Lupe Fiasco Says He Was Told Never To Say The "Pledge Of Allegiance" As A Kid

Lupe Fiasco speaks on why he was taught to never pledge allegiance to the American flag.

Fresh off the release of his fourth studio album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco is back in the spotlight for his incendiary political commentary. In a recent interview with NPR, Lupe explains why he doesn't pledge allegiance to the flag.

Lupe recalled that his parents instructed him and his siblings to refrain from pledging allegiance to the US flag in school. He said that their instruction wasn't meant to be overly critical of the USA; rather, it was intended to make them fully comprehend the dilemma of blindly subscribing to pro-American jingoism without serious consideration.

"When I was a little kid, actually my whole family - my mother and father - instructed us not to say the pledge of allegiance in school," he recalled. "They wanted us to understand fully - fully - not just haphazardly and for the sake of making my teacher happy - they wanted us to understand fully what we were doing at that young age, and what that means, and what America is, and what is your place within that."

Lupe also spoke on the upcoming Presidential Election and the pitfalls of voting. He said that he feels people don't understand that President Obama will never be able to fulfill the needs of all of his voters; instead, Lupe stresses activism in local politics, which he feels more directly impacts the general populous.

"Barack is at a level where he can't - no matter how much he wants to or how much we want him to - he's not going to come take out our garbage, so to speak," he said. "He can't be the garbage man and the president. He can't be the mayor and the alderman. He can't fill all those roles. So I always push for local, local activity on the political scene. I always preach that you have to be active as a citizen no matter what, and some people [use] just voting as an excuse not to do anything."

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  • HartfordWhaler

    I think just about all of you are idiots.. First of all, he is a grown man who lives in America so therefor, he is entitled to his own opinion and beliefs just like each and everyone of you are. I personally believe that no matter what religion you are, if you live in America and go to schools in America, you should have to pledge allegiance to America. Bottom line is, there is no other country like ours. You go to some other third world Countrys and try some shit like that and see how much rights you have then after they kill you or cut off your limbs for disrespecting their country. Now, the whole Muslim thing, who gives a fuck about it. I dont even acknowledge it as a religion over here in America seeing as to how most BLACK people convert to it while in prison..

  • Anonymous

    "Every morning from k-12 you pledged allegiance to something you were totally oblivious of" Kids are encouraged to be patriotic and show respect for their country. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • True2HipHop

    Wish my parents would have really explained to me at a young age what the pledge of allegiance was really all about. I respect his position on politics it's true, obama can't fix everything no president can't, do to how other interact with a president will determine how well that president can do their job. Being active locally is a great way to make an impact in the political scene as Lupe said.

  • MLK

    I have a dream, that one day I'll be able to reach my hand back across all the great lands of this beautiful earth, then bring it back with a force unknown to mankind and subsequently bitch slap the shit outta all the "sheep" of the lands, and knock some sense into their asses!

  • I'ma Eat My Cornbread

    Let the sheep alone. Let them continue blindly on their paths to nowhere. Just ignore them. Let them spew their ignorance and just laugh at them. There's no hope for them.

  • I'ma Eat My Cornbread

    There should be some type of regulations in place that prohibit low IQ individuals from using the internet at all. Maybe not to that extent, but so that people that are actually knowledgeable on specific topics can have have intelligent conversations/debates. & Be able to do so without complete morons who don't have a fucking clue about what's going on interfere in the process with such futile, nonsensical bullshit.

  • ThaBlackGodX

    To those lashing out at Fiasco you're all a product of the system. Every morning from k-12 you pledged allegiance to something you were totally oblivious of. You probably never once asked yourself "What exactly am I pledging allegiance to?", "Why do we have to do it everyday?". You were being programmed to do exactly what you're doing now. Like I said in a previous post please educate yourselves on the U.S. schooling system. The system from which it derives and where it originated. I'm asking myself why I'm wasting my time while typing this, it's just so sad man. The ignorance is astonishing.

