid for a minute, but he's ready to strike back. During an interview with DJ Skee, the New York rapper said that his new mixtape, That's What the Fuck I'm Talkin' 'Bout, is slated for release in November and that there is a second season of his reality show "Son of a Gun" in the works.

"Shout out to Nick, Nick Cannon. We had the reality show and we actually in talks for the second season on that joint and it's just really going to show people the album process, document an album and me going in the lab and actually putting these records together and giving people the insight on the side I want them to see, aside from the drama and things that come with the game. I want people to see how serious I breathe this," he said.

He also revealed that he has a record titled "Terrorist" slated for inclusion on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being 2. The YMCMB signee explained how Weezy influences him. "Really, honestly, he's been a mentor. So much that I pick up from him. He'll tell me he drops gems and it'll be the minor things. It's really a watch and learn kind of thing, but one thing he tells me is to stay focused," he said.

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  • weez

    doesnt terrorist come out today? i heard october 17th

  • Anonymous

    "Shout out to Nick, Nick Cannon" Credibility shot right there.

  • Mack

    Why you bot boy looking super slow with that pic BOFL!

  • Kaz

    He better make whatever bread he need to make cuz he bout to go to jail for that weapons charge.

  • BPSN

    Cory Gunz so irrelevant right now. You fucked up your career signin with YMCMB. I mean look at Bow Wow, that nigga gotta host 106 and park to make bread, and i haven't heard anything about busta rhymes since he first signed, then gudda gudda aint doin shit, jae millz, lil chuckee, lil twist, mack maine, that singin bitch they got signed all aint doin shit. Only people makin noise in ymcmb is wayne, nicki minaj, drake, and baby and thats only because baby own all them motherfuckers, including wayne.

    • ^

      You are a retarded YMCMB stan. Nothing you said is true. Good and RocNation shits on YMCMB.

    • Anonymous

      Roc Nation Other than J. Cole, the rest of those people that have released albums have only been in the UK. Besides without either of us looking it up, could you even name off all the people signed to roc nation? Its better to be signed but people know your name than to have a deal and no one knows who the hell you are. GOOD Music GOOD Music has talent. Thats undeniable. Excluding Big Sean, can you tell me the next person thats getting ready to drop an album? Or better yet can you name a release date? All these talented people (still excluding big sean) Kid Cudi, John Legend, Pusha T, Cyhi, etc etc and not ONE of them has a release date? Isnt that as bad as what people say about YMCMB? YMCMB when you bring up lawsuits, notice that its only been with The Carter 3/Lil Wayne. Other than that there arent any lawsuits. None with Drake, none with Nicki, None with Tyga etc. Now as for being a crooked label, thats not just them thats the music industry in general. Now Currency left because he didnt understand patience. he went out on his own and now hes dealing with a million dollar lawsuit for fuckin with dame dash. Omarion didnt do anything on the label. Hes been on his own for how many years and what has he done? Nothing. He just recently signed to MMG but wheres his release date? Wheres the music? Mystikal, busta, bow wow, limp biskit are all under Cash Money. Mystikal just got out of jail. theres that. Limp Biskit doesnt do a lot of US work and thats the words that came from fred durst, Bow wow aint been hot since he did the album with omarion. And busta is busta. His career just got a resurgance last year when he did that verse on Look At Me Now. Twist is also a producer. Chuckee, like i said, its a better business move to put him out when hes older and just groome him now. Just think, how many child rappers are there out right now? exactly. none. its not 2000 anymore. Kid rappers dont pop. Gudda and Millz have been touring off of mixtapes which means they dont have to deal with all the politics of labels. Besides like i said in an earlier post, can you see either of them headlining a tour? no fucking way Mack Maine is the PRESIDENT of Young Money. So far while hes run things hes been able to put out 2 platinum selling acts. Tygas album sales were got messed up cus the album was only on itunes. Thats pretty successful seeing as how Jay doesnt have any platinum artists under him right now and Kanye only has John Legend. And at the end of the day, some of those people are indeed signed to young money but theyre work ethic isnt that great. Wheres the music??? you cant get hot off of affiliation alone anymore. you need to put in the work and thats what a lot of those people that are signed ARENT DOING

    • GET REAL

      Bein the president of a sub label dont really mean shit, its like bein a small business owner, theres ym then cash money then theres universal.

    • GET REAL

      Then dont even get me started on the main cash money label, that adds another list of artists that aint doin shit either, besides birdman. Cash Money is a big crooked ass label who dont pay for their music and leave 90% of they artists to rot. I'd rather go to good or some other label or def jam and have like a 60 or 70% chance of droppin an album and makin some money than join Cash money and have a 90% chance of spendin my career as an extra in lil waynes videos

