Machine Gun Kelly Says His Style & Skin Color Hindered His Career

Machine Gun Kelly explains why he feels that his sense of style and skin color have hindered his career.

The October 9 release date for Machine Gun Kelly's debut LP Lace Up is fast approaching, and fans are gearing up for the Cleveland emcee's new music. Now, in a recent interview with DJ Semtex, MGK speaks on his position in the game and how he feels he's managed his career.

MGK admitted that one of the main reasons he feels under appreciated as a lyricist is due to his skin color and off-kilter sense of style. He said that on top of that, he knows that some of his antics have ostracized him from the majority of the commercial Hip Hop community despite his talent. Regardless, however, he says he's happy with the way he's managed his career thus far and has been maturing as an artist and businessman.

"I haven't spoken on [skin] color in so long, but...I honestly feel like right now, my biggest hindrance in why you don't hear things like, 'MGK is lyrically hot'…[is] the white thing, mixed with the fact that I don't dress like the normal Hip Hop person," he said. "Right now, I just don't feel like I fit in. I feel like I'm in the class, [but] I'm just the person in the corner. I definitely put myself in that corner by being so…strongly opinionated, like, 'Oh, I don't believe in press, I don't want to do press' - I definitely put myself in that corner sometimes, where I don't blame people for not wanting to be friends with me."

He continued, "I definitely have matured a lot, especially with the album coming out, it kind of gave me hope in life. I think I shunned a lot of people, but I also think that I kept what I had exclusive, meaning that I didn't ho myself out. I'm proud of how I've done my career, but I'm definitely going to change up a little bit."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    ok i'm white and that's a bullshit excuse you don't even have to use em as an example. how many other white rappers do you see using this excuse? none? Action bronson nope, yelawolf nope, macklemore nope if your shits good it doesn't matter what skin color you are. do you think jimi hendrix used that bullshit excuse? NOPE and that was in the fuckin 60's. to summarize fuck mgk, used to like his shit til this dumbass excuse

  • JJ

    Eminem just set the bar so high for EVERYBODY - ESPECIALLY white rappers - that No white rapper can just come out and blow up like Em did... Not saying that MGK is HORRIBLE or AMAZING, but he is not the best and this is just a cop - out, 'cause that "I'm white in a black man's game" is not gonna work anymore. Em played off it and didn't call it a hindrance, he just went with it and kept it lyrical. THAT's how Em gained respect! By being himself, being in on the joke, yet respecting the art form and the past legends, and keeping it lyrical. And as far as not dressing like a normal hip - hop person ... NO rapper dresses like a normal hip - hop person besides Jay -Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and maybe J. Cole as far as I have seen and that I can think of. Skinny jeans, leopard print jeggings, tight shirts, No shirt (*ahem* Rick Ross)... He needs to stop trying to make himself look like he is different and focus on honing his craft and getting better and STOP with all the played - out excuses. THAT's how you gain respect!

  • Piccolo

    all these haters and not a single has probably listen to MGK shit about drug addiction or the pain and trouble he went through to get her but they bash him knowing full well if he was black all he had to do was rap as bad as the cash money group to become famous. oh and Ps YELLAWOLF Fucking sucks. Lace Up

  • Casper

    MGK biggest hinderance is that he is a talentless hack... Action Bronson, EP (The Doppelgangaz), Evidence, and even the Alchemist would eat this dude alive.

  • Anonymous

    I don't support White rappers at all..since the beginning all they do is steal credit for black music..fuck'em all they are are imitators..we blacks not racists its just the truth.

    • Anonymous

      If Eminem (for example) writes the words down, who is he "taking credit" from exactly? More like your lazy ass wants to take credit. I bet you weren't even knee-high when Em was writing some of the shit he's written, let alone LIVING some of the shit he's lived. The man writes a poem all his own and YOU try and take credit for it under the justification that its "black music" and somehow therefore "your" music. Yeah fucking right. You want to be an "originator"? Go write a fucking song yourself.

    • Anonymous:

      I think you should learn your hip hop history!! If it wasn't for the beastie boys/rick rubin there would be no ll cool j, and rick rubin made Def Jam/ll cool j/PE & Run DMC! Also Bambaataa said hip hop is not a black thing it's a world thing! Get ya facts right mate!! Also kool herc himself used the Mexican, by babe ruth ( a white band!) at his block party's! And planet rock by almost rip off of a kraftwork track. Hip Hop is a World thing!!! PS MGK sucks! If you wanna hear a real MC listen to KRS one!

