Twista Says LL Cool J Wrote For MC Lyte & He Doesn't Believe Nas Hired Ghostwriters

Twista talks about his latest projects, "Reloaded" and "Dark Horse" while also alleging that LL Cool J ghostwrote for MC Lyte. Twista also explains his position on Nas' alleged ghostwriting on "Untitled."

As Twista returns with a new mixtape, Reloaded, the emcee with the renowned rapid flow is also prepping a new album, Dark Horse. While promoting these projects, Twista also recently spoke on ghostwriting, saying he doesn't believe Nas hired ghostwriters and alleging that LL Cool J wrote for MC Lyte and Big Daddy Kane wrote for Biz Markie in the past.

"Really, Dark Horse represents the person you least expect to win to come out on top," he explained on MsDramaTV. "Like, the girl who won in the Olympics, the Gabby girl [Gabby Douglas], that was a dark horse, someone you wouldn't expect to win. I just feel like with me doing my thing and being so laid back sometimes, people don't expect to see me go so hard when it's time to deliver the music. That's what Dark Horse represents." 

When the conversation turned to ghostwriting, Twista explained his take on the situation. 

"Hip Hop started with artists who didn't write their lyrics," he said. "If you study back and look at the first Rap songs that came out, some of the rappers didn't write lyrics some of their songs. I know there are songs, like LL [Cool J] helped MC Lyte write certain songs, or this person helped this person. Always in Hip Hop that's has been going on. Biz Markie has songs from Big Daddy Kane so that's always been going on in Hip Hop."

Later, he also said he didn't believe Nas had ghostwriters, as some have alleged.  

"I don't believe that Nas didn't write some of that album. But with Nas' lyrical ability, why would you even care if he got someone to write him a song?"

The interview can be seen below:



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  • what

    Lost respect for Twista man, why he bring up MC Lyte, Lyte haven drop and album in years, beside Mc lyte is better than Twista anyday period

  • Steebie J. Cole

    Ok, they make it seem like Twista was goin in on Lyte at first, but its a fact and Lyte has said that LL wrote her verse on "Self Destruction". Everyone knows BDK wrote for Biz, and Roxanne Shante didnt write her own rhymes. S-N-P also had their rhymes written for them. Kid wrote plays rhymes from Kid N Play too. Yes, its been going on for years. The difference now is no one wants to step up to the plate and admit they had writers which is dumb. Some people sound better saying things than others. It aint that deep, how many people co-write R&B, pop, and Country songs together...they have been doing that forever. Artists now are just too ashamed to admit they had a ghostwriter or help. These DX writers take things out of context though for headlines.

  • Anonymous

    Idiots, first they said Electronica and sticman wrote for nas, now they both say they didn't and now everybody thinks he had ghostwriters on every track.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think Nas had ghostwriters, but it is possible he may have had input into his writing on what would sound better to say, but still his concepts not him reciting someone elses rhymes.

  • OUCH!

    Twista? who the hell is this?

    • huh

      wwwwwwwwhat are you 8yrs old this man been puttin it down your the one new who you! yo there so much ageism in our hoods do you realize you should hope to be older one day and how will the youth look at you. disrepectful kids and life gone spank you respect the past so you can have a future!.

    • Anonymous

      yes is 2012 and he's dropping an album so what's your point? He shows up every year. Wiki it if you must.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous, it's 2012........

    • anonymous

      Yeah so washed up he hasn't been heard from since 2011, on 60 sec assasins and worldwide choppers. GFOH

    • Answer

      A washed up, attention seeking rapper from the 90's (that wasn't even hot in the 90's)...some of these ninjas need to quit already!

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