    • TaZzZ

      Thanks for your comment and a lot of the comments on here. I love Lupe simply because all of his posts generate intelligent debates from all kinds of ppl and that what we need around here, not just the US but the whole world. As far as the pledge of allegiance goes, there is no black and white. I love this country because it is home and I know nothing else, but how can any measure of teaching your children to think critically for themselves be criticized? If you don't derive your opinions from your own values and experiences, how can you ever become your own person. With that said, I salute the flag because I love the ideals that this country stands for, but not necessarily the means through which our proposed ends are achieved. Like Brother Ali said, "I wanna make this country what it says it is". Honestly, that one line turned me from a total cynic of anything political to someone who goes out everyday and does what they can as an individual to inspire the change I wanna see in my community, country and world. Lupe is a lot more intelligent than he is given credit for. He is a living contradiction, as we all are because we are human, but he makes a serious effort to bring his behavior in line with his values and encourage others to do the same. He does the things he does so he can do for us what his parents did for him! Present you with something against the grain and controversial, often in a radical way to emphasize his point, and forces you to think for yourself. Personally, I aspire to be a college professor one day for the exact same reason. I want to inspire that thirst for truth and knowledge that forces ppl to become passionate about the things they believe in, regardless of where they stand. I apologize for rambling on and wasting precious DX comment real estate, but if at least one person digests this comment and takes something away from it then it was worth the 5 minutes of typing.

    • ThaBlackGodX

      The Prussian system of education.

    • ThaBlackGodX

      Lol no secrets dude the info is out there you just have to have that thirst for knowledge and know where to find it. Think about it, these are gonna be things that the Govt. try to keep from as many people as possible. Try the book "Dumbing US Down". Don't just stop there and never rely solely on on source. Put the googling skills to good use

  • mork

    The sad thing about Lupe retiring and becoming an author is that his writing will never be as good as Salman Rushdie's.

  • Anonymous

    "You can't deport a U.S. born citizen" It was a joke, dum dum.

  • Anonymous

    i wish this little fucker would go sit his ass down in a corner somewhere. WUUU BLOCK!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So I guess I can't hate on him too much with this political crap he always spews. It seem she had some hippie cracked out parents. But he still comes off as being misinformed as usual. Of course we know the president can't do everything. We just want him/she to do the things we can't do. Like enforcing laws or improving the economy. But dude seems a bit out of touch with reality with this whole don't vote crap.

    • TaZzZ

      Were civil rights brought about by a president? Which president gave women the right to vote? And how about labor laws? Some president just decided we should all work less? All Lupe is saying is that serious social/political reform has historically come from the struggle of those who are oppressed by these issues. Voting does not solve poverty or create jobs, but people organizing around a common cause and taking their community into their own hands do. Despite what these talking heads have pushed on us for so many years, change comes from the bottom. Washington could give two fucks if you have food on your table, they've never known what its like to live paycheck to paycheck. How can we expect those who do not share our problems to care about them, never mind provide adequate solutions. If I'm understanding Lupe correctly, he is saying that this illusion of the democratic voting process has made us all complacent when it comes to true political activity. He encourages local politics and movements because historically they have gotten things done. Who's going to fix your community if not you and your neighbors? Mitt Romney is my former governor, but I know for a fact he's never set foot in Dorchester and Roxbury or rode the bus to work/school like the rest of us. And I'm not saying Obama is either. But at some point we have to come to terms with the fact that our destiny is in our own hands. Even just ten people dedicated to improving the conditions of their community will do more than one man in a fancy suit ever could...

    • Anonymous

      Then go to listen to your Waka Flocka Flame if you don't wanna hear Lupe talk.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe Fiasco needs to be deported.

  • RM

    Its funny how its ONLY "backpackers" who support what he's say. Loosen your bra strap young niggas! ...I remember being like that in the mid 90's.