    • Anonymous:

      I think you should learn your hip hop history!! If it wasn't for the beastie boys/rick rubin there would be no ll cool j, and rick rubin made Def Jam/ll cool j/PE & Run DMC! Also Bambaataa said hip hop is not a black thing it's a world thing! Get ya facts right mate!! Also kool herc himself used the Mexican, by babe ruth ( a white band!) at his block party's! And planet rock by almost rip off of a kraftwork track. Hip Hop is not a black or white thing IT is a World thing!!! PS MGK sucks! If you wanna hear a real MC listen to KRS one!

    • Anonymous:

      I think you should learn your hip hop history!! If it wasn't for the beastie boys/rick rubin there would be no ll cool j, and rick rubin made Def Jam/ll cool j/PE & Run DMC! Also Bambaataa said hip hop is not a black thing it's a world thing! Get ya facts right mate!! Also kool hercs himself used the Mexican, by babe ruth ( a white band!) at his block party's! And planet rock by almost rip off of a kraftwork track.......guess what a white group! Hip Hop is not a black or white thing IT is a World thing!!! PS MGK sucks! If you wanna hear a real MC listen to KRS one!

    • Anonymous

      You are 2 fucking stupid to be a racist. mgk is a bitch and there are alot of white rappers that make fucking dope music, you don't know the music your just a fucking black kkk imitator.

  • Anonymous

    ....this honkey here.......

  • FuKKK Machine Gun KKKelly

    Wack ass excuse. Only reason why nobody is checking for your shit is because it is GARBAGE

  • acidrap

    Sorry kid, nobody feelin cause your shit is weak.Your face,voice,n lyrics suck.Your shit is 14 fat kids in the burbs.You never hear Shady talkin bout skin color cause he dont have too.His music killed any doubters he mightve had.

  • strxtkvsh

    stop whining mad dude trying to blame his skin color for hindering his shitty career. you aint gotta dig deep whiteboy you 'l be good once you realize the only hinderance to your success is your shitty muic. mgk gets no play in my vehicle

  • Chad

    You guys are idiots, MGK is better than half the rappers out now lyrically. Listen to Halo, Her Song, See My Tears, End of the Road, Been through it all, The Return, Lead you on, chasing pavements, invincible. I dont see any artists out writing song like that.

  • Get Real

    Dear Dumba**es, If you truly think that being white is not a hindrence in the rap world then you are even stupider than you sound. First off, yes, Em did make it big. And since he is the ONLY white rapper to truly make it big, EVERY signed white rapper has to deal with the inevitable comparisons. And that can't go well. It's the equivalent of comparing every basketball to Lebron -- and concluding that they suck a** if they arent quite on his level. Second, yes, being white DOES make you stand out which has some benefits, but it also puts a huge f***ing target on your back. Take a walk over to worldstar if you want to see the attitudes of many hip hop fans regarding white rappers -- ANY white rappers. Bottom line -- you have to be ten times as good to get 1/10 of the respect. Point in fact -- how many of you backpacking fa**ots take the time to stop and comment on stories about black rappers you don't like???? I'll wait..... (and yes, I am an MGK fan. But it doesn't make the point any less accurate).

  • Yelawolf

    F#ck this dude jocking my style! This cat ain't nothing but a poser!

  • c'mon son

    Like its been said, MGK is trash first & foremost. I tried listening to his music and he sucks. Its true that being white in hip hop is a disadvantage because a white guy that wants to get in the game has to be better than the average MC, but he's not. And he tries too hard to be a gimmick, talking about how black chicks give the best 'knowledge' and what not. You don't see Eminem trying to do that; he just spits fire and leaves it at that. MGK will never really make it in hip hop.

  • ME!

    The biggest hindrance isn't his color... it's that he sucks donkey dick... Jus sayin'

  • Anonymous

    It aint black or White cuz were human Tupac Shakur R.I.P.

  • Anonymous

    excuses excuses Im white, and its about wether your good enough or not NOT ABOUT SKIN COLOUR. Look at Eminem???....... Your wack as fuck im embarrassed to be white when i hear you spit wack shit- shut the fuck up... hell even Yelawolf better than u bitch

  • Anonymous

    thats life homie it aint the fair innocent world they make it out to be on t.v its just smoke and mirrors. its just some rich crooks at the top having a free for all getting all they can get. and the rest of us dealing with whatever box they have tried to put us in.

  • blkviper

    OK! so here is the issue with his whole "white thing" holding him back. no one cares about that cat! the thing that hurts most white rappers is Em, it's like blacks playing hockey, nothing stops us from putting on ice skates and learning the game... but the ones who get the shot are the blacks that are well above average. Em came into a black music Genre and killed it, way above average to the point he couldn't be ignored. if anything being white gives you added spot light, the problem is "almost" every white rapper coming in now speed raps, Em did that, so it no longer has shock value to see a white rapper doing that. you either have it or you don't. go ask Mac Miller, he has it.