    • GET REAL

      Dude out of nine people signed to roc nation 6 people realesed albums, good music's last gold album was in 2010 kid cudi and out of 12 signed, 6 dropped albums including mr hudon and cyhi the prince supposed to drop an album next year or later this year and, on mmg wale's album surprisingly went gold so that two gold albums for them. Wayne has lil twist, tyga, jae millz, gudda gudda, mystikal, busta, bow wow lil chuckee, shanell, cory gunz, t streets, pj morton,mack maine, and christina millian, and he tryin to sign limp bizkit. thats why curren$y left and omarion left cause they know ymcmb aint on shit besides 3 people. then you have all the lawsuits from producers they receivin. and obviously mack maine aint doin his job as president or on his diddy shit doin shows, because less than half of they signed artist puttin out shit or even gettin buzz. and if they try and put lil chuckee on the shelf and wait til he older that might jus still be a fail cause the nigga was already in videos, and you never know what will happen lil nigga could get shot or drop the label, the smart business move ould be to make money off of the little nigga, cause i doubt even if bow wow started as an adult he would be hot, he a short, corny ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      You say it sounds dumb as hell but youre looking at it from a fan point of view If you already have a PRIME EXAMPE like bow wow, that you see was hot as a kid but nobody is feelin his music now, would you put out ANOTHER kid to try and do the same thing just so he can fall off as a an adult? No thats BAD BUSINESS. Did you really try to bring up Roc Nation and GOOD? I like both but here is where your hate for YMCMB clouds your logic: Roc Nation has been around since 2009 but has only put out ONE ARTIST other than Jay Z and thats J. Cole. They have 9 people on their roster but only the boss and one artist have put anything out? Thats worse than YMCMB! fuck outa here And GOOD, why is Big Sean already getting ready to put out his second album when Pusha, Cyhi, Mr. Hudson, Teyana Taylor, and six other artists arent even on album number 1? Cudi, Legend, and Big Sean are the only artists on there that have put out anything. You also brought up Pushas line but explain to me how hes over 10years in the game but no solo album out yet? He been on good since before kanyes MBDTF dropped and theres STILL no album release date in sight. Also Millz stopped battle rapping years before he signed with ym. And did you really say Mack Maine as president doesnt mean shit? Thats fucking STUPID. Hes the PRESIDENT of the label meaning hes supposed to be overseeing all the artists on Young Money. Do you know what happens when the president is more concerned about his own career than he is his artists? You end up like Diddy. now whether you feel chuckee, tyga, or anyone else on the label is wack is a personal opinion which youre entitled too. But you bring up sales and that only 3 of them are selling. Tyga wouldve done decent numbers had his album been in stores the date it was supposed to. Remember he did 80k first week off of Itunes alone and thats a fact. but if you wanna talk sales from MMG, Roc Nation, and GOOD, excluding the bosses, MMG has NO Gold albums. Roc Nation has 1. Good has had ONE gold album since 2008 and that was John Legends Evolver album. Talking about whos better off and who is wack is two different things. Out of all of them YMCMB is in the best condition. If you wanna talk about whos wack then thats all opinion based. You may think tyga is wack(which im not gonna disagree) but i think its wack that Pusha still hasnt put out an album in 2years.

    • Get Real

      Fuck is you talkin bout nigga, cory gunz been puttin out music and been doin shows, wayne prolly jus cant afford to get him in the studio with all the lawsuits lol. Miollz was better off without YM cause he was killin the rap battles, Mack Maine bein the president of ymcmb dont mean shit, like pusha said "you signed to one nigga, thats under another nigga,thats signed to three niggas, now thats bad luck." YMCMB is a failure. busta def aint doin fine, he has dropped a track all year and only has a couple features, lil twist had a single last year, still no album, lil chuckee wack, tyga wack,. nobody on ymcmb sellin shit except wayne drake and nicki, the points you makin sound dumb as hell. "oh busta signed with google music so he good", "oh you dont want to put lil chuckee out cause he too young, although wayne started when he was 1 and is still hot" just give it up, ymcmb is wack as a collective group. only thing that makes them better than mmg is sales and they cant fuck with G.O.O.D. music or Roc Nation

    • Anonymous

      See that right there is where the YMCMB haters have it wrong. You cant blame YMCMB for Gunz not being hot, Wayne gave him the platform by putting him on C4s first single. Then right after that he got his own reality show. Wheres the music? You cant just get hot off of affiliation anymore. Wheres the features from Gunz? Bow Wow aint been hot since BEFORE he signed with YMCMB. He aint been relevant since that album with Omarion. And on top of that people just arent feeling his music. How many singles has he put out and none caught on? YMCMB cant make people like your song. Mack Maine is the President of YM so he doesnt have to put out music because his first priority is the label. Twist just put out his newest single earlier this week so time will decide where he goes. Hes also a producer so hes got income. Chuckee is still a youngin. Its smart not to put him out yet or you could end up havin another situation like bow wow. Where he was hot as a kid but when he became an adult he fell off. Gudda and Millz dont have star power. Plain and simple. Neither of them are gonna be stars no matter what kind of single they put out. They know they can make money puttin out mixtapes and doin club tours off of that. Like i said, these guys were never gonna be stars. Even if you took away YMCMB do you think theyd ever headline a national tour? lmfao no! Busta signed with YM then right after that got another deal with Google Music. The FIRST artist to do a deal with them. Im sure hes doing fine.

  • Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being II

    1. I Am Not a Human Being II (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 2. My Homies Still feat. Big Sean (Produced by StreetRunner, co. Sarom) 3. Pick It Up (Produced by Mike WiLL) 4. I Don't Care (Produced by Jahlil Beats) 5. No Worries feat. Detail (Produced by Detail) 6. Bustin' Loose (Produced by T-Minus) 7. Spittin' Fire feat. Travis Barker (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 8. Terrorist feat. Cory Gunz (Produced by Bangladesh) 9. Not Like This feat. Tyga & Chris Brown (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 10. Don't Stop feat. Trey Songz (Produced by Bangladesh) 11. A Brighter Day (Produced by Boi-1da, add. Arthur McArthur, add. Matthew Burnett) 12. Feelin' feat. Nicki Minaj & Drake (Produced by Dr. Luke, co. Cirkut) 13. A Soldier's Letter feat. Christina Milian (Produced by Boi-1da) 14. Mind of Wayne (Produced by T-Minus) Deluxe Edition 15. Here We Go feat. Drake (Produced by Kane Beatz) 16. It's All That feat. Lil Twist & Lil Chuckee (Produced by The Olympicks) 17. No Stoppin' Us feat. Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, Birdman & Jae Millz (Produced by Cardiak) 18. Beware feat. Nicki Minaj & Young Jeezy (Produced by Dr. Luke, co. Cirkut)

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