    • TaZzZ

      Because young people haven't become complacent about changing our country and have the energy and dedication to make things happen. I see it with my parents, teachers, its everywhere. Adults get to the point where they feel disempowered and beat down by this system were in and can u blame them? But the way to have your voice heard (not your head counted) is to open your mouth, not tick a box and go home and wait another 4 years to do your political duty. I dont vote because I live in MA and we're going blue even if Jesus Christ wins the Republican primaries. But I do voice my opinions and try to invoke others to do the same every day. Voting will only become important once we are all informed and learn to think for ourselves. Why do you think higher education levels are statistically correlated with liberalism and always has been? Ask John Locke, I mean he only provided us with the foundation of our constitution, not to mention the idea that all men are created equal, which has kinda caught on, no?

  • Honestly

    You know where the door is Lupe. This guy has so much beef with this country yet its enabled him to wealth and an outlet to express himself. Yes, this country has issues, and an ugly dark past,'s a heck of a lot better than most places on this planet. Take your cons with your pros because wonderland doesn't exist.

    • TaZzZ

      Your comment defines complacency.. Why be satisfied with anything when there is room for improvement. We didn't get to where we are with that attitude and we won't progress as long as it pervades our society. Lupe is a bigger patriot than any of us because he uses his influence to push for a BETTER AMERICA. You have to draw attention to a problem before you can even consider devising a solution. Or at least thats what the scientific method says, but who abides by that bullshit anyways? Wait, everyone...

    • Honestly

      My point is that lupe is obviously anti-establishment, the president, department of defense, and government in general by his lyrics, islamic belief system, and interviews. I actually speak from experience since I've been to more countries than the average backpacker, and trust me the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

    • @OP

      Where did Lupe say he hated America? Someone has to address the issues. Think before you speak.

    • ^

      You're obviously dumb.

  • Anonymous

    People and communities can make a difference, but sadly, no matter who is the president, our country won't ever be at a point where everything just falls into place. So Lupe doesn't believe Obama can make good on all of his promises. If he makes good on only a small # it's still a major step up from where we were before.

  • itsthetruth

    "So I always push for local, local activity on the political scene. I always preach that you have to be active as a citizen no matter what, and some people [use] just voting as an excuse not to do anything." Real Talk Though

    • ^

      FYI, dumbass, he has charities that benefit Chicago youth. Do your research.

    • Anonymous

      Really? Cus theres been fifty fuckin murders in chicago in the last few weeks..what local sctivism has lupe done with his money and influence in his fucking hometown? Very little if none.

  • Onemike

    u dont like it here get the F out! This country made u who u are, sum people are so unappreciative!

    • ^

      It's not just a pledge.

    • ^

      You're stupid. It's just a stupid pledge. It doesn't mean anything. You're acting like those Southern rednecks. Or are you one? Lupe can do whatever he wants. Fuck what you think.

    • Anonymous

      Holy fucking shit you people sre really retarded. Im sorry but if u dont Pledge allegiance u literally are saying ur against it. The fuck does him being muslim have to do with it!? Ohh ur muslim well you dont have to pay taxes! Ohh well your muslim you dont need a drivers liscense! Lmao so fucking stupid. Sorry if u refuse to do something so simple in a country thats given soo much to him and his parents(yes he was born into money) then u deserve to be deported, christian muslim or atheist, white black or spanish.

    • ^

      That comment was meant for nex.

    • ^

      That's not the same thing, you fucking retard. He's Muslim, so he doesn't have to pledge allegiance. Besides, that pledge of allegiance is flawed. Go back to your trailer home.

    • ETK

      he never said he had no allegiance to anything you moron.

    • nex

      @Anonymous, He said he had no allegiance by not pledging allegiance to it...same thing stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, redneck. He never said he disliked America.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lupe Fiasco is scared... cuz a real gangsta like Chief Keef dissed him. lmao. u just a pussy Lupe. Wayne and 2 Chainz would beat da shit out of ya! swag

  • Anonymous

    If this motherfucker hates america so much he should move the fuck outta here. Try calling the russian president a terrorist and see what the fuck happens.