    • Anonymous

      Numbers speak to success, yes, but not necessarily to talent or ability. If that were the case, then Nicki Minaj, Psy, and Macklemore would be considered some of the most priceless artists of this decade. That better not be how we gauge shit...

    • blkviper

      @piccolo, you're probably a ringer but I'll respond anyway, you can say what you want about Mac Miller or even hate on ymcmb, but in the end the fans speak volumes... no matter how good you think mgk is his lack of success says his followers are not supporting him, Mac millers are, I don't own one Mac Miller song but he remains independent and highly successful. not going to spend time on here calling people names, just speaking facts. who's better then whom is a matter of opinion and will always be that. but numbers speak to success.

    • Piccolo

      Mac Miller is trash and if u think he's better than Mgk your dead wrong kells can rap circles around that guy

  • Anonymous

    this guy has still yet to release an album and thinks that he should be a lot bigger then he is?..1st of all, dude isnt some no- name that nobody has ever heard of, and 2nd, he has yet to put out an album!!!!!! albert pujols wasnt famous before he hit the majors..shit, he wasnt famous until his first couple of years in the league...this nigga is gonna crumble if he has no patience

  • Anonymous

    ive tried to give this dude a chance, but his lyrics are repetitive and he picks the WORST beats ever...then hes gonna blame his lack of recognition on his skin color??? mac miller is a lot younger and a lot less "gangsta" then he is and has a WAAAY bigger fan base..eminem seems to be doing pretty good as a whitey so idk wht this dudes smoking...saying tha,t i will still buy his album just because of the guest apperances (bun b, twista, tech n9ne, ad DMX)

  • khophoral101

    Fuck what anybody says.MGK is doper than most of these whack ass ''so-called'' MC's rappping abt money,bitches,alcohol & about rich they are all the fuckin time.But I dnt think skin colour has anything to do with it.I believe u dnt hav to rich or hav record high sales to prove to yourself that ur a tyt rapper.There are plenty of whack rappers that make a killing of their record sales.The likes of 2 Chainz,Gucci Mane & Birdman.Ill Bill,Diabolic,Copywrite,Vinnie Paz & Immortal Technique are examples of tyt-ass rappers that hardly make anything rapping compared to the likes of whack niggaz like Lil Wayne

    • Anonymous

      just to let you know fam, immortal technique STILL makes a killing..watched an interview the otherday that said he makes way more money independent then he would on a label

  • Anonymous

    Or it could be that you suck..You ever thought of that you poser?MGK is a lame and it figures Diddy would associate himself with this herb..

  • want some truth

    Everyday that goes by without him releasing his album his sales are going to go down. He is exposing himself more and more as a herb. Poser ass punk fake.

  • prewoz

    This dude has to be one of the most corny dudes ever. That is why he is not looked at seriously. Go away.

  • Anonymous

    EMINEM fought for being what he is now in the Rap Game. And on top of it he's the best rapper out there. He's a lyrical genius. Faggots like MGK need to STFU & leave hip hop alone. His shit weak as hell.

  • Really dude......

    This guy's a joke. Eminem dealt with this shit way before any one(besides the Beastie Boys). And Eminem is the top selling Hip Hop/Rap artist of the decade. Yes past Jay Z. Lost respect for you MGK........


    So u think Em had it easy just because he's white?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he needs some soul serching

  • Anonymous

    You're in a corner because you're crying about shit in every fucking interview! You sound like a fucking female. "Oh I don't fit in.. The game shits on me.. I don't get my props." Eminem said the same thing.. difference is he only thought about it, he went out there and proved it without crying in interviews like a bitch.

  • Pilli Guy

  • Pilli Guy

    "Pilli Boy" by Morphine Patch Kelli Yeah snitch, Yeah snitch, call me Steal-O! I'ma Pilli boy, Fuck some weed, feed MY nose! I'm an East end Chilli-town Pilli-boy (I'm an East end Chilli-town Pilli-boy) I got baseball bats for breaking' in Then I'm ridin' off like a cowboy. Yo I'm jackin' you grab a towel boy I'm a straight thief and I'm proud boy I don't give a Snnnnfff....snort it down boy Now give me a ride uptown boy

  • Brik

    Okay what about Brother Ali, El P, Aesop Rock. Esoteric, RA The Rugged Man, I could go on and on. Not one of them blame not achieving mainstream achieving mainstream success on their skin color. MGK needs to just admit he sold out and it didn't pay off in the end cause he is flat out wack. That is all there is to it.

    • Brik

      Bomb919 I could have mentioned Vinnie Paz or Cage, the point is there are plenty of White rappers out there that don't use race a crutch. Now what Dockevoc said is true, its not like they were trying to achieve mainstreem success,but that just shows where this dude has failed, because he had oppertunities they didn't BTW You may not like what Brother Ali is talking about its your right too, but I think him and Lupe bringing the political side to the game is refreshing. There was a time when rappers like Public Enemy and Ice Cube could speak their minds and still sell millions of record. However, in today's industry its rare because label execs don't want to piss off the big money people, which likely see things very differently than the artists.

    • Anonymous

      that shit right there funny as hell

    • dockevoc

      those dudes never tried to sell records, just spit ill shit...this faggot signed to bad boy and will be living with loon by the end of next year

    • Bom919

      Ok i feel your point but lets be honest who actually gives a fuck about Brother Ali, and his unimportant political stance bullshit

    • Anonymous

      beastie boys, mc serch, eminem, yelawolf, eyedea

  • Willy Buckets

    so he feels the fact that he is whack did not hinder his career? If anything this dude should feel like an over achiever, he is garbage and a poser. Its funny to hear someone say that being white has held them back

    • Anonymous

      what does that even mean though? next white guy? like what is the basis for comparing them outside of their skin color? rap fans are obsessed with comparing!

  • Willardbeatz

    What hindered his career is that this dude is a gimmick and he spits garbage. Dude is not hip hop and anyone who fucks wit him is not hip hop

    • black jesus

      dmx only did that as a favor to diddy. puff was supposed to clear the biggie sample in time to get paid in exchange for the dmx feature, but he ended up not using the song. bun b will do a song with anyone as long as the check clears. its been that way since pimp died. tech nine has a soft spot for corny white poeple, just look at his fan base. and twista is just doing his best to even remain slightly relevant since his career has been in a comma for like 5 years now.

    • Bom919

      Oh yeah your right anybody that fux with him isnt hiphop. I feel that man. He doing songs with straight pop rappers like DMX, Tech N9ne, Bun B, Twista etc. yea man I cant stand non hiphop artist like them...(Not standing up for MGK but come on now guy)

  • black jesus

    i think the fact hes hot garbage hindered his career the most

  • hex

    ayo fuck this blues clues character

  • Anonymous

    LTFU mgk spits the truth

  • thought dog

    Well Machine Gun Kelly. It was probably not a good idea to do an interview at the BET Awards and proclaim that black girls are the best at giving head......And then proceed to call a black woman behind the interviewer a stupid bitch after she gave you a bad look.

  • Jay

    Nobody likes your music not because you're white. I won't even use Em... That boy Mac Miller sold over 200 in his first week. Nobody likes your music because we don't like you or anything about you. I don't like that other whiteboy Mac Miller either but he can rap

    • Anonymous

      well to you its just another white boy that you dont have like but forget they were ever white, close your should go blind you have right see .

  • Anonymous

    "Right now, I just don't feel like I fit in. I feel like I'm in the class, [but] I'm just the person in the corner. I definitely put myself in that corner..." ^ confused being different is what draws attention dummy. Diddy must have deflated your ego at a meeting. You're so hurt you're willing to "fit in".........

  • Anonymous

    AKA the label wants to go another route if not they will drop me

  • Anonymous

    Don't look like a meth head freak and then maybe people wouldn't label you as just a white rapper.

  • fuckmgk

    the only thing that hindered his career is the giant dildo in his ass

  • Eminem

    Boo-hoo. I'm MGK. People don't like me because I'm white. BIG FUCKING DEAL!! Motherfuckers don't like me because I'm white. You don't see me crying about it. I just scream "fuck them" and do me. Just deal with it and making some fucking music, bitch.

  • 777

    That's why Em still moves records. Get the fuck outta here MGK, you're just not good.

  • jg

    he's not popular cuz he just screams on tracks. He doesn't switch up his style. He looks and dresses like a freak, and spend interviews talking about how much he like porn.

  • white boy

    Em sells cuz he's white, but MGK won't cuz he's white? don't make sense. face it, u a wack-ass honkey dorey white boy that will flop cuz u suck and cuz diddy dont give a fuk bout u

  • slendy

    This dude disses Yelawolf, then tries to copy his hair style. "Under appreciated".... fuck out of here. You are decent at best, and your sound has been heard a million times. Where's the originality?

  • TheTruth

    Its sooo hard being white isn't it MGK? smh

  • hi

    or maybe its the fact that he just can't rap

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