    • ^

      Wow, you're a bitter bitch. Kill yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Yea im the same orignal anonymous..i assure you ur the one thats fucking retarded. You act like the pledge has a secret message in it or some shit when all it says is how beautiful our country is..if u need to consider anything past that then you need to get the fuck out of here. By refusing to say the pledge of ALLEGIANCE you are PLEDGING YoUR ALLEGIANCE to the usa. In my oppinion refusing to pledge allegiance to the united states is prettty much saying you hate it. If he said for a little while i didnt because i didnt understand what the pledge was about then i found out and realzied how much this country has given me and pledged my allegiance thatd be one thing but to say i just refused to..lmao basicslly hes saying hes fucking retarded snd couldnt figure out what the pledge was about. Terrible music from a whiny little punk ass rich kid that loves to preach about how bad the poor have it...without ever being fucking poor.

    • Anonymous

      both of you don't get the premise of what his message is, he never said he hated america. he said he needed to understand what pledge was about and decide for himself who he is within that. u minimal thinking piece of shit. use your fucking brain instead of saying the dumbest thing for the sake of speaking. this is why we have war against countries cause dumb motherfuckers like you two have an IQ of squirrels

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are retarded rednecks. He never said he disliked America.

    • Rick

      hahaha I came here to write the same shit you did...FUCK if someone doesnt like our country...get the fuck out! Nobody is making you stay here....

  • al stupidton

    lupe is a idiot , music is average at best some people need to get there head out there ass . and nobody cares about muslim morons dazeone. fake religion

    • Anonymous

      your favorite artist must be 2chains because ur saying a bunch of nothing just like him- bitch niggez.

    • Anonymous

      you don't have to agree with his politics or religion but you are a clown if you think his music is average at best. your name says it all "al stupidton"

  • Anonymous

    Lupe makes many very, very valid points. A lot of people think that because the president is a black man, he has the power to stand up for black people which is so far from the truth. He's the leader of all American people, not just black people.

  • dazeone

    Used to teach school and most of my Muslim students would not pledge....not bad people but what they beleived ...problem is if you don't believe in the fabric of the country why be here? But i forgot fredom osf speech that they don't have in Arab countries...only in America....

    • Anonymous

      Every right comes with responsibility. Yes you have freedom of speech then why not call the cops and tell them youve just been shot hey all you did was use ur freedom of speech or hey go into a packed building and scream fire all ur doing is speaking right? No you have a right to say whatever you want but you always have the responsibility that comes with it.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are nothing but a tool for the tea party. fuck the cia ( freedom of speech right)?

    • oh man

      alright proud american you must be very ignorant to what is happening in your counrty to blurt some nosense like that.. freedom of speech???? you have no idea... the fbi and cia are watching as we type.. i say cia because i am oversees right now.. get off the american high horse.....

  • KingTut

    Getting sick of this guy's tirades. Nigga move to Pakistan, Lebanon, or better still Yemen, if you can't stand the U.S. Your country is the best in the world, giving you freedoms other nations only dream of and you're here shitting where you chow. Lyricist you are but that's where it stops. Stop with the bullshit!

    • ^

      Please kill yourself for being stupid. The pledge is flawed.

    • Anonymous

      Dude if he said he had stopped for a bit to give himself time to understand it and then everntually realized that he does support it and went back to saing it thatd be one thing but to say oh i said fuck that i aint saying to pledge of allegiance you literally are saying ur not an alligned with america. Aka stop taking advantage of everything great just so you can cry about the things that dont even effect him and never have!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he never said he hated the us. he said he needs to understand what the pledge is and decide for him self if he wants to go by it or not. not you dumb asshole who just listens to wrva they tell you to do. your the exact definition of a tool. get the real message of what he is trying to say instead of saying some stupid ass thing and assume shit u fuck face go suck ur moms tities

    • Midday Mammi

      Kingtut, well said.

    • Anonymous

      When have you ever heard him say that he can't stand the US? Don't be a sheep, be your own man and seek the truth

  • Cealix

    "When I was a little kid, actually my whole family - my mother and father - instructed us not to say the pledge of allegiance in school," he recalled. "They wanted us to understand fully - fully - not just haphazardly and for the sake of making my teacher happy - they wanted us to understand fully what we were doing at that young age, and what that means, and what America is, and what is your place within that." That's some bullshit lol. With the way he's talking, he's acting like America today is the same as it was 20+ years ago. I can understand not saying "under god", but there's no way Lupe would have felt the same way years ago as he feels today.

  • Niggmetal

    I would beleive a black community hatter (guy like Bill O'Reily) is writting this comments against Lupe... Cos' its so clear what he's saying, even down here in Africa we understand U.S presidents are all puppets, even though we happy to finally see a black puppet, but its so crystal clear that he won't change a thing... and y'all are waiting 'till he's gone to say he was da best, just like y'all did 2 Jesus Christ, Malcom X, Martin Luther, 2pac, Michael Jackson and manny more... cos all this guys were killed by their own people who now see what they were all about, and since y'all eat poison until it kills you, and since y'all breathin, nothing matters.

  • JR

    JUST IN: Lupe Fiasco has a bad day at the grocery store, picks up the wrong kind of milk. More details ahead

  • jg

    this nigga is policitically aware

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    Farrakhan iz da man with the master plan!

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    america iz stolen land. no love for dem white devilz!

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    fuck racist white america!

  • Up North

    I like where he's coming from, in THIS article. It was on point, and if it doesn't make you think then you must be brain dead. Now, if Lupe could refrain from swallowing his foot in the future, I think his other statements will be a little better received.

  • Anonymous

    American civilization will never understand. Therefore, me writing my "opinion" and trying to "preach" is meaningless. I will say, that Lupe has always been one of the greatest, in my eyes. No matter the circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    AMERICA IS LIKE WATER: IT CAN EITHER SUSTAIN LIFE OR DROWN PEOPLE. We're still at war, even though the battlefield is not on our shores. REMEMBER THAT.

  • D.A.

    Either your a citizen of the U.S.A and you pledge allegiance or you move to another country. Plain and simple!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Im sorry but u guys are fucking wrong on this one. I dont care hoow bad the american economy is if your not born rich here you still have more oppurtunity to advance in life then any other place on earth. And if ur not willing to pledge allegiance to the flag ur basically saying that ur not an ally to the us...soo gtfo? Go live in russia where ud disapear overnight if u called the president a terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      You're either a slave master or a slave. Same thing right? No other options except for what you mentioned? GTFOH with that bullshucks.

    • Bpayne

      Really? Fuck the Pledge of Allegience and the Faggy Flag is stands for.. Pledge Allegience to what? Slavery, Genocide, Theft? Destruction and use of people for their own financial gains.. The Pyramid scheme that is our Economy.. You literally must not Think one bit before you open your Rotten ass mouth..

    • Anonymous

      you probably alo think american good and middle eastern bad right?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Calm down, Mr. Redneck.

  • Mack

    I overstand the message.

    • Dub_Es

      fact.still, america compared to the rest of the world ain't half bad. but i get what he's speaking - understand what you're believing in

  • hexer

    he is such a liar... Man this guy says anything, dude cant skateboard or rap or grow a fucking goatee, get out of here lazers was your funeral.

  • Free Chilly! FnF

    Man.. it's amazing how we the fans constantly ask for an individual to stand up for the TRUTH and constantly complain about how wack the game is. But here is Lupe, putting his life at risk for the sake of what's right, and all he gets is hate from his own crowd. Shit, no wonder the dude is ready to retire already. I guess ya'll would only wake up if, God forbid, Lupe was to die tomorrow. The same ones talking shit would be the first to call him a rap deity/Tupac #2/etc and how they supported him since day 1. Fuck all of you. I'm quitting hip hop too. Sticking to RAP. Yea.

  • LupeIsAnnoying

    This dude get on my nerves with this bulllshit. The more interview he does, the more annoying he gets. Lupe use to be cool but now he just bitch and complain way too much.

  • Anonymous

    Hey look everybody, Lupe is on his soapbox again!!!

  • mischief

    btw I applaud you Lupe Fiasco for speaking out on how you genuinely feel and also for whats right, even though at times it becomes a target of dispute. I feel it means a great deal, Tupac had done the same thing back then in speaking up and he also was subjected to unbiased criticism it was only then when he passed away many people started to get his message and wish that he was here today to continue to express everything that's wrong R.I.P.Which is unfortunate for Lupe Fiasco, one of the few who is doing the same thing in trying to make a difference yet the same cycle of negativity is once again on motion. sad.

  • yeaaahh

    I don't always agree with Lupe, but it's refreshing to see someone who's honest and has their own opinions. It's annoying seeing comments like, "shut the fuck up Lupe and just make music." You people diss anyone who doesn't have the same views/beliefs as you.. I bet if Tupac said it you would be all over it..

  • I'ma Eat My Cornbread

    As confirmed by most of these posts not all, The U.S. Govt. has done one hell of a job of stupefying it's populace.

    • Anonymous

      It cracks me the fuck up when oeople say americans are dumb...when the rest of the world cant figure out a bmb we dropped in 1945.....except our allies who got the tech from us...sooo yeaaa.

    • Mack

      crickets....... point for Ima Eat My Cornbread

    • I'ma Eat My Cornbread

      ^In what way does voicing a FACT on a blog conclude that I'm part of a problem that I clearly can identify, which means that I'm obviously not a part of the affected persons. That have been stupefied that is. Please further elaborate for you don't know me or what I do. Please do.

    • Come on son

      The mere fact that you take to hiphopdx to voice this opinion kinda makes you a part of the problem, si?

  • mischief

    Most of the people who wrote negative comments are just as reluctant in fully understand the capacity of his word's and what it means,who inadvertently probably listened to his new album and praised that it was a great album but in return fail because it goes to show by insulting him when he is speaking the truth which many disregard as nonsense that you most likely never took the time to comprehend his lyrics, if you did? then you wouldn't be on here bashing him. Though it only goes to show what happens when those that are ignorant, unable to think in depth and lack any sense towards a topic that has a meaningful message, you would rather criticize. smh

  • AgentPro

    Lupe Fiasco was never taught how to potty train as a kid. He often soiled his power ranger and captain planet blankets.

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Lupe just give it up man. These bitches is dumb. Just make some music for em to dance to and promote violence. Like why even bother? Ignorance is the worst epidemic of all!

  • Sick of this dumbass

    Man I'm so sick of this dumb fuck opening his mouth being political. Word to this dumb shit. You made your fortune here in America. YOu hate the country so damn much go make your money in Somalia or something. Until then stfu, make your overrated rap music and fall back. Dumb ignorant niggas like this think because they rap everyone wants to hear what they gotta say.

    • Quest M. = ?

      Well, he was being interviewed, so SOMEBODY had to care about what he had to say... You don't see any other rappers getting this much attention.

    • BP

      nobody sure as hell wanna hear what your whinin ass gotta say I'm sorry, where does it say he hated the country? learn to read.

  • NotLupe

    Wow Lupe. Just go away already. If this country is so bad why do you still live here? Why not just move to Africa black man? You badmouth the very country that gives you the freedom to say those stupid things.

    • ^

      I didn't know Bill O'Reilly was here. GTFOH, dumb redneck.

    • Anonymous

      Christ then get the fuck out of the country!! Yea its freedom but guess the fuck what? Any right comes with responsibility. Like he has enough money to actually start some change at least in chicago..but nope just sit there crying about how bad america is..when were still the most free people in the world. Go to russia and call the president a terrorist shit go to china and refuse to say their pledge of allegiance well see how long u lsst fuckin disapear in the middle of the night and you people supporting his comment are trully ignorant

    • Quest M. = ?

      His point was subliminally in your statement. It wasn't until VERY recently that people of color were deemed worthy of having an opinion. That's part of America's history, like it or not. I don't pledge allegiance to the flag either. And as you said, it's freedom. He can say what he wants. You don't have to like it.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, dumbass. Lupe never said he hated the U.S. He's just talking about its flaws. Dumb niggas.

  • DJ Game

    oh shut up already. seriously just shut up already. stick to rapping. stop telling us this nonsense okay? you have great albums but when you speak its clearly for sheer shock value. JUST SHUT UP!

    • Quest M. = ?

      "Nonsense"? It's an opinion- one based on factual American history. How can you say that telling the truth is for shock value? It's the fucking TRUTH! You can look all of his facts up & check them, but you'd rather remain ignorant. That's shameful. People called the theory that 'the Earth revolves around the Sun' nonsense. You, as well as many others here, sound just like those idiots.

    • ETK

      "just shut up"? you realize how retarded you sound right now? you want him to stop getting interviews because your dumbass can't stop clicking on his articles, WOW you're fuckin stupid

  • Darrell A.

    So because,"President Obama will never be able to fulfill the needs of all of his voters." ,we shouldn't vote? Nah bruh, you cant be that ignorant. Anyway, in addition to voting, I will have to agree that activism in local politics does directly impacts the immediate populous. Anyway, in your quest to sound wise/enlighten. You sometimes say the most dumbest, hopeless shit. At any rate, much love brother.

  • Rob Walker

    'General populace'

  • Trace

    This guy is an idiot and so are his "fans."

  • nyystateofmind

    somebody needs to shoot this mothafucker already and ship his ass into chinese slavery. ungrateful son of a bitch

  • triPAUD

    usually lupe says the dumbest political statements, but for one of the first times I agree. only thing i would say is that local involvement AND voting are important.



  • brad

    Not saying the pledge has nothing to do with "They wanted us to understand fully." That's just ignorant. His parents could have sat down with the kids and explained the meaning of the pledge to them. Just forever refusing to say the pledge is showing you have zero dedication to your country. He a fool for this one.

  • Anonymous

    i swear every time this dude releases an album he gotta say a bunch of controversial shit just to get press and maybe sell a few more albums

  • Stfu

    Who the fuck cares what this preachy pseudo-intellectual ass nigga has to say? Nothing he ever says make any sense. His album was trash too!

    • ^

      Someone with obviously zero intelligence calling another man of obvious high intellectual capability a "pseudo-intellectual". FOH dumbass go read a book.

  • Rogerbru$h

    I understand what he's saying but it still feels like he's kicking us when we're down.

    • ^

      Do you muhh fuggas know how to read in context? You're just taking out one line and bashing it with without including the surrounding context. Do you hate Lupe? A "pitfall" in the sense that people vote and use that as excuse to not do anything else. "I voted". Well okay cool, but that ain't enough. That's what the man's saying and it's right there in the quotes. Goddamn!!!!

    • Getithowyoulive

      I feel you. Local politics does affect people more directly. But to say categorize voting as a pitfall is dumb and self-defeating. I bet MLK would say other wise.

    • ^

      You make absolutely zero sense. How? By telling you to get involved in your community & local politics? Like seriously where do you people come from?

  • Anonymous

    I understand where he's coming from.

  • The United States Department of Homeland Security

    We will be arriving at Mr. Fiasco's house shortly to detain him. We will have a terrorist-free America!

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Also the purpose of the system. The goal in which it strives to accomplish. The type of person the system wishes you to be once you've gone through it. I can gladly say I'm not one of those people.

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Nothing off the wall about this, which some of his comments can be at times. Everything that was quoted was just truths. If you don't understand the U.S. schooling system and the system that it's a copycat of and where it originated then you should read up on it. You'll then be able to understand his parents position before you comment something of complete ignorance.

  • TheTruth

    Usually when Lupe talks politics I don't agree with much of what he says, but this I feel. It is important to understand WHAT you are pledging to, before you pledge to it. As well as people need to get more involved in local politics, but voting is MOST important at that level. You actually have a voice